Working with Past Life Scenarios

I've always tended to be a fence-sitter about the issue of working with past lives, whether through hypnosis or dowsing or any other method. Is it real? How do I know I'm not kidding myself and making things up? Isn't it all just metaphorical anyway? However, a friend of mine has just shown me a really powerful way of working with the present day feelings that hold us back from expressing and living our true divine God nature.

I do believe though, that nothing comes from nowhere in our minds. If dreams are ways of communicating between unconscious and conscious, then so can past life visualisations. However, I was always expecting it to come to me like a blinding revelation, so when I was told to go and CREATE a scenario, I didn't really believe it would have any validity. But, as my friend pointed out, past lives are created by emotion.

So, to work with your feelings, create a scenario that involves them e.g. loneliness, powerlessness, guilt, fear of betrayal, fear of rejection. It tends to work out as a short scene where you can look at what's going on? How do you feel in your role in this scenario? Who are the main protagonists?

Sit with it and breathe into it. Allow those feelings to come up and play out in the scenario.

I personally like to facilitate the resulting emotional release with EFT, but each one of us has our own preferred way of healing.

It's worked well for me and others I've shared it with. I look forward to hearing from others on their experiences, thoughts and beliefs around past life scenarios.

with love and gratitude

Hi Marian,

I have really been enjoying your posts! I found what you have just said really interesting. I would describe what you are saying as a form of waking dreaming.....?....this is something that I have naturally done all my makes sense that you could get to feelings and emotions that went as far back as past lives.....I had never "considered" this....has me thinking.....I think your right....

Thanks for the thoughts,


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Thanks Jez

If you give it a go, please could you let me know about your experience. I'd like to write an article on this, with my friend (who doesn't write) and some evidence would be helpful.

with love and light

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Hi Marian,

That sounds really interesting. It reminds me of Brandon Bays Journey work where you work with emotions rather than situations and people. I don't know if you know of it, but you follow your emotions right down to the very deepest and then on the way up you call a campfire and have the people involved sit around the fire and then you can ask them questions.

I have been involved in visualisations where, in a group, we were asked to access past lives and I don't get anything. Once, while having an aromatherapy session, my friend suggested we do a past life massage and the message I received loud and clear was, "Leave it alone, when you need to know something you will find out." So I have not bothered with it anymore.

I also believe that some of us have not had many incarnations here on Earth and any glimpses I have had of the past have definitely not been of this planet.

Love U

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Marian ~

I had a past life regression session last summer which was really interesting.  I was awake during the session, but extremely relaxed and still.  I was guided by a hypnotist, but she let me do most of the talking and did not try to lead me in any particular direction.  I have a very strong will and personality (I'm Aries after all!  ha-ha), so I do think I made some of it up in my own mind but some of it I definitely believe actually happened in the past. 

One very vivid visualization I had was of a life I had in Egypt.  I can see it in my mind as I write this to you . . . it was that vivid of a recollection.  I was a powerful female leader who was married to a powerful man, but I was in love with another man that I could not have.  The man I could not have way back then is now my current husband, Chris.  Wild, huh!  He's cute now, but he was way gorgeous back in Egypt!  ha-ha

I also saw family members from this life in some of the past lives I viewed.  My mother in a past life is my sister in this current incarnation.  When I told my sister that she used to be my mother she was not surprised by that at all, as she has always felt that connection with me (she is now my older sister by 13 years).

Just wanted to share my experiences with you.

Love & light,

Penny :-)

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That's a lovely story Penny and illustrates so clearly how we go around and around the cycle of incarnation in soul groups.

I think that, even if some of it seemed to come from your mind rather than as a recollection, it wasn't irrelevant. Our minds make up and integrate all sorts of things ~ after all, aren't dreams the weirdest things ever! And it is all so full of meaning, so it doesn't have to be discounted just because it seemed to come from a different source. I think that's where I got really confused when we were studying Past Life regression in hypnotherapy school, because, on the one hand, we were being told that everything that a person says under hypnosis is relevant, because nothing comes from nowhere, yet somehow regression of any kind, whether back to childhood or into a past life, had to have this 'other' quality of reality about it.

We did all sorts of weird things like imagining animals coming out of our heads and our stomachs, then having a chat to each other. (Illustrating how we relate thoughts and feelings) None of that had to seem 'real', although they were some of the most vivid and meaningful hypnosis sessions I ever had.

I think when we really do discover just how much time is a complete illusion, we will be able to lose our separateness from ourselves, past, present and future. What happy families we will be!! Undecided

with love and light

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Marian, I want to add my thanks for starting this thread! There are so many fascinating comments and experiences already, I want to go back and digest them slowly. I have had one experience that you might find quite interesting.

When my daughter was 2 1/2 (she's 16 now), we were visiting the grandfolks one summer, and one night I heard her crying in the next room where she'd been put to bed earlier. I went in to see what was the matter, and as was my habit I curled up next to her and held her in my arms. Rose has always been a great talker, and I've known almost from her birth that she is an ancient, prescient, and very unique soul (she is adopted - basically a throw-away baby that no one wanted...the blessing of my life)!  Anyway, she told me she'd had a bad dream. Tell me about it, I said....

She told me she dreamed she lived in a place call Tormonto. She described a big, wooden, turquoise or blue house with no electricity, which was lit by oil lamps and heated with wood. She described a lot of unsavory characters who took drugs and carried guns. She told me about racing down a two-lane blacktop in a blue-and-primer gray old car, and about a fiery crash. She described the emergency room, and the doctors and nurses bending over her and hooking her up to tubes and things...then she said: "And then, Daddy, I rose up in the air like a balloon, and then I came here."

Need I say, my hair stood on end, and I wrote it all down afterward. I've always half-believed in reincarnation, and I've always been convinced that the most common views of it are at least partly wrong. What I am quite sure of is that some people come back, sometimes. I think it is nearly always voluntary. And I suspect many people come back many times, and I don't think I am one of those.

I too have had a brief flash of a life in Egypt under hypnosis. Mine was also so vivid that I remember every detail, even though it was no more than a few seconds - just a snapshot, really. From it I infer royalty or priesthood, which fits pretty well with a second (actually previous) Egyptian experience which I had after drinking some really nasty herbal stuff in the back room of a botanicá in downtown San Antonio a year or so earlier. In that, I had a fairly lengthy vision of some kind of a procession in a sloping corridor, and a pyramid that was unlike anything that stands there today...or the way any of them remain today. That experience also was so vivid that I remember every detail 35 years later.


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