Jeremy Scahill

At a time when we all live in a vast ocean of fake news and false narratives, Jeremy Scahill remains an inspiring and refreshing lighthouse of truth and accuracy in reporting/journalism.  May the world someday be overrun with amazing people like Jeremy (and Amy Goodman & Glenn Greenwald for that matter - oh, and Greg Palast).

Jeremy Scahill - The Assassination Complex - YouTube

The Assassination Complex


I have been having a troubling concern about one of our own.  I haven't heard anything from Jeremy in a very long time and knowing that he lives in Melbourne Australia, I am a little worried.  Has anybody heard anything from him?  I am saying a special prayer for him and his family.

BTW, I got a note from Blossom Goodchild that she has been safe from the flooding and has not suffered any damage or harm.  Thought those of you who follow her would like to hear that.


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