RealID Scam hits a Real Roadblock - Montana Leading the Opposition

Beloved Sisters and Brothers on the Portal,

Ha! This is great news and I'm just tickled down to my cuticles! Have you heard the latest on RealID and the state of Montana?

Check it out below. Finally, some folks with a brain and a spine are standing up to the NWO mob and telling them to take their RealID scam and shove it! Hell yeah!!! Kreeeeeegah!!!

For you political rabble-rousers here in the US there's a nifty link below to add your voices to the growing opposition. The rest of you may wish to send a warm email of appreciation to Governor Brian Schweitzer (here) for his forward-thinking and courageous stand on this issue. You can read his letter requesting support from other state governors here. I've learned here on the Portal that a little appreciation goes a long way. And I'll bet our free-thinking friends in Montana would appreciate your words of encouragement right now.

Thanks for all that you are, and all that you do!

In gratitude,

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Subject: REAL ID loses in Montana

The federal government is slowly but surely losing the fight to impose REAL ID identity cards on the American people. The people do not want REAL ID. Fourteen other state governments have either neglected to authorize cooperation and implementation, or have passed resolutions of official opposition to the Real ID Act.

In response, the Feds have tried everything. They've tried to bribe the states, offering money in return for compliance. They've tried extortion too, threatening to deny the states federal funds, or to make it impossible for their citizens to board airplanes.

None of these strong-arm tactics are working.

Last Friday the state of Montana notified the Department of Homeland Security that it will not comply with the REAL ID Act. Montana and other states were supposed to submit to the REAL ID standards by May 11, after which the Transportation Safety Administration was supposed to prevent the citizens of rebellious states from boarding airplanes. Now . . .

The Feds have extended the deadline for Montana to comply.

It is increasingly likely that states like Montana will never submit. For example, South Carolina and Maine appear poised to join Montana in this stage of rebellion. The Feds will probably have to accept the fact that non-cooperation by a handful of states punches big holes in their plan. These holes will make efforts to erect the REAL ID system pointless.

The Feds should end the pretense. Ask Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act. You can do so here.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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Here are some more folks who oppose RealID...


--- Post removed at author's request ---

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So glad that some of the states are standing up for the rights of the people ~ that's terrific! Thanks for sharing this information with us, Bodhi!

Love & light,
Penny :-)

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Thank you for your kind words of support dear sister fairyfarmgirl!  Smile

In gratitude for your support and connection,
in joy for the privilege of playing together,
and love of this wonderful adventure we share!


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You are most welcome, beloved sister Penny!

It feels so good to have your support. Thank you!

muchest love,

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Thank you dear brother for facilitating the opportunity of responding to and thanking the Gov.. Here is the post I sent him:

Thank you Governor Schweitzer for taking a stand with the citizens of Montana (and much of the rest of the USA and Canada) against the RealID trojan horse precursor to a possible despotic police state contingency agenda. We are in dire need of our elected officials to speak truth to power and shine a common sense light on dark intentions. I would imagine you are already aware of the momentum building for a North American Union of the US, Canada and Mexico. I must assume you are already quite aware of the Security and Prosperity Partnership too, but just in case that one got past you, you might have one of your aides do some research on the SPP for you. We all need to keep abreast of intentions building that do not serve the best interests of "We the People". I weep sometimes for the apparent idiocracy we have become in the land of the free and home of "American Idol"...

Thanks again Brian for all you are doing to expose ill-conceived intent,

Chris Bowers

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