Diving into the Pool of Goodness

Diving into the Pool of Goodness
by Barbara Wilder
April 11, 2009
As we stand on the edge of the precipice poised to jump off into the unknown of a new paradigm, I'm  reminded of a time when I was a little girl standing on the high dive for the first time.  My coach and my mother told me it would be okay.  I'd do just fine.  It wasn't any different from diving off the low dive, just a little farther away.  I wouldn't die.  I wouldn't drown.  I would just have a great time diving through the air.  There was nothing to fear.  But when I was standing at the very end of the board, my toes curled over the edge, and looking down to the water that seemed hundreds of feet below, I couldn't hear their logical words, I could only feel the terror in my tummy.
And I think that is the way so many of people are feeling now.  You've heard the spiritual teachers telling you that we are simply on the brink of a new paradigm.  Many of us have been waiting for this time for years, some of us for decades.  But like my experience on the high dive as a little girl, once we get to the end of the diving board it's a whole different story.  I remember walking back to toward the stairs, and my coach saying, "No, Barbara.  Turn around.  Go to the end of the board.  You can do it."  And all I thought was, no, I can't.  I can't do it.  I just can't do it.
Eventually, of course, I did do it, and I didn't die.  I didn't even hurt myself.  It wasn't a good dive.  My form sucked, but I was just beginning to learn the technique, which is different from diving off the low board.
We're all just beginning to learn what it's like to dive into the new paradigm, and we are going to have to practice.  That's what this transition period is about.  We are going to perfect our form.  The first thing an athlete learns is to trust her/his coach, and to trust the process of training.  Some days as you progress through your training you are fantastic.  You feel the power of the sport in your body and your mind.  The next day that may be completely missing.  You're awkward. Your form is weak.  It's never a straight line from beginning training as a diver to diving in the competition.
We're diving into the future.  If you have been training for this moment in history for a long time you have tools you use to keep yourself in the zone of trust.  If you have become aware of this momentous time more recently, you may have learned some tools but you may not be aware how important it is to use your tools daily, just like an athlete training for the competition.  And this paradigm shift, is not just a small local competition.  This is the Olympics.
A great athlete wants to win, but to actually do it, to get the gold, s/he has to transcend technique and training and shift up into the zone. The zone is a place in consciousness.  It is a higher vibration.  It is the vibration of love and trust; trusting in the love within each of us that connects to Divine Presence, or God or whatever name you choose for this center of creation, the mind/heart of blessedness.
A great athlete does not listen to nay-sayers, to fear mongers, to anything but his/her coach and his/her inner voice.  Everything else distracts or detracts.  As we stand on the edge of this precipice preparing to dive into the future, we must keep focused on the game.  We must disconnect from the people on the sidelines who would distract us from our resolve.  We must connect to our highest vibration inner voice and listen to our spiritual teachers who are holding the space for the transformation.

Meditation is essential at this time.  It is your training, like any good athlete's training, in raising your vibration so that you are vibrating at the high vibration of love and not the low vibration of fear.  It seems like everything in the world is challenging us to remain in the fear.  But that is because we are used to living in fear.  We are not used to living in love.  But the truth is, love is infinitely stronger than fear.  Love is the light of the universe.  Fear is the darkness.  When we turn on the light the darkness disappears.  Carl Jung said, "As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."


Right now the forces of fear that want us to remain in the dark are fighting with all their strength to keep the door closed to the light which is love.  The newspapers, blogs, TV, and radio send out huge blasts of fear 24/7.  At the same time the forces of light and love are constantly there expressing from the heart of goodness, of Divine Presence.  We simply have to choose the light.  We have to choose love.  First with our minds, and then with our hearts.  Once we make that choice, once we close the door to the media fear blasts, we can open to the vibration of love and light.
The worst way to start the day is to read, listen, watch, the news.  The best way to start the day is to meditate.  To meditate is to allow yourself into harmony with the high vibration of love and light.
Every athlete doesn't make it to the Olympics.  But all have the potential.  It's all in the choosing, the focus, and the dedication.  Do you want to win?  The wonderful thing about stepping up into the vibration of love and light is that there are no losers, only winners.  Everyone is invited to this Olympics, this high frequency vibration.  The only sponsor you need is your own Divine Self.
This financial crisis, is a not a crisis.  It is the collapsing of a dysfunctional economy that is based on fear, greed, and power over others.  Why would you want it to persist?  What on earth would cause you to believe that you would be better off if the world continued in the old out of balance economy?
Adam Smith, the father of Capitalism, said, in The Wealth of Nations Book 1, "What improves the circumstances of the greater part can never be regarded as an inconveniency to the whole. No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable."  We do not have a Capitalist economy any longer.  We only have an economy of fear, lack, and greed.
We have to create a new economy based on love, light, balance and goodwill for all.  It can't be built on the foundations of the old.  Those foundations are crumbling.  The goodness that will grow out of this time of extreme transition will lift all who choose it into the light.

Walk to the end of the diving board.  Trust in the high frequency energy of love and light.  Let go of the fear and dive into the pool of the new era.  It won't be like the old. It will be brand new.  And it will support you.  You will float to the top, and as you resurface after the dive, you will learn that you are buoyant.  You are always taken care of.  You are always floating in the sea of universal love.
Barbara Wilder is an internationally acclaimed writer, teacher, and healer. In her groundbreaking book, Money Is Love, she showed us how to reconnect money to the sacred feminine and transform it into an agent for both personal and global prosperity. Now, she brings us Embracing Your Power Woman, a radical program that gives women in the second half of life the skills to recognize, embrace, and embody their innate feminine power. A dynamic speaker, she has appeared on numerous radio talk-shows including shows hosted by Shirley MacLaine and Uri Geller.
Barbara spent the first twenty years of her adult life in the motion picture business, first as an actor and later in production. She worked as a finance executive on film locations throughout the U.S. and Europe. During that time she embarked on a study of metaphysics. This combination of money and metaphysics led her to begin uncovering the inherent truths about money, which led to her first book, MONEY IS LOVE.
Barbara studied for eleven years under the tutelage of Russell Schofield, founder of The School of Actualism, a hermetic mystery school based on the writings of Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner, and the ancient practice of Agni Yoga, also known as fire-breathing yoga. She graduated with the highest level of initiation in Actualism, and is an ordained minister. Using this work as a foundation, she has written her books and created her workshops, all of which inspire and guide her readers and students to embrace and express their true inner wisdom, beauty, prosperity, and potential.
Currently Barbara lives in Boulder, Colorado with her beloved dog, Gage, where she writes, leads her workshops, and maintains her intuitive counseling and light-energy healing practice.
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Thank you FFG, that was great.

"If you have been training for this moment in history for a long time you have tools you use to keep yourself in the zone of trust."


"This financial crisis, is a not a crisis. It is the collapsing of a dysfunctional economy that is based on fear, greed, and power over others. Why would you want it to persist? What on earth would cause you to believe that you would be better off if the world continued in the old out of balance economy?"

My thoughts exactly.

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