David Wilcock at the September 2009 Awake & Aware Conference

As has been the case for some time now, some of our discussions carry a measure of sensational fear in them, given the nature of the topic(s) posted.  The following talk by David Wilcock addresses the debilitating effects of fear, especially on the immune system.  This particular talk by David is a very good compilation of all the key pertinent subjects he has researched to date, and ties it all together to present a practical theory about what is actually happening to all life and planets in this solar system at this time.

Message from Matthew February 14, 2010 Earthquake in Haiti

Message from Matthew
February 14, 2010
Earthquake in Haiti - cause, effects; sending light to dark-hearted individuals; power of negative thoughts; global economy, debts; answers within; vegetarian diets; stargates; no “second Earth”; reincarnation

Inspirational dedication - Patrick Henry Hughes and his Dad

Hi All,

I haven't had TV in years so I'm sorry if most are familiar with this story already - I'm just now finding out about it myself. This is the story of a child born without eyes and a condidtion that generally makes it difficult to move his arms and legs but with the incredible love and dedication of his Dad is attending college and playing in the college marching band. Here's the link in case the viseo inbed doesn't work:


the 'we' in 'me'

Dear friends,

Below is a message I just sent to all my personal friends and family.  I thought you should also get it.

With much love.



Dear friends and family,

This will probably sound a bit weird to some of you but I think you'll find it interesting.

We May Be Born With an Urge to Help By NICHOLAS WADE

We May Be Born With an Urge to Help

LENDING A HAND In research, a child helps an adult find an object dropped through a hole in a box. The evolutionary roots of altruism are complex.

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