Monsanto is a Monster that Must be Stopped!

Monsanto contends that GMOs are so safe that they don't need to be tested.  How irresponsible and unscientific is that? Chemical companies like Monsanto have turned the earth into a giant science experiment, using us as guinea pigs.   In doing so, they are actually changing the human genome (as well as all life that consumes the GMOs.)  Furthermore, BT corn produces irreversible sterility within 3 generations of animals that eat it. Soon human beings will hit the third generation mark and suffer the same fate.  But by then, it could be too late for humanity.

It should be obvious that "you are what you eat."  If we consume poison, we poison our bodies.  Genetically modified phudes modify us.



If we look at Monsanto's history of poisoning the planet, why would anyone trust them with our food supply?



What can we do about it?  Here are a few ideas...

Sign the petition to label GMO phudes.

9 Things You Can Do

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Made me think instantly of the Georgia Guidestones and the proposed 500,000,000 cap on Humanity...

Georgia Guidestones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and then that made me think of the Don Henley song, Who Owns This Place.

You know there ain't no end to man's desire
To steal your water, steal your fire
Snakes in the garden, apples on the tree
All of this looks easy, none of this is free

You might get lucky, got the world to win
Need a little failure to thicken your skin
Everybody's talkin', they promise you the moon
It's made of paper and you find out pretty soon

Who owns this place?
Who owns this place?
I'm talkin' to you, now look in my face
And tell me who owns this place?

But time passes, things change
You might get restless, I might get strange
But everything you do says always
Who owns this place?

Monkey see, monkey do
You're watchin' him and he's watchin' you
You think he's funny, he think you're funny too
You'd get in there with him if you only knew

Who owns this place?
Who owns this place?
What makes you think that you're a special case?
Who owns this place?

Time passes, things change
Shut down the city, fence off the range
Make everything into a fancy place
Who owns this place?

Push, pull, push, pull, push, pull
Push, pull, push, pull, push, pull

You always take, you never give
So busy runnin' you've forgotten where you live
A million miles, a million malls
Pretty soon you'll be bouncin' off the walls

Screamin', "Who owns this place?
Who owns this place?"
Too much ambition, too little grace
Who owns this place?"

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Exactly right, Chris.  When we connect the dots, the globalist agenda is clearly laid out in plain sight.  But, you might say, why would they inform us of their plans?  Because we live in a free-will planet, and if we don't object to their plans of genocide and geoengineering, we essentially give them our consent.

That's why we must do all we can to learn about these things, discern fact from fiction, educate each other, and reject all that is against God's Law.   We can take action physically through opposition or non-compliance.  Or we may take counter-measures spirtually by collectively visualizing a world where all people are free to live in peace and harmony with nature.

In any event, it's time to make a choice.  If not, the choice will be made for us.



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Do your own gardening and save the seeds. My husband and I have had so much fun with his seed saving. One year we had watermelon zuchinni, pumpkin zuchinni and yellow squash zuchinni. The watermelon zuchinni was very delicious. It mostly looked like zuchinni but a little fatter. The flesh was white like zuchinni but it tasted like watermelon. Somehow the seeds didn't express themselves the next year or he didn't save the same seeds. Now we just get a lot of light green, yellow squash zuchinni.

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Though the impact we have may at times seems small every time we buy organic, choose to grow our own, leave the Round up on store shelves, can our own tomatoes we make a choice.  Only our pocket books and our conscious choices ultimately make a difference to the power elite.  I'm with all of you on this.  Let's change it now, one choice at a time and teach our children as well.

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I struggle with many of Abraham's teachings, but they're starting to make more sense to me these days:





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Developers of artificial micro-humans, or ‘mini GM humans,’ are hoping to release their technology on the market by 2017. No this isn’t a sci-fi joke. Scientists are developing artificial humans in the same vein as GM plants with the hope that these creations will replace the need for using animals in laboratory testing.

Artificial humans will be ‘farmed’ with interacting organs that can be used in drug tests, speeding up the process of FDA and other government regulatory approvals, and supposedly without damaging rats or other animals currently used in laboratories. The GM humans will contain smartphone-sized microchips that will be programmed to replicate up to 10 major human organs.

Each GM human will be tiny – roughly the size of a microchip itself, simulating the response of humans to substances inhaled, absorbed in the blood, or exposed to in the intestinal tract.

Early versions comprising an artificial kidney, heart, lung or gut are already being used by the cosmetic industry and to observe the use of chemical drugs on non-GMO humans.

The Times of India reported that researchers said this could replace up to 90 million animals each year in labs. Uwe Marx, a tissue engineer from Technische Universitat Berlin and founder of TissUse, a firm developing the technology said:

“If our system is approved by the regulators, then it will close down most of the animal-testing laboratories worldwide.” said.

Currently, this type of technology is already used on artificial organs like hearts and livers, but the results must be verified on a ‘live’ being – animals in a lab, for instance, to prove that substances are safe when interacting with a living being with real organs.

The problem with current testing, and obviously this proposed ‘solution,’ is that artificial organs, like animals, won’t respond the same way as a human body. We have already observed unforeseen side effects during human trials after animal trials that are far from ‘safe’ – GM crops are a perfect example of this phenomenon.

Organs cannot be divided into ‘fake’ computerized components. They interact with one another, the endocrine system, the brain, the nervous system, environmental cues, emotions, and according to advanced research, even our energetic bodies.

This reminds me of how genetically modified humans are planned to be the next venture for biotechnology companies working with the United States military, with the admitted goal of producing a ‘super soldier’ that does not require food or sleep to perform Olympic-style physical feats. The genetically modified humans, or ‘super soldiers’, will even be able to regrow limbs that were destroyed by enemy fire and live off of their fat stores for extreme lengths of time. You can read more on GMO super-humans here.

While the new GM human farms seem great on paper, since eliminating animal testing is indeed noble, they do not address possible far-reaching, negative ramifications for trying to re-create the complexities of Mother Nature’s form. It seems the pharmaceutical industry and biotech don’t learn from their mistakes at all.

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I'm not sure why the thought of this technology creeps me out.  I have to wonder what is motivating such research and development.

  • Did someone working in medical research suddenly get a conscious and decide that animal testing is wrong?
  • Is the human brain one of the 10 organs to be replicated?  If so, does that mean that the GM humans (regardless of their size) will feel pain and suffer?
  • What is the purpose of making this technology the size of a microchip?
  • Is this technology motivated by profit or is there a darker agenda?

Me thinks a mad scientist could be afoot.

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