Genetic Roulette

GMOs are genocide!

Most people have never even heard of GMOs, ie. genetically modified organisms, and they don't know that they are eating these poisonous, bio-manipulated foods every day.  Other people may have heard of GMOs but believe they are safe because the FDA has approved their consumption.  What you need to know is that these organisms are changing our DNA -- causing cancers, organ failure, sterility, and a host of other atrocities within our population.  Furthermore, through genetic pollution (cross-pollination with non-GMO crops) we are looking at an uncontrollable epidemic of disease-causing agents that could spread across the globe and wipe out all life.  I put this topic in the top three most-critically important issues of our time.

This film is an informed look at the issue.  Arm yourself; education is the best defense.


Watch the film on Vimeo:  Note:  the audio doesn't work for the first few minutes.

Now that we know what we're eating, we can take action to protect the human genome by showing this film at a public screening and by joining the Tipping Point Network to rid our planet of this vile affliction.  Learn more at

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