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2014 G-20 Summit

Like millions of people, I was blissfully unaware that the G-20 summit had taken place in Brisbane on November 15th and 16th because no one in my neck of the woods was talking about it.  Since the policies made by these 20 oligarchies affect the entire world, I'm posting this in case anyone was also asleep during last weekend's conference.

Incidentally, if you read the lamestream media coverage of this event, you'll come away with the impression that they talked about little more than Putin's involvement in the Ukraine.


A Positive Meditation

Haven't been around here much lately but I wanted to share what ultimately ended up being a very positive meditation for me as I very slowly mulled over David Wilcock's words towards the end of his latest update:

Turn off the mind and enjoy it like a leisurely sunday drive (I picture Morgan Freeman hanging his head out the bus window at the end of Shawshank Redemption!)



mothers and beauty

This article touched me today.  Some of the comments after it by obviously thoughtful, soulful men touched me even more.  If more young women and young mothers were exposed to what real women really look like and what good men really think about it, maybe we'd have more love and less criticism, conflict and competition between us.  A short read but a beautiful one.

Death Blow to The NWO in the US? We Can Hope and Spread the News


From: JA

This is boycotted by the mainstream media, but now the military and letter agencies KNOW 911 and the following were FALSE, and they are MAD and this should be the beginning of the end of the US cabal, in my opinion. 

Psychopathy: What you probably don't know about it

BTW, I have read both the books featured in this article; they are both very powerful, clear and explanatory for what has been happening in our world.

The Arcane SDR Supra-Macro Asset

Not very heartening but probably true. A new version of an old paradigm it seems to me.


Independence Day? 79 Percent Of Americans Are Completely OK With The Current Level Of Tyranny

Thursday, July 3, 2014