The old wetikos

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Still figuring out this new-fangled 21st century technology... it's out there somewhere

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weticos weticos

what cha gonna do

what cha gona do when they come for you

I couldn't get what you specifically referenced to come up, but your post alone (for some reason) made me think of the movie The Maze Runner and the Divergent Series of movies.  The premise in both those is for someone or ones to excel and "break through" from within the catalyst program designed to promote accellerated evolution of the species.  Designed by those a littler further along in the ongoing "novelty machine" Cosmic process...

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I think I have to work out this reconnection to ourselves. Being able to, at will, open up and maintain a straight forward, double aware feedback-type, line of communication, or level of consciousness, is imperative, I think.

As far as I can tell, that's all there is to do.

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If your hear a voice within you say "You can not Paint"

Then by all means Paint and that voice will be silence.


Not sure who wrote this, it is on a cloth scroll my youngest daughter gave me some years ago

It is titled "TRANQILITY"


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Great feedback, all. I think my reference came down to vote for money or don't vote for money. We need to establish an alternative, even if it's just psychic... recognition and appreciation of one another and all of our gifts. WE are the currency.

And I fully support the life is art perspective and creativity and imagination are how we can translate this mess to the next level. Instead of just feeding on what the media keeps dishing out.

Example. I LOVE superhero movies and grew up reading comic books, but this franchise that keeps gaining weight and momentum is already SO tiresome and boring. They had like one script and they just keep running it into the ground. Blehh.

The other part of the article that was interesting to me was the perpetuation of evil thing. We're preyed upon and abused, so we pass that along in what we do or how we relate to the world. Also a tiresome and predictable ending to SO many action movies. By the end, we're hating the "bad guy" so much, that we relish them getting killed in the most horrendous way possible. True, a few shows buck that equation, but not many. 

So, how to stop feeding the monster and giving our power away? Dream. Create. Starve it.

Who's with me?!

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Plus I get to experience this scenario FIRST HAND every day I work at Walmart. As if I'm undercover...

The way corporate treats its managers, they way they treat the management under them, and the way the staff on the bottom get treated worst of all. And the bitchy and impatient customers treating you like a servant or slave and demanding things they cannot have because the W doesn't train us properly or give us authority or resources or enough people to do it all. And the products are mostly crap and plastic which people don't even want to pay a few dollars for but they expect some sort of quality. All at the expense of our Asian slaves, the destruction of the planet and our sense of humanity and brotherhood.

And their children! Don't even get me started...

I wonder why they all put up with it and tolerate that shit. I don't and neither does my department manager or coworkers in sporting goods, so they mostly leave us alone. Probably because we have guns...


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Finally finished reading the entire three part article. Inspirational to say the least. Recognizing it is the first step. Becoming aware of it within oneself is the second. Now for the hardest part. 

It makes me sick to feel that way about others. And my blood pressure gets all up. It spirals more and more out of control from there.

Reminds me of some Wolverine (X-Men) stories I read during my adolescence (and beyond). If he gave in too much to his wild side, he would go into a berzerker fury and kill without restraint. Sometimes endangering those who were his friends and companions.

This somehow comforted me as an idea of protecting myself against the world and anything that might threaten me. For no real reason... I wasn't abused or beat up. I just didn't trust in people's goodness. Witnessing their actions in juxtaposition to the gospel (I'm a pk and grew up going to church), I didn't have a lot of faith in humanity.

I'm slowly and painfully learning to turn that around. It starts with ME. I may not be able to control others or judge them, but I can aim that at myself and use the rest as a mirror to gauge my actions. I suppose that's all.

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one of the lessons i butted heads with for awhile...learning acceptance of others however they are, even when they are what i was taught to consider really bad people exactly as you've said-because i can't change them, only myself.  learning not to judge because i do not want to be judged by others as well and understanding that they come into my periphery because parts of me need whatever lessons they're bringing.  i try hard to 'act' after using my head, heart and gut to gage what i'm feeling rather than just 're-act' . i've found many parts of my life to be better because of it.  unlike the way i was raised (basically traditional Christian too) i DO believe in reincarnation.  as such, i now ask (of both myself and the Universe) to try to live in such a way that i don't keep repeating over and over and over the same mistakes that keep me stuck on the same level. if/when i'm coming around again, i'd rather choose to return to help others...something self mastery helps ready me for. although certain individuals can still push my buttons (kids, husbands and d*ckwads like the Donald can be challenging) i really try to act from a place deeper than i used to.   another day, another lesson-it's only taken 58 years to get to here ;).   asking in more and more light (for all of us)... imo in the early morning hours.

Hi Christopher,

The link works when you remove the L at the end. A convention for web page names has them ending in either ".htm" or "html". In this case it is just ".htm". Thus...

It seems these days people aren't treating each other as well as they used to. Treating people badly gets a little contagious. It lowers the standard of how we think people should be treated. When we are treated badly it lowers the standard of how we think others should be treated.

When you see someone treating someone else really badly you can pretty much tell that they themselves were once treated really badly.

I am confidant that if we could eliminate domestic abuse completely, in all its forms, within a generation or two, nobody would be treating anybody badly. We could end this epidemic once and for all.


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I wondered about that "l". Tried to remove it actually, but it was waaay out on the edge and my phone wouldn't allow my fat pinky (I type with it as a stylus and a coworker makes fun of me) to put the cursor on the right side! ;)

Thanks Kristyne for that as well. Don't know how many more rounds we get to go this time... I feel like there are a lot of new souls coming in to add some new energy and many of the older are waiting in the wings and helping us from beyond. Much pressure to push us through to the other side. Glad we're all in it together! 

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"The Hidden" with Kyle MacLachlan & "Fallen" with Densel Washington

"It makes me sick to feel that way about others. And my blood pressure gets all up. It spirals more and more out of control from there"

When you said that Chris, it made me think on the analogy I conjured up a while back, that maybe God can keep loving us in spite of the sick bastards we can be at times much the same way as we love our cute darling pet animals even when they misbehave or shit in our shoes, LOL

That God cannot separate he, she, itself from that overwhelming sense of adoration for us, in spite of ourselves and our behavior during the process of evolving.

I guess I'm gonna have to go with "patience grasshopper"

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"The Mind Parasites" by Colin Wilson. Also a good one. Seen "The Hidden" but not "Fallen". Funny you mention Kyle. We've been watching "Twin Peaks" again. That time of the year...

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