NEW STUFF! Transformation and Transmutation. Concise and Enlightening, even for Lipton!

If your pressed for time and don't mind skipping Greg Braden, I recomend starting @ 17:28 min. point.

Please view and comment back. I think this may be greatly useful for helping people that don't even consider such things, to find a way out of the deadlock and dread-lock, of a(to them) upsidedown, confusing, numbing and polarized society of a world.

Thank you

Peace Up

I think it's a great take on evolution and how we have to evolve as a species through the interconnectivity of everyone.  I can't imagine what the next step looks like, and that excites me.  I think it should be that way. 

I look forward to seeing the crossing of the veil into the next step of evolution. 



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Bruce Lipton is awesome!!!

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This ties in with something I learned recently, that there is way more "foreign" DNA in a human body than there is human DNA. Besides being a colony of human cells we are also a colony of various kinds of bacteria, all very interdependant upon one another.

When we simply just "be", we allow the individuals in this colony the freedom to do their thing in the best way possible and create health. When we strive, push and try to control and plan what our body is doing every day we become a reflection of the NWO in our world. This is the stress that creates poor health. I intend to spend more time listening to the cells in my body today, listening to my gut.

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AND NOW, with each human being representing an individual cell and the leading edge of expanded human consciousness, on this planet, cooperating and joining together, first, into all the various packages needed, and next, as those packages integrated together, humanity evolves, taking a great leap, into a single, integrated, living, breathing, loving, self aware entity, or being, and the new leading edge of consciousness on this planet and beyond. WWOOOWWWW!

(Metaphorically and as individual human cells of a higher or "next level" being), maybe the way we  awake, wipe the sleep from our eyes, remember, collect, agree and cooperate to transfer awareness to the next conscious level, comes from this "next level up" entity, that we go together to make up. Communicating, by concentrating certain energies to different areas of itself. Once we finally realize, we start communicating back, and pooooof .... !! There we are, able to consciously "loop back" from both ends. The creator and the creation become one and the other, able to see and smile at each other. Sweet!

I'm trying to imagine or intuit, what this never before (from our existing perspective) entity, is, exactly ....

Man, this opens up so many doors!

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and?...  living to die and dying to live.  coming face to face with our daimons.  "turning and turning in the widening gyre"...  and "the woods are lovely, dark and deep"...  but I have promises to keep.  do you?  the starmonkey-wrench is pulling up his sleeves with his bootstraps and preparing to get dirty.  real dirty.  wetworks type stuff.  wear your safety goggles!


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Your reply gives me the feeling you are privy to an understanding still veiled to myself. Seems you are indicating something like, "singularity", so to speak, has been reached, the center disolved and as we need to spiral away from the old, restructuring our demons, or domains, or group mentalities, the awe of it all, can lure attention from the path.". Promises are part of a plan and asking "do you", requests rememberance. Seems you are ready to get to it, and it's gonna get messy. I feel like I'm in the pond, and you've got your head under water talking to me. Above and/or beyond here, do I really need goggles out(up, over) there? Or is it "in there?".

Edgar Winter/lyrics (Tupoc-runnin), William Butler Yeats, Robert Frost

Ok, hang on, I just found, The Vision, I'll be back.


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that is what i was referring to.  when yeats speaks of the gyres (spiral cones in his diagram) of different ages/times in the cycle.  we are in a period of overlapping.  the veil gets thinner between "worlds"...  one's chosen or not chosen, more or less likely and we start to meet our other "selves".  i like his sort of bittersweet and somewhat tragic description of our daimons and us switching back and forth throughout lifetimes.  one dying to live and the other living to die.  interesting and very powerful moment at the end of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman that resonates with that.  we can never be fully reunited with our missing element until we renounce existence at the culmination of our lifetimes of experience.  so we will always feel that something is missing.  but, yes we have other families,tribes,dominions we belong to as well, so there is much more "homecoming" and rejoicing to be had before the final assimilation.  we as humanity still have a long way to go on the way back and much wonderfulness to experience.  we're not almost done, we're just reorienting and changing direction (relative in a spiral or closed system, of course).  The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune has much to say on that topic, if it doens't drive you out of your mind

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and i KNOW we all made vows/promises before we jumped back into matter.  to ourselves if no one else.  i bet a good one we all try to make is "i won't forget".  but then, inevitably (because where would be the fun or learning something "new")... we do anyway.  and then we have fun re-membering again...

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