Spring Forward

Past the past....
I know how hard life can be....
I spring ahead to NOW......
any other happy monkeys interested in joining me?
Love, Mary

I'll join in your fun!

Anywhere you go I'm happy to stand beside you!


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Thanks for joining me here on fun island.....Cool sunrise!

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Ain't it grand?  Love the company!


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Thanks for coming out to play! Happy ain't sappy or stupid.....it's fun....it's healthful....now if only we had a barrelful !

We'll have a great time....fun to have a tail again. Anyone else ready to drop their tale,and pick -up their tail?

Love Mary

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No monkey bars at this playground, but free tail training lessons................Love and pass the bananas, getting tired of yams

--- Post removed at author's request ---

It is nighttime here and now....and my household is sleeping.

Too bad for me.....cause I feel playful! 

**Big smile**

To whom it may concern:

If you were here with me at this moment........i'd tackle ya and roll ya around on the floor.....and ruffle your hair up. I'd try to stick my finger in your ear.....if it made you laugh.... Then i'd kiss you on the shoulder cause I love you.


~~JOY~~  sweet gift of life   ~~JOY~~


makes me wanna patty cake like we used to do in the schoolyard.

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Back to play on this beautiful day.....any one else?

You know it!

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I am here now!

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Then catch our(LOVING) breath.....yams, or bananas neither better.....each have our choice we'll like that better.Take a nap, or take a dip.....let's get over our Different trip......we're all the same way deep  down.Throw a frisbee...make a face,Remember we are in(SACRED) cyber space.  Pull my tail...I'll pull yours  Lets have BIG FUN on planet earth.Not a poet I'll say no more......JUST LOVE Mary

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Already there

and there

and there

and there


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The breeze blows with the smells of fresh growth...the storm has passed.The sun shines like fire in the sky.......wanna play?

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believe i'll play...

n' sing...

n' dance...

n' run naked in the wind...  yippee!

can i bring flowers too?

this is fun!

thanks fairyfarmgirl for the vow of abundance...  mmmm-mmmm...  good!  abundant play!
oh and the foxglove fairies said to send their love...

thanks Misty for your romp!

thanks Mary for making this safe place!  good medicine!

loving you all all over the place... 

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Beautiful flowers,Good vibes, and coconuts too.......so very happy to play here with you.and you and you.......plenty more room in the barrel for  YOU!

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The time is now,so don't delay..........................Or you'll loose out on lot's of play.

The Earth is heavy with so much pain,join our island........retrain your brain. Suffer more? No time to play? And I AM the silly one they say!  Grab my tail and lets save the WORLD!                                 Just a Happy Monkey,Mary

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Tin man says, "Oil!". People do toil. Tempers they boil.

My pants I do soil. Egos do coil. I knew a guy named Doyle.

Nothing a little "monkey see, monkey do" cannot foil.

for every boy and goyel,

turning madness to joyal.

To Love let's be Loyal

and wear kindness like Royal!

I'm out of letters

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And thanks you for laughs, for Monkeys  tread lightly when galloping fast.....grabbing for frisbees,for avos and figs.When

running and jumping and scratching for fleas, swinging and swaying and playing in trees.Moments like this Gaia we please. It is not so hard to play once you start,and progress we start to warm and rekindle this thing called a heart. Make a mud pie or make a face. They need us so badly that poor human race.  TAG,    you're IT!    Love,Mary

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As I make mud pies sky high that I smash in my face,

I am always and ever so touched by your grace!!!!!

TAG, your it!

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The ocean is green, sky so blue......sand so warm on my paws.  Tonight we play,and look for the stars so bright in the sky.  How can you not join the fun?                    Love, Monkey Mary full of grace,with mud and banana all over my face.

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Pickin' da nana outa da mud

and dancin' a jig wid Elmer Fudd

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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During those times it seems

it must be that time of the month

and I appear to be in some kind of a BELLYACHIN' funk

and If ever I seem B L O A T E D

from my head to my toes,

would someone PLEASE be so kind as to

stick a blowfly UP MY NOSE!


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Dear ones  thank you for playing and growing with me,here on fertile,funky,Peaceful monkey island with me!

No food fights,or night frights, just happy growing....the seeds of a blessed new life we are sowing. Gaia she smiles at our antics...................We live in the NOW!  We love, we are called silly....it is just so good just to BE.   My favorite monkey-shine neighbors and me.  Any more free range monkeys to come out and play, on this most beautiful wonderful day?                                          Love,Mary

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"I hope you have a big trunk 'cause I'm puttin' my bike in it!"


(from the movie, "40 Year Old Virgin")

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But there's plenty of room in the trunk, for any old monkey toy you want to bring, as long as it makes you happy! Better have big tires to work in the sand. Just want you to know I just love my monkey friends, But doesn't it show? Mary Monkey

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I Wrench, therefore I Am Monkey!
Shine on you caaarrrayyyzee diamond!

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Any fun monkeys want to come out and play?   Love,Mary

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Time flies like an arrow.....And fruit fly's like a banana! We are having a wonderful day......Hope you are too!

Just monkeying around......Love, Mary

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A warm breeze blows through the palm trees.....

The waves splash on the beach....and I say, wanna play?

Life is short,the days are warm.........

Fun monkey island calls you.......

Or are you to busy to BE HERE NOW?

Let the games begin...............................Love,Mary

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Many days of fun and frolic have passed,since I asked for any monkeys ready to play. I feel a bit selfish having all this fun with my happy monkey friends. The sun is high in a beautiful sky. Warm sand,the smell of lush tropical flora.......coconuts,bananas,wild yams are free and easy.....so are some of the monkeys!  Come my friends,play and preen.........splash in the water,sprawl on the sand, put your worries away...COME AND PLAY!

Love,Monkey Mary full of grace,with sand and banana all over my face!

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for bringing the wee ones to play!  They come up with the BEST new games!  So fun to watch,and hard to catch, so nimble and free,as they swing in the trees!  Lunch on a mud pie? Or maybe a yam? Sand castle contest.....winners all we will be!  The trees are alive with swinging,swaying,hapily playing MONKEYS!

Room always for more monkeys...........we can make you happy once you get here....if you're not happy yet!

Happy Mary Monkey Loves YOU!

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Dear Frolicing Friends,

The sun shines warm and bright over happy monkey island. Waves lap at the beach.....many monkeys splash in the surf,and swing from the trees. No poop flinging......just playing,preening and being in the NOW. Room for more playful monkeys. Can you come out to play? It is a wonderful day.

Love, Monkey Mary

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Dear Friends,

Are you feeling out of sorts? Tired of the upcoming election hype? Looking for Love...and finding nothing? Worried about global warming?

A island retreat awaits........A pie in the face,and a three legged race! No time like the present to BE HERE NOW.Shall we play? Feel OK. Let your worries wash away in the warm salt water. Lay in the sand,feel the moist air on your fur. Remember that life is sweet.......that hands are also feet.That we all love to play.

The mainland has it's focus askew....and we are waiting for you! Come and relax.....be your true self here.

All it takes is your desire.

Love to you dear monkeys, Monkey Mary

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Dear Friends,

It is play time again! Frozen fog,parkas and long underwear left at home, back to the island I come. My new dog Koobah runs along side as he happily greets all the monkeys he meets. With Bush leaving office I AM ready to smile,to run ,jump, and play. A warm breeze causes the palm trees to sway(or is this how wind and trees play?)

It's time to have lunch and a nap in the SUN. Any other monkeys ready for FUN?

Playfully yours,

Monkey Mary

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