The Spirit of Fire

This is a dream that I had in October, 2007. I wrote it down in third person instead of first, so MC (Main Character) refers to me. 

MC found the room he was looking for and rang the doorbell. Several locks made some clunks and a man opened the door. “Hello, I’m Boris, welcome.” He motioned for MC to come in, looked at either side of the outside hallway, and shut the door again, closing all the locks. Not much was said, they both knew what they were there for.

Using computer technology and hallucinogenic substances, they entered the other reality. (More detailed description later)

MC found himself waking up from his dream of being at Boris’ apartment to being very conscious and awake in this world that seemed both familiar and unknown to him. He was in a city in the middle of a war – there was chaos on the streets and a constant backdrop of rounds of gunshots going off with an occasional sound of an explosion. MC became aware that he was wearing a sophisticated steel suit that was laid in with electronics for various functions. He could move swifter, be more protected against being shot, and have various kinds of information about his environment available to him. The key to the whole suit was his mask. It too was made of steel and very complex electronics. In the center of his forehead, right in the “third eye”, there was a star-shaped opening in the mask that held in it a softly glowing red cylinder about a third of an inch in diameter. This was the brain of the entire suit – it was the magic gem that made it work in it’s entire complexity. The sounds of shooting got closer and MC felt a rush of energy – he was alert and felt ready to take whatever challenge came his way. A round of bullets came crashing into the shattering windows right by MC’s side. He moved swiftly, having an awareness of the danger before it came, and ready to take appropriate action fully.

Suddenly the pace of time shifted. MC looked through the window across the barricade and saw a woman looking at him. He froze in a daze – it was as if he was looking at something so dear and familiar yet he hasn’t seen it in years and almost lost it from his memory forever. It was so distant, yet so close. Feelings that he didn’t know existed started to rush up and took hold of his undivided sharp focus. A moment later he felt a sharp blow to his head, lost his vision and fell to the ground. While he was frozen, someone shot him right into his third eye. Luckily the bullet got stuck in the opening of the mask, but it completely shattered the red cylinder that made the whole suit work. MC quickly regained consciousness and found himself alone. He couldn’t hear the gunshots or explosions, he couldn’t feel the danger and the woman wasn’t there either – it seemed as if everyone suddenly disappeared. He was in the warehouse, lying down on the floor in blindness. No gunshots could be heard in the distance, everything was completely silent, and the sounds of MC’s movements as he sat up made the silence ever more deep. MC took off the mask, saw the bullet that was stuck in the opening of the third eye, and reflected on the shattered pieces of the red cylinder and uselessness of his heavy steel suit and all it’s complex electronics. He took it off and sighed with relief, glad to feel lighter. He felt much lighter, in fact more so than he ever felt before. Looking down at his hands, MC saw them light up with a flaming glow. His whole body was flaming, yet he wasn’t burning – he was the flame. “I’m the Spirit of Fire” – it came as an obvious realization – “That’s interesting.” He walked down to the first floor, leaving the heavy pile of steel and useless complex electronics behind. Softly hovering above the floor, he floated to the front door of the warehouse. A sudden wind swung the metal door open against the brick wall, and receded as fast as it came. It was dark and pouring rain outside. People looked down to avoid puddles, hurriedly walking to their destinations. Yellow taxi cabs with their lights brightly contrasted the bleak world around them. MC stepped outside and the sizzling sound of rain on his body quickly made him retreat back under the shelter of a roof. “Ah, of course! Fire spirits and rain don’t mix well.“ Looking outside he was gripped by an overwhelming feeling of being followed. MC’s instincts kicked in and he found himself running alongside of the buildings, keeping his flame low enough to be almost invisible without being extinguished by the rain. Moving between cars, he slipped into a back seat of a taxi. The blue glow coming from his face reflected on the back of the passenger seat, and he wondered if the old woman sitting next to him could see him.

- “I’m aware that you are here, but not with my eyes,” – she said with a kind voice.

- “Hello there,” – said MC, curious about her.

- “I am a healer now, and can sense many things that I can’t see. I have something I would like to share with you.”

- “Please.” – MC was very curious about this encounter. He still kept his flame low, but the whole world of pursuit and rain seemed to fade away.

- “When I was younger, I used to live in the Old World. I was quite average, and as many, I worked for the Corporation. Our actions caused much suffering to People, Life and Earth. It wasn’t sustainable, and we knew it, taking comfort in the noble fantasies that the Corporation promoted. Eventually the world we knew started to implode on ourselves. First from far away, then closer and closer until we found Death of Earth and Life in our own backyards. By that time our backyards weren’t actually ours – they were the Corporation’s. Though we should have seen it coming for a long time, our collapse came sudden and unexpected as a rude awakening to the reality that we all created. The Corporation itself, once powerful and strong with leadership, has rotted at it’s core and imploded upon itself, leaving us stranded in our wasteland. We put our faith into something we thought to be all powerful, yet it seemed that there wasn’t anyone at the steering wheel, and the system that supported everything from our fetish comforts to basic survival needs had shattered and evaporated. It was a powerful time, because it brought us all together in the real world. We came back to Earth from all of our fantasies, and found that we were not alone, that there were others here, just as desperate, hopeless and full of fear of uncertainty. We were not alone. I was one of the people who took the lead and spoke to people about how we can only survive together. I didn’t feel like I was giving a speech – it was the Spirit talking through me, pointing out the obvious to all of us. I was as stunned by what I said as anyone else. We started at the basics – we needed food and shelter. The few of us who knew how to grow food and building design didn’t get more than a few hours of sleep every night. They shared their knowledge and expertise, with hundreds of willing hands and bodies to do the necessary work. Sustainability became a way of life, a way of survival. People’s spirits soared, as for the first time in their lives they have discovered Purpose and they have found Community. For the first time in my life, I started to discover myself. Through hardships I tempered and matured, and before the third harvest we have rebuilt our world completely. There were streams running through the streets, gardens flourished in front of everyone’s home and people found Love in themselves and others around them. Through the following years, I became aware of my “sensitivity”, and devoted most of my time to studies of healing. I became a mediator for people, as I could see their needs before they would speak them, and harmoniously resolving conflicts at their roots became essential for us as a Community and as Individuals. Our vision of ourselves became our vision of the world – if there’s conflict inside, there is conflict outside, and vise versa. Ignorance, Suppression and Denial created the Old World. Consciousness, Exploration and Acceptance created Our World. Our knowledge of ourselves grew very fast, and Art, Music, Growing, Writing, Movement, Play and Everything became expressions of Love. Green hills were full of merry people and the fruit abundantly rolled down to the joy of all children. Very soon we discovered that “out there” was the Old World that did not collapse. We also knew that we could not live with awareness of conflict and ignore it – doing so would bring the Old World into Our World. We saw some of our Individuals wanting to Look Away and simply live their lives peacefully in Love, but they too saw how their lives started to change, their energy was drifting away from the Community, and Love and Joy visited their doorstep less and less often while Peace was never truly there again. Many of us made the sacrifice of leaving the Sanctuary and going into the Old World. It was really a sacrifice to our Community, and yet we did so willingly, realizing that the Flow was taking us as Individuals in the direction of Growth, and Love was asking us to learn a new Dance. I was one of those people.

MC felt himself come back from the green rolling hills with windy paths full of joyous beings, beautiful buildings and gardens that were full of fruit to the back seat of a taxi cab with the psychic old woman sitting next to him and rain beating down on the roof of the car. The cab disappeared into the night and MC found himself back at the warehouse with the open door right in front of him and pouring rain just beyond. He remembered his very distant childhood, playing in the river and being surrounded by swift moving waters. Suddenly something awakened inside of him – he was no longer trying to run away, no longer hiding himself. Enough – came a deep releasing feeling of letting go. A deep movement from his very core lit up the MC’s flaming body with a new intensity. He stepped outside and saw the rain harmlessly burn off him in hissing steam. Softly smiling, MC gazed inside of him and found an endless peaceful presence. He looked up and instantly shot up towards the grey sky. As he flew through the oncoming rain, the flames grew with an ever increasing strength, and the world was fading ever so quickly down below in the trails of fire and steam. The rain seemed to get more and more intense as MC got closer to the dark clouds, but it was like throwing a drop of water in a blazing furnace. MC shot through the dark clouds and found himself floating right above the soft and puffy white sea with bright blue sky expanding as far as the eye could see. Great Joy and Love surged through MC’s flaming body. There was no more going back. He looked at the Sun and a serene smile flooded his being with Peace – “Home, here I come.”

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Hi Andrey,
What a powerful vision and an amazing truth! A truly insightful dream.
In Love , Light and Change

What an amazing experience that must have been! mind boggling.....
My eternal gratitude,


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You must have a long trail of experiences with dreaming to capture such detail. So much here to explore and discover new meaning for all of us. Thank you for sharing, JoyAnna

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Andrey, thank you for this big dream. I feel pleased to be sharing a planet with you. It is exciting to me to meet those with whom I am engaging in the great work of this life.

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What an awesome dream, Andrey!!! Your true inner spirit flames brightly! May it come forth ever more to greet and inspire you and all of us!

With sacred love flowing,

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You have an amazing imagination. I am wondering if you have an interpretation of the dream yourself? I have no ideas myself. It seems to fall somewhere between a nightmare and a revelation, perhaps a bit a both. Can you give us any of your thoughts on this? I would not want interpret this even for myself without knowing more of the cause and effects of what the dream represents.

The explanation by the woman (which I see as an old, wise, feminine influence) might contain some clues for you.

Thank you for this, it is very interesting.

Carl Azcar

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When I came to Boris' place, he looked either way to make sure I was not followed - we were going to do something that was not acceptable by some social power. There was an energy of doing something unconventional and maybe even forbidden.

The process of entering into the other reality was very interesting. It felt like falling asleep and waking up at the same time. Blurriness and consciousness, clarity and confusion, definitely stepping into the unknown.

After "falling awake" the other world was very real - much more so than the previous one, and I found myself in the steel suit laden with electronics. The electronics symbolize logic for me - they are a creation of the thinking mind. The steel of the suit had the energy of shielding and protection that was derived from sophisticated logical design. This part symbolizes my internal survival mechanisms - disassociation from being vulnerable, control, analyzing of the situation for having the logical awareness for the next action.

The "third eye" of the suit represents the energy of awareness, of greater perspective coming from the upper areas of my being (as opposed to feeling, heart ones). It's a little hard for me to describe in words everything that this represents. Simply knowing and experiencing is a lot easier :-)

The "suit" served the role of protecting myself throughout my childhood, of constantly accessing the situation to know the best possible course of action. It's always alert, giving me many valuable survival abilities, but at the same time taking away the ability of simply being, or peace, of love, of allowing and accepting the more vulnerable parts of myself.

As this energy is very masculine, the woman symbolized a glimpse of the non-logical non-survival-based world of heart that is at the deep core of ourselves. This is something that has been coming into my life in the past years, and it has the effect of dissolving and threatening the tightly controlled and polished masculine energy of control of the situation, logic and survival.

And just as I feared, at that vulnerable moment of touching the deeper part of myself, I got a bullet in my forehead that shattered the whole protective mechanism of the suit. It really hit it at it's core (the third eye).

Shedding the now-useless suit is very much where I am now in my life. It served it's purpose, and now it has become a limitation. I'm exploring more the more "real" sensitive realm, letting go of the need to have a justification for all my actions and always be "on top" of things.

Becoming the Spirit of Fire is becoming my true self - it's about being the creative primal energy. Coming in contact with the water and fear of being extinguished is about my fear of fully being in my power and showing myself. There's the fear of being followed, of being held responsible for some actions that do not conform to the social mores. Keeping my "flame low" in that fear - trying to be invisible.

The encounter with the psychic woman I think speaks for itself.

Afterwards, I found myself in the same place in front of the door with rain. I was no longer afraid to be myself, to show my true power. This is a place in my life that I've been coming to. Letting the water burn off of me harmlessly and coming towards my inner calling. Flying upwards towards that, which I previously found dangerous, embracing it, and coming through the cloud cover to find a place of peace and serenity that I couldn't see before. The place of light and love and peace. And then me, being the Spirit of Fire, coming back to the source of all fire - the Sun, merging with the Oneness.

There are more layers of meaning to this experience, but I think this is long enough already :-)

Love & Light,

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Wow, that's quite a dream, Aquene!

I sometimes wonder about dreamworld - this physical world has the time-space stability in it, when when I'm in the dream world everything is just as real if not more so. It's so interesting that you had this amazing experience!

Makes one wonder about consciousness - how fluid it is, and what is it, anyway?

Love & Light,

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