The Power of the Subconscious Mind

This may be basic stuff to many of you, but I'm posting it because I think it's Gregg Braden at his finest.  This video is a good one to share with people who look at you crazy when you say the body is electromagnetic or that "thoughts are things."

GB's words are also helping to restore my faith in the Law of Attraction, which I had abandoned after 2 decades of dissapointing results.  He shares some simple steps and key elements that  may even excite a seasoned practioner.


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Love Gregg.  He's one of the authors that started me off in this direction a decade ago.  After reading the Tao of Physics and seeing "spirituality" or the source of science as being the same as that of religion, my worldview was flipped.  Growing up with mainly one view of it through the Christian church, while albeit not a "bad" one, was a very limited one.  I got the Gospel part of it and Jesus' teachings easy enough, but didn't put a lot of stock in the background stories.  Sounded the same as stories and histories everywhere to me.  And the rampant hypocrisy and drama and petty back-stabbing still going on around me clued me in to the fact that most people don't get it.

I have a hard time with manifestation and actualization because I need the support of a "team" or such to help me decide what should be shifted.  Permission, I suppose.  Or I'm along for the ride.  And observing what's happening and going down.

But I did kind of manifest my wife almost nine years ago.  Kept my request simple.  "Someone to share the adventure with"...  And we met in the middle of the desert miles and miles from homes and "known" friends and family.  She had put off visiting Wind Spirit for almost four years and I had just gone there for a work-exchange.

So maybe that's the one tangible thing I've actually focused toward bringing into being, and it's been the most wonderful shift in my path and joining of forces.  Still working on its "perfection", but getting closer every day!

Love to all of you and my hope for all to "receive the fruits of their labors".  Believe it.

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