Jeremy Scahill

At a time when we all live in a vast ocean of fake news and false narratives, Jeremy Scahill remains an inspiring and refreshing lighthouse of truth and accuracy in reporting/journalism.  May the world someday be overrun with amazing people like Jeremy (and Amy Goodman & Glenn Greenwald for that matter - oh, and Greg Palast).

Jeremy Scahill - The Assassination Complex - YouTube

The Assassination Complex

and here is a little treat called Human from Rag n Bone Man

Rag'n'Bone Man - Human (Official Video) - YouTube

another treat from Kimya Dawson (remember her from the Juno soundtrack)

TEDxBOULDER - Kimya Dawson - Musical Guest - YouTube

At The Seams - Kimya Dawson #BLACKLIVESMATTER - YouTube

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Man,,,he has so much integrity, hard to believe he's a reporter,ha! His indifference to either side makes him the real thing. I started to watch the next vid with Julian assange but had to stop and go to work. Rag and bone was righteous too!

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Almost forgot Chris Hedges. Here is a 15 minute excerpt from his January 1, 2012 interview on InDepth on C-Span2 Book TV (a timeless and brilliant political science lecture)
Here it is in its entirety

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And Matt Taibbi is right in there with the aforementioned - check out his deconstruction of the campaign process, brilliant!

note: Matt's talk is about politics and process in general, not about any one person (in spite of the title which relates to his latest book)

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