When i look into my mind behind all the motions, thoughts, and sounds what have i found Presence. The center of my mind is Presence,When i look into my heart behind all the motions and feeling what have i found Love. The center of my heart is Love, if i ever need help i can connect to the center of what i am, its always willing to receive me, Always in Acceptance.


With presence, love, and acceptance your brother.

Question about Remaining Conscious

This post comes under the category of learning from each other. I find the hardest part of the spiritual walk is remaining conscious moment by moment. I subscribe to the practice, "Embrace this place" as a way of accepting and staying in the Now, and I also use my breath and a mantra to bring me back to the peace of the present when my consciounsness drfits off, which is often and for long periods. It is a very uneven practice for me. 

So here's the question: What do you do to stay conscious throughout the day, and are you able to remain conscious most of or all of the time? 

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