Hi Guys, I just went to my first toastmasters club meeting and I wanted to talk about it here because I feel it is a good next step after taking the transformation course. If we want to wake others up to what's really happening we need good communication and leadership skills. After Fred urged me to read Michael Tamura's book, The Answer is You, even though I'm only half way through the book, I realized that my soul's purpose is to spread the truth but then I realized that first I needed to strengthen my speaking skills.

I was very surprised by the feel of the club meeting. It felt like I had "stepped up" to a higher plane of existence, like the souls present in the meeting were more than leaders in speaking skills, but leaders in spiritual awareness as well. It was an interesting reaction to have from a meeting that supposedly has no spiritual basis.

Anyhow here's an inspiring interview from the toastmaster's podcast, about Jimmy Thai who went from being a Vietmaneese boat person to a sucessful engineer and then launching an initiative to build schools back in Vietnam:

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I was a Toastmaster for several years and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills and overcome the fear of public speaking. (Second only to the fear of death, I hear.)

I believe the group makeup and atmosphere is important to your experience, so I suggest anyone interested shop around for a club that fits your personality and goals.

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Go Wendy! What a great way to practice inspiring people to awaken and open their eyes! Thanks for this post. Much love and warm wishes, Fred

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