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The first thing I have to say is Thank You!! to everyone who made the first Wingmaker's chat a success. I deeply enjoyed the conversation and I loved connecting with each of you in realtime. The experience of breathing Sacred Love together was totally awesome!

I first saw the Wingmakers material several years ago and bookmarked the site, but I wasn't ready for it and it didn't resonate. I thought it was probably an elaborate, very artistic hoax. Not bad really - but I never looked much beyond the surface, and I found the reading the reading illuminating but slow going. If any of you have read Shoghi Effendi, you'll know exactly what I mean.

I rediscovered the site during the TC and have been exploring it with new eyes. I remember from before that I found the artwork both moving and intriguing, and I have been exploring them with renewed perception and interest. I feel the paintings form a complementary language to the essays and poetry, and transmit both energy and information in a totally nonverbal way. Going through them in sequence is like reading a book, many chapters of which are richly deserving of deep study. Much like the TC itself, only subliminal, nonverbal and holistic.

I gathered during the chat that many are not accustomed to contemplating information transmitted in this way. While I can't decipher the message for you, I may be able to help in opening your inner eye to how the message is received.

I invite you to breathe Sacred Love and let your amygdala tingle anytime you contemplate art of any kind. Be aware of what happens in the brain when the amygdala, the third eye and the pituitary all kick in with the frontal lobes, the part we don't use much! In this case, the message is powerful and with the aid of the amygdala it can be felt viscerally. Do any of you do energy work with stones or crystals? If so you may find it helpful to hold one of your favorites while exploring the site. (I have a citrine orb which I sometimes use for scrying that modulates energies beautifully, and also a smoky-quartz wand that is like an amplifier of some kind...when I touch the point between my eyebrows it's like a shock that goes all the way to my toes).

One thing you become aware of immediately is that this artwork celebrates the Sacred Feminine in every way. The portal on the front page is in the form of a vulva. Clicking this image and then clicking on the banner at the top brings you to a page which a displays a link called "Wingmakers Time Capsule" which is the one you want. This brings you to the master index for the 23 chambers.

(23 is a prime number, by the way, with some interesting properties if you're into that kind of thing).

I won't even attempt a guided tour of all 23 chambers. But as we look at some of them, I'll share the kinds of things they say to me, and hopefully this'll be useful.

The very first image is one of the most abstract and brings the feminine imagery a step further, almost subliminally. The image seems to represent a vortex or tunnel, very organic, maybe even a mouth...there is a powerful swirling quality complete with eddies and swimming vaginas, as a trail of mysterious information or data is drawn across the foreground...intense with Sacred Sexuality, it seductively invites us to...

...the Second Chamber, which tells us exactly where we are going! The Sacred Passage is clearly marked, literally surrounded with information, opening upwards into the sky. To the woman, it must be breathtaking to see her essence displayed Divinely in this the man it cannot help but say, You Know You Want To. This is no invitation to an orgy. This is the most intimate opening of Divine Creative Love opening to us in the most direct way possible.

Chamber Three opens up a further point regarding Sacred Sexuality. Beneath the figures, one joyfully dancing and the other creating the music of ongoing life, the earth transmits her secrets. On the left, the sacred triangle of Venus, the Sacred Unity, and the sacred pyramid are arranged, and on the right we are invited onward - into the sacred place from which we all have come! Between these two sets of information we see the living Earth streaming forth New Life, Holy Energy, and Divine Information.

The chambers sing the diversity of the Divine Music, and again and again the rapturous nature of Sacred Sexuality is stated. This would no doubt shock some people, just as the frank nudes of Manet and El Greco shocked art patrons of their eras. I find no pornography. Nevertheless the imagery is pervasive.

I find Chambers 10 and 21 especially interesting. I try not to interpret too much, but simply let the energy of the images flow to me. The symbol in Chamber Ten is so searingly, explicitly Female that it arrested my male energy totally. What does it say? It bleeds. It beckons. Invites to spirit, not to flesh. And yet, flesh is the form we see first. We've just come from 9 which is a swirl of breasts, eyes, embryos and as always, those panels of mysterious data which seem to me to be our clue that they are intended to teach us something. Eleven and Twelve actually take us now into the Portal - and now it is clear that the message is not sex but something entirely spiritual that is gifted to us in the communion of the sexes.

In Chamber Fifteen, an orb of energy rises from the inmost cleft of Earth herself, pushed out and upward by torrents of information into the night sky of our world. We are carried deeper and deeper into the ecstasy of the Feminine Principle, and in the Seventeenth Gallery we see how the man receives this information. For him, the next images are a series of mind-blowing, holistic epiphanies. By the time we reach the inferno of the Twentieth Chamber through which we must walk to reach the true heart of the matter, I guess the man has either evolved a little or run off to kill something.

Chamber 21 has the most complex imagery. It reflects many things. Streams of information, matrix-like, pour through the background. The eye of perception opens at the lower left , empowering the male principle to now swim joyously upward into the swirl of nascent, ecstatic life that occupies the center of the image. At the lower right, involved in the wonder of the event, the new awareness prepares to enter the world. Female orgasm pulses in the upper left. And between the male and the female, now fully enlightened as to the true meaning of Sacred Sexuality, there is a portal. It is the door of self-sacrifice, not standing in any spotlight but there in plain view for those who approach it.

This door leads us to the next level. The painting in Chamber 22 seems to me to be a sort of summary of all that has been taught, after which we are brought to the final Chamber, which is us. In the final scene, the man honors the woman, and on the walls are the scenes which illustrate the lessons of the journey.

To me the message seems clear: This Is Who You Are.

Why the celebration of the Female with less emphasis on the Male Principle? I speculate several reasons, including a counterpoint to the way the written information reaches our brains. Also, we are clearly invited to consider this aspect of the New Paradigm as it impacts our own lives and as we pass it on to those who will succeed us. On a certain level, we're being told, "Lighten Up!" if such frank images make us squirm.

Well, that's where the Wingmakers artwork takes me. I may be full of baloney. There are far fewer phallic symbols in the many paintings than there are images galore that celebrate Woman. The male principle is really not released until the 21st or lesson, after his eye has been opened to what he took for granted before. I believe we are being invited to experience an expanded sense of ourselves, not merely male or female but fully able to access both the yang and the yin as we spread light.

I find the essays and poetry profoundly moving and stimulating. They awaken memories as well as open new insights. I find the artwork transcendent and genuinely wing-bestowing.


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Hi Indigo, interesting that you should express an interest in the pigments used in the original paintings. For me, that was one of the original objections I had to the notion that the paintings are ancient. Not only the style but the colors raise that question. In my more recent viewing I've borne in mind the notion that time is fluid, and ancient may not mean what I think it does.

Even allowing their preservation in their pristine condition deep in their caves, the colors are notable not just for their brilliance but for their range. Ancient peoples typically made their paints from powdered minerals and ashes, bound with animal fats. Depending on where they might be located, the colors red, yellow, brown, black, white and sometimes shades of blue are fairly universal. These paintings display a full range. The violets and purples are normally oxides of manganese and the blues precipitates of copper - both comparatively rare and costly in the ancient world. The reds and yellows are too bright to be straight earth-sources pigments.

The fact that the colors appear to have been applied opaquely - that is, not in transparent glazes or overlays - gives them a presence that suggests permanence and directness. In fact, the medium looks very much like oil pastels.

All of which means nothing in the contemplation of the language being uttered. But as far as the pigments go, I've thought about it, too. Yellows other than ochre mostly fade with time. Van Gogh's paintings are a perfect example - where his brilliant chromium yellows have dulled and browned, or where the glorious arsenic greens of the medieval painters have turned to sepia. Reds - usually derived from ocher, although there are some mercury-based reds that are both brilliant and stable - are a universal color. If the pigments have been preserved from light for millennia, then they must continue to be protected. If they contain organic compounds they will fade rapidly. If these images are ancient, they were painted by someone with an advanced knowledge of pigment chemistry and an extraordinary range of materials at hand.


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Howdy 8-D, WOW you have just blown me away! I am a new member today and now I know why i have been led here.

Let me explain.. in 1985 I had a vision that their were a set of symbols or images that when observed by a person with higher conscsiousness would unlock or change their beingI searched for months to find thesse symbols but to no avail and I eventually gave up. I also had another vision in 1985 about a weblike communication system that would deliver these symbols world wide to awaken the masses of people on Earth. I discovered the internet in 1995 and have never been the same since!

I first found the Wingmakers webswite in 1998 or 1999 , I cant remember exactly but I did not explore it beyond a cursery look. I certainly never looked at the images.

Now I have been led to this transformation team website and as part of lessons, up pops the Wingmakers. This time

I read and looked at the symbols/images and had an immediate resonance with a tingling all over my body. This always tells me to PAY ATTENTION to this material. Today I have spent some time with the 23 drawings from the 23 chambers.

Once again my body has been tingling since I viewed the chamber 1 painting and continuing through 23. My inner voice

connects me to my prior seach for symbols/images that once viewed will change the person. Now 23 years after my initial

search for these symbols, the WingMakers drawings and symbols within them activates a change in our DNA. Interesting that I come across this info 23 years after my initial vision, which equates to 23 chambers

As I write this I am still resonating from 2 hours earlier. I know something is happenening , just not not sure what at this point.

Thank you 8-D for your outstanding post,

Love Bryce (cocreator)

The bridge to higher consciiousness is made from Love, Compassions and Oneness.

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Wow, Bryce! That's an awesome story. And how amazing that it all happens 23 years later!!! And for those who don't catch it, 23 is also the number of genes which make up our DNA. Thanks Dave for your intriguing comments. I haven't spent a lot of time with the paintings and would like to do so now. Transformation abounds!

With lots of love and excitement,

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Howdy Fred, I have a question for you concerning the colors in the original website vs the current site. Today I was comparing them side by side and noticed there is a lavender tint in the drawings on the original site  however the current site has a bluish tint which is quite distinctivly different.  My question to you  is.... have you changed the color of the drawings from the original site at all or have the colors been changed on the current site by James?

Seems to me that the color is an intergral part of the messages being transmitted when we look at them.

Thanks,  Closing with Love, Bryce

The bridge to higher consciiousness is made from Love, Compassions and Oneness.

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Hi Bryce,

I'm fairly certain that the entire WM website we have posted at is almost exactly the same as the original. A number of people including myself noticed that on the new website the colors were slightly changed. I don't know why. There are many mysteries here. Have fun exploring all this!

With much love,

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Howdy Fred... Everything has a unique energy vibration and the color is certainly part of that vibration. In my opinion the colors have been intentionally changed in order to change the meaning and functioning of the drawings. Remember Dr. Anderson at one point indicated the possibility that the drawings were actually a portal to the future WingMakers. This subtle change could easily make them non functioning. I am using the drawings from the original website to continue my further exploration. I am going to explore them in order as suggested by Dr. Anderson. Thanks

Closing with Love, Bryce

The bridge to higher consciousness is made from Love, Compassion and Oneness.

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