Global Coherence Initiative

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I was listening through those interviews from Coast to Coast AM with Hoagland and Braden, which were incredibly eye opening. They mentioned a "Global Coherence Initiative" which has been put forward by the institute of Heart Math, it seems like a pretty well organized venture. I'm sure some of you have already heard about or even joined up with this initiative. I just signed up for it myself. The idea is to get as many people as possible focusing positive intentions and "breathing" these intentions simultaneously as possible. They send out emails to members (about 20,000 so far) whenever a "group session" is coming up. If they get enough people this initiative could really effect some positive change. It sounds liek they are measuring a lot of results and really trying to move forward their research in this field as well, which is exciting to see. To help on the research side you need to purchase one of their devices which read heart/brainwave coherence. It's not required however and you can still participate in teh group meditations and get all the other updates that members who make the purchase get. I'm thinking of buying one actually, if only for the assistance with visualization and reduced stress which these systems seem to help with. Anyhow heres the site:

They have recently added a daily group session which occurs at certain times. I think the first one happens while I'm at work sadly, but it sounds like there are a few of them throughout the day, all done over the net. Enjoy.

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I just stumbled upon this youtube video, which explains the project and how it works.


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