L o v e is A Meditation

Good Greetings:

I have just finished the Weekend Digest of the Fairyfarmgirl Daily Digest.  I thank Lightwins for posting the link to the Tween speaking about Meditation on this forum.  She is  a spectacular supportive addition to the amazing message that fairyfarmgirl and Elizabeth have on Meditation.  Love is a Meditation

I Bless you all with Love!

fairyfarmgirl and Elizabeth



The Green Beautiful - Spiritual Movie

This is one of my favorite spiritual movies.  (It's also a comedy.)

La Belle Verte (in French with English subtitles).  Catch a glimpse of Utopia!

You can watch all 9 parts on YouTube:

Enjoy it with someone you love!


Love is all you need!!!!

Some of you have already seen this on Facebook, but I couldn't resist sharing it with the rest of you. Everytime I listen/look to/at it I am lifted up and BLESSED!    Enjoy this wonderful Beattles favorite which has been a few years ago internationalized!

A germ of an idea

I just had this idea that it might be fun for us to choose a time this weekend to all sit for 5 or 10 mins and breathe sacred love to everyone else here on the Gathering Spot.  We could do this at 9 or 10pm local time, with the intention that everyone would experience the sharing of our collective energies and love in the time when they are doing the meditation.  Actually, I suppose it could just be at the most convenient time in the day.

So what do you think? 

Lots of love,



Expression of Love

Hey all of you sisters and brothers

I just want to say how much I love all of you.  What a wonderful spiritual family to claim as mine.  I have seldom had such an accepting and loving community, with whom I could speak my thoughts and make my comments and be who I am without the ever present criticisms. 

Thank you one and all for being One in Spirit, One in Love and One in Intention as we evolve toward what our Creator has designed for us in this great Transition.

In the love and light of our One Infinite Creator.


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