Ashtar Command Radio Worldwide Global Spaceship Event



this event is brought to you by CmdrAleon  of Ashtar command



Time: January 4, 2009 from 11:30am to 12:30pm
Location: Planet Earth All Timezones
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Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I have been guided by the Ashtar Command to create a Global Vibrational Focus on creating a Opening for our Ships to come into the Atmosphere around the Earth on January 4th,2008.
I will ask all to join me in this cosmic experiement on this broadcast conducted on the Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio Worldwide. A Mass Consciousness event that will uplift Consciousness and the bodies vibration to interact on some level with our Brothers and Sisters on the Lightships and Merkaba's of Light -Starships of the Ashtar Command and also known as the Ashtar Galactic Command..
Please have digital camera's and video camera's with you and focused on the skies around the World.

I will ask all to clear all thoughts out of your mind completely and just focus within your being .

This will not be a meditation we will focus with clear intent our communications with the Command off Planet for visual contact with the Ground Crew and People of Planet Earth .This will be a Worldwide Ashtar Radio Guided Broadcast.

I plan on making this a regular part of the show once a month.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,
The Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio Worldwide



hugs for all..


i love you:)



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Well, with October 14th so vividly in mind, I can only imagine the reaction of many seekers to this latest specific prediction.  Have you contacted Dr. Steven Greer at the Disclosure Project to see what he/they think about this latest prediction?  He would be the first one I would want to talk to about this since he goes around the world, year after year, gathering groups together to go out to certain locations to simply say hi to our ET friends and neighbors, and he gets amazing results time after time.

I would really want to know what Dr. Greer thinks about perpetrating the disclosure of specific times/dates.  Regardless of this new one, I fully anticipate a mass landing of some kind in the relatively near future - I'm just not sure about the predicting foretelling of when....

The Disclosure Project - Home Page

CSETI Homepage

Love/Light, Chris

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i hear ya...i dunno what he thinks of this..


i know i'll have my eyes to the skies like i usually do and welcome any and all beings of love/light from all universes and dimensions:)


much love to you and all.



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ahh see! just for posting this it got your imagination going:) hehe


yeah..i heard that the false flag technology will not work same with nuclear weapons..they are being suppresed by the spriitual hiearchy and something about the photons coming in making some dark stuff not work.....we will have the golden age and nothing can stop it:)


i also get the impression from all sources that we will have contact by or on we shall see

amazing times ahead of us:)


much love to all.



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Ah duz so agree!!!!!!

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I had the most vivid dream I have ever had of a "craft" this morning, the kind of vividness that takes your breath away like when you jump off a cliff into the water and are weightless for a moment.  It was silent and it was beautiful, with much detail around the perimeter, coming from the right as I looked out the window and then right up close to the house/sliding glass door, and then I awoke.

I emailed Linda Moulton Howe with a couple of questions concerning the reality of such common phenomenon today vs. the very real possibility that we have already back engineered antigravity flying craft that could very easily be mistaken for an otherworldly UFO, the kind of technology they are not letting us in on at present, the kind of technology that could very easily be used in another false flag event where they claim we are being attacked by hostiles from outer space.  I hope to get her take on what she expects in the near future considering the fact that there are many ways that anything coming up could and would be interpreted and spun by the media.  We shall see with eyes wide open....

YouTube - Linda Moulton Howe pt. 1

YouTube - Linda Moulton Howe pt. 2

YouTube - Linda Moulton Howe pt. 3

YouTube - Linda Moulton Howe pt. 4

YouTube - Linda Moulton Howe pt. 5

YouTube - Linda Moulton Howe pt. 6

YouTube - Linda Moulton Howe pt. 7

(there are 5 or 6 more segments in this Coast to Coast interview I believe - well worth a listen, as well as Project Camelot's interview with John Lear and another interview with Robert Lazar)

Love/Light, Chris

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