:> Oh it's on now Noa! I can't stop buzzin'. Hahaha! This place is a blast sometimes! :>

:> This is so funny that this comes right after our recent discussions. I love it. You'll love it Noa. :>

:> We're all gonna end up in the same spot. You, comin from over there, and me from here. :>

Righteous. :>


Dang, I couldn't get it to embedd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN57u7-x75w



Starmonkey's picture

nice little clip there.  humans.  what interesting creatures they CAN be...  if they so choose

Noa's picture

"Biology is just another membrane to be transcended."  Now tell me that Jason Silva is not the poster boy for transhumanism.

No thanks.  I've made my choice and I don't want my brain implanted into a robot.  I'll pass on the microchip and the Google Glass, and whatever other techno-gadgets they dream up, too.

I choose to remain as the Supreme Creator made me.  If that's where Earth is headed, then I want my soul  to reincarnate in another world.


waundering_wonder's picture

weird. creepy. I am with Noa!

Bob07's picture

...occur to me:

So far the indication is that close proximity of em technology to biology (like cell phone use and chip implants) is cancer friendly.  If this means the incompatibility of healthy cells with this kind of technology, then Transhumanism literally has no future.

Silva seems to have no silence in him, just an onslaught of words and ideas.  My gut feelings is that, no matter how brilliant seeming the "logic," it comes from nowhere and can go nowhere.  Words that come out of silence come from a deeper place than the thinking function.

garydgreer's picture

I don't get anything like what you or Bob are saying out of that clip, Noa.

I see the human, through all the bullshit, making it, despite all the WOES, not by morphing with machines or anything creepy(it's like he said, if anything they(machines) are our(humanities) children at best, but through almost shear accident(as it might seem, with a self evolving, self creating, creature) bursting into this great, brilliant and dynamic level of awareness and being unlike anything ever imagined. And it's only through our persistance to stumble and realign, that we achieve or gain or evolve at all.

Come on guys, you gotta chill and open up ... I connect totaly with what he is driving at and it has nothing at all to do with what you are vibrating. There is no murky agenda in there, it's pure clairity and filled with love. You people give me the feeling of the dark ages or the inquisition or something ... aaccckkkk.

However, I do understand, it's all a matter of perspective, so I will remain flexible and fluid, as to not get stuck in the muck. Seriously, if y'all need a hand out .... I'm reachin for ya, I just can't feel ya.


P.S. Noa, you sure as hell called it didn't ya? With the transhuman thing. It's just that, what you want transhumanism to be, and what I want it to be, are polar opposed ... man.

tscout's picture

    Hi tech half humans driving around in stinky fossil fuel burning vehicles! It just doesn't make sense!

    I agree Bob, everything he says is an ongoing, left brained, mile a minute rant. He claims to do these short clips for a reason, to access the sound bite trained audience that's out there these days...

   Whether he is advocating it or not, at least someone is talking about it. We have heard the theories about the chemtrails and the nano particles they contain, and I would be surprised if this tech wasn't being developed, given the track record of those with the access and and the power decision making. But he also mentions that we have the choice,,,,an important point! So, if millions of people see this clip, then maybe they will start to think about it realistically, and, given some time to ponder it, would be more likely to see the idiocy of it...it just makes no sense in a world where all that tech COULD be used to address real issues...

garydgreer's picture

We have actually decommissioned natural selection. And now we must look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become. We are now the cheif agents of evolution. We have reverse engineered the software of biology and are about to rewire, upgrade and redefine what it is to be HOMO SAPIEN.

The being  that evolves itself. That transforms itself. HOMO EVOLUTUS

Absolutely brilliant. I don't think I've heard anyone describe it better. Not Lipton, not Braden, not Icke, not Wilcock, not Abraham, nor Bashar or even Seth, for that matter. And they all try to describe the same thing.

garydgreer's picture

Man, we are what we are and we got what we got ... why ya wanna throw half of it away? I thought all this shit was about unity anyhow? I really don't understand some of you people.

Noa's picture

"what you want transhumanism to be, and what I want it to be, are polar opposed."

I don't know what you think I want transhumanism to be.  If I had my druthers, transhumanism would be an off-the-table non-issue.  Some of its fans are saying it's the inevitable future of mankind.  Since I believe in reincarnation, the thought of a robotic future scares the heck out of me.  Whatever eternal life, glam scam might be being pushed, I believe that TH is just a more efficient way to ensure a workforce of obedient slaves to fuel the insatiable, pathological greed of the controlling elite.  It seems so obvious to me, I wonder how other people don't see it.

Gary, I appreciate your ability to lighten up serious issues, but may I suggest a bit of caution?  Things aren't always as they first appear. IMO, these Shots of Awe vids are very slick, feel-good propaganda pieces promoting a cloaked, dark agenda.

Like you said, I called Jason Silva's transhumanism theme.  It wasn't by accident. I spent hours watching SoA videos before I noticed a pattern. Just saying, man.  Keep your wits about you.

Starmonkey's picture

all one can do is be prepared to make the right choices in their lives.  right-thinking, right-action, etc.  and not feel overwhelmed or scared into submission.  in that case, it doesn't matter what-all you're aware of or not...  as long as your heart's in the right place and you know there's work to be done.  issues in your day-to-day life are much more relevant.  love the one you're with!  and the rest of them...  remotely...

so, just to actually BE human is more than most are doing these days.  we should start there and see if there maybe aren't some things we forgot about or abilities left untapped.  then we can talk about our next stage

garydgreer's picture

I acknowledge and appreciate your advice and your vibration, Noa. And for that matter, everyone else who participates in these conversations. I really, really do.

People have been giving me the same advice all my life and most likely it's the same or similar with the rest of you. I most often choose to not pay attention. I don't know and I don't think I even care why I hardly ever pay heed. There's always two things, always in the case of advice, that I consider. I can go the direction I want to go, or I can go the direction I don't want to go. If you take what I have said I see, and feel, and intuit, vibrationaly, from this post, and a few other posts that have met with similar outcomes in the conversations that follow, and then you take what is in opposition to my stated perspective, then decide which one you can most successfully align with, then there is not even a choice for me. I can only go this way if I am to align.

Now what you warn of and what has taken place over millenia can not be denied and we can't ignore our way out of it, but that all takes place in the world I was sleeping in and have awoken from. All those WOES, take place in that world. I don't live in that world and I ain't goin back. I know I'm not the only one, there's a whole universe that's involved in this epic tale. Yet, there are still real things in the world, to contend with, that, at this point, are much the same, in appearance, as they are in the WOE world. These things can't have the same meanings and definitions and validities and relevance and therefore would not be approached and dealt with in the same old manor as if I were still asleep in the WOE world. I have to morph the new reality from both places.

garydgreer's picture

Hell ya, I can dig a big ol "whole" with that monkey man. We're human. I ain't fixin to run away from that, just cause I'm not exactly sure how to fully define it. Especially now, at this point in time. We are way on the privileged, unknown, leading edge and just now, finally, able to remember what we're doing here and fully experiance the AWE of that.

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