Amazing Inerview with James Corbett -

Below is the link to an astounding video interview with independent journalist James Corbett, who is based in Japan.   I had never heard of him before lightwins post about Benjamin Fulford here today.  In this 2-part, half-hour interview he and his interviewer cover an amazing amount of ground regarding the depth and breadth of the mechanisms that the NWO parasites are using and have used for a long time, to achieve their ends.  It's a short in-depth summary of the big NWO picture.  Brilliant.

And then God said...then I said...then He said... "2012"

Dear Friends,
With the coming of the new Year, 2008, we will see an acceleration of time, awareness, fear, and expectation as the world moves ever closer to the greatest event in the history of this human race. We will finally realize why we are here at this moment in the History of our planet – as Earth prepares to move herself to the fifth dimension.

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