Obama's Pre-Recorded Post-Disaster Message

I found this video on the same page as the recently posted Alexander Retrov video regarding 2012.  The captions suggest that this presidential announcement was recorded in preparation for some 2012 catastrophe that the administration already knows will occur.  I'm not convinced this is the case, since the captions could have been added by anyone.  And, what's with all the bleached-out frames?  Were they altered for affect?  (The video was posted by a company that sells underground bunkers, but was apparently uploaded from http://www.whitehouse.gov/.)

Media Blackout on Oil Spill Epicentre

Veritas interview with documentary film maker James Fox re: media black-out in Louisana - sounds like they are arresting people who are trying to get real info on the spill - bigtime suppresion going on. Listen to episode 79.5 at the following link (not exactly a video I realize):


Lots of other great interviews here too, been listening to them all day.

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