A Wave of Love and weather/radiation reduction



A Wave of Love and weather/radiation reduction


What is important to remember when visualizing is that the I, Fairy Farm Girl and the Fairy Realm will assist in reducing this weather/radiation configuration when asked and empowered with Love to do so. We are of the Beautiful Many who assist the Earth as well as   The Guardians, Helpers, and Angels:  The Beautiful Many are also ready and willing to assist humanity.   You simply must ask.  The weather/radiation reduction that is being requested for the region of  Northern Japan, all wind and water and earth for the healing of The Earth and Humankind.

Ask and ye shall recieve.

The weather/earth movements and violence we are seeing world wide at this time is due to an unprecendented amount of Human releasing of negativity.  It is our feelings and emotions that create this.  Mother Earth-Gaia then has to balance herself as the Earth through earth movements and weather.  The holders of HAARP are using the natural balancing of  the Earth to induce greater earth movemnts and weather.  This is what was created to target 3 nuclear plants in Japan.  All 3 nuclear reactors melted down during the first 60 hours of the Earthquake and Tsunami. (click here to learn more) Many are calling this an act of war against luminous human beings.  We, the Fairy Realm, Gaia and the Beautiful Many see this as a human miscreation.  We can change this by using  a Wave of LOVE LIGHT  encoded with our collective will to reduce the radiation and  weather.  Love overcomes all, transmuting and restoring to Love.

The same principle is transferrable to any area of the world where there is violence and unrest.  PEACE is truly the Only Defense.  Resting in PEACE requires LOVE.  LOVE LIGHT coded for PEACE and COMPASSION. The area of the World where Violence reduction is being requested is for all areas of the world.  Let us envision a world where all serve each other with Love.

C  A  L  M

To begin this take a deep cleansing breath.  Hold the breath for a count of 7.  Exhale the Breath releasing all frenetic energy with the intention of Calm.  Calm yourSelf first.

Continue to breath as above for a count of 7 breaths.  After you have calmed 7 times.  You are ready to begin.

Stand facing East.  Bow and and with Reverence Hail the Elementals with a Namaste.

  N A M A S T E

Then clear the area you are working in.  Fairy Farm Girl believes simple is good.  This is the Fairy Farm Girl method for clearing the area.

Face the east.  Lift your arms up with your palms open as if holding something in your hands.   Say aloud:

I Call upon the Guardians, Helpers, Angels:  The Beautiful Man.  I Call upon the Sylphs and Fairies to assist me in this clearing of this sacred space.  I clear this space of all extraneous energies, thoughforms, and Beings and Entities.  Only energies aligned with my highest and best good, the highest and best good of the Earth and the Highest and Best good of all may remain here.  All other energies must leave now.  I Bless these Energies with Love.  I thank the Guardians, Helpers, Guides, Angels:  The Beautiful many for assisting these energies in journeying to where they belong.  Thank you f or clearing this space. 

Take a breath. Hold for a count of 7.  Exhale.  Now open your sacred space.

Facing East extend your dominant hand arm outward and in a circle going clockwise open your circle

Say:  I open this circle.  Circle round once.

Now you are ready to begin the weather/violence reduction work.

1.  State your intention to the Fairy Realm as well as to the Guardians, Helpers, Guides and Angels:  The Beautiful many.

2.  Ask for their assistance in empowering the intention for weather reduction/reduction of nuclear radiation and the clearing of the air, earth, sky and water.  

3.  State your intention.  Breath in sacred LOVE.  Hold the breath for a count of 7.  Exhale the intention.

4.  Now, visualize the Earth as beautiful.  The air smells clear and fresh.  The water tastes clear and clean and pristine.  The Earth is green with life and love and plenty for all.  The weather is gentle and nurturing..  Imagine the clouds just turning into wisps and then see clear skies.   Continue to breath life into your visualization for about 5 minutes.

5.  State  your intention.  Ask the intention to be empowered by the all that you have called forth for assistance and that all miscreations be resolved with LOVE and that your intention be assisted in being aligned with the Highest and Best Good for all involved including yourself. 

6.  Namaste the unseen beings who are assisting Humanity and the Earth.

7.  Begin blessing with Love.  I Bless myself with Love.  Breath in.  Hold. Exhale. Repeat with each blessing.  It is suggested that you bless your loved ones, humanity, the people of  Japan, the people of the World, Humankind and every continent on the world, every ocean and water way, every inch of the blue, blue sky, all the Flora and Fauna, the Guardians, Helpers, Guides and Angels:  The Beautiful Many, the Sylphs and Fairies, the Animals, the land.  And any specific people, places or beings you are concerned about.

Thenm bless the radiation/weather systems with Love.  Breath in.  Hold for a count of 7 exhale.  It is suggested that 2-5 minutes is a good amount of time to devote to this blessing. 

Now you are ready to visualize Golden Light.

Visualize a golden light within your HEART and spread it out.  First to those around you-- your circle of friends and relatives--and then gradually to the world. Keep on visualizing God's (the Creator's) Golden Light surrounding our Earth...

Then, leave it... knowing it is in the best possible hands, and turn your attention to other things.  (Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim.  pg 74).


It is now time to close the circle.  Begin by expressing gratitude. Return to the open palms posture facing East and begin to Thank every Being and the Earth and yourSelf for their assistance.  Thank all the Slyphs and Fairies.  Thank God(dess).  Thank the Creator.  Thank all the people who are assisting others during this crisis in Japan and throughout the world.  Thank the radiation/weather for showing humankind and yourself the risks and miscreations involved in teh use of nuclear power and HAARP.  Thank it all.  Bless it all with Love and Thank it all with Love.

Breath in the Gratitude that you feel.  Hold the breath for a count of 7.  Exhale out the breath empowered with Gratitude.  Namaste and bow in reverence and equality to those who are present to assist humanity. 

Now, close the circle.  Simply extend your dominant hand arm outward.  And in a clockwise direction say:  I Close this circle.  Circle round 1 time.

Take a breath and hold for a count of 7.  Exhale.   The Circle is now open.

Go forth and about your day.  Note any impressions you may have.  When you feel compelled simply bless it all with LOVE.

NOTE:  This prayer space-method can be adapted for any type of lightworking.

I bless you all with LOVE.  Thank you.  --Fairy Farm Girl


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Thanks, Fairy.  I've been copying your instructions into a document that I can access easily later.  After only a few practices, I know it well enough to do it without notes.

This is very powerful medicine for the planet, and it only takes a minority of people in conscious healing awareness to make a real difference.


Noa's picture

Thanks, Fairy.  I've been copying your instructions into a document that I can access easily later.  After only a few practices, I know it well enough to do it without notes.

This is very powerful medicine for the planet, and it only takes a minority of people in conscious healing awareness to make a real difference.


I thank you, Noa for joining me in this calling from Ea-Gaia.  The more that join in the greater the effect.  Let all create a wave of Love for Humankind that the Earth.

I bless you with Love.


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