These videos are the best explanation of politics & money I've seen

This stuff kind of fits in with Berry's recent post from Adrian Salbuchi but I was so impressed with these videos I wanted to post them seperately, rather then as a response to the Salbuchi stuff. I was totally blown away by this video, interpretation of the film The Matrix.



Spiritual Economics

Hi Folks,

I found this to be a great blog/website. Posts concern the Ho’oponopono technique, A Course in Miracles, the game of life and how all this relates to the economic injustice we perceive in the world. Besides the interesting blog posts, there's several interesting links to films, etc. as you scroll down.


Healing the Root of All Evil

Hey All,

I was at work today and was doing some end of the year paperwork type stuff. I've been doing a bit of meditation lately and doing my best to send out positive energy to the Earth, and I got thinking:

What if we were to imbue our financial transactions with positive energy?

Part of my job is administration of contracts for construction projects. I eventually sign off on payments for the Contractors, (or at least oversee the payments) and in effect, I direct the flow of some decent quantities of cash.

"Farewell to Power" from St. Germain

Hey Team -

I found a lot of good clarification and stuff to chew on below re: the spiritual meanings of the economic shifts going on this week and last.  Read if you're drawn, and live in true abundance!

love,  Kim



"Farewell to Power" with Saint Germain

$700 Billion Bailout

I listened to the last hour of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Jr and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who appeared before the Senate Banking Committee today on Capitol Hill. During that hour, my favorite unanswered questions is "why do we have to give you all $700 billion now?" Committee members suggested financing some of the bailout and seeing how it goes.

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