With all the discussion today of changes happening, I was suddenly reminded of a poem which I have cherished for many years.  As I read it again I saw how it applies to what we are all doing here.  Take time to consider what Max Ehrmann penned some 56 years ago.



Max Ehrmann


A Tribute To The Ultimate Indigo

Over the last three days and nights I have spent many, many hours working on my website. Today I had planned to spend the day building the first two pages of the real meat of the site, dedicated to resources and information for Indigos. Instead, I was moved to create a tribute to one of my dearest friends of all time, who I recently learned had died last fall.

Peace Pilgrim

Today's email brought a reference to Peace Pilgrim. Does anyone remember this brave woman that was truly dedicated to what she felt was her calling?

I remember, probably 40 years ago, when her walking brought her through the Beloit, WI. area. What an opportunity it would be for me now, but then I was not able to even conceive of such a mission. Do read about her at:

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