Obama's Pre-Recorded Post-Disaster Message

I found this video on the same page as the recently posted Alexander Retrov video regarding 2012.  The captions suggest that this presidential announcement was recorded in preparation for some 2012 catastrophe that the administration already knows will occur.  I'm not convinced this is the case, since the captions could have been added by anyone.  And, what's with all the bleached-out frames?  Were they altered for affect?  (The video was posted by a company that sells underground bunkers, but was apparently uploaded from http://www.whitehouse.gov/.)

What strikes me is that such an announcement would be pre-recorded in anticipation of any disaster.  Or am I being naive?  Maybe it's routine practice for presidents to prepare such a speech, in case of emergency.

In any event, it will be interesting to see if this video ever gets any official air play.

WARNING:  Loud, annoying beeps at the beginning and end of this announcement.





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Thanks Noa,

I looked at this video twice. While it does have some breaks in it, it's hard to see how it could have been completely artificially manufactured.

In my mind, I'm putting this together with the strange warning video from NASA and I'm wondering what the heck are they anticipating? Is this just another "war of the worlds" experiment to see how much it takes to get us all to panic? Obviously, if they didn't want us to panic, there would be no problem keeping this video secret. I have to believe that if it really was produced by the whitehouse that it was leaked on purpose. Are we looking at the beginnings of operation bluebeam????


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Yeah - one has to wonder how a video like this would be uploaded from whitehouse.gov unless it was deliberately allowed to be. I find the many cuts very dubious also. In a real emergency - there would be no cuts - so this one is obviously spliced together from a longer session. Maybe they were rehearsing or whatever. And as Noa mentions, what's up with the white frames? It's as though we are to believe there is a shaky transmission - which might be the case in an emergency I guess.

I have to laugh also - because if it is going to be as bad as they are saying - then who will have power or TV to view this anyway?? Maybe that's the point of the leak - so people can see it now while they still can! I also thought it weird that he would be meeting with former presidents - why is that important?

In any case - unless this is an alien Obama clone creating a video on an ET craft, this was actually made, albeit perhaps spliced from other disasters (Katrina perhaps??) or perhaps put together as a precurser to the blue beem project or something else. Spooky - no matter how you frame it...