Scotties Pinwheel

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Baby animals are such a joy to watch! Have seen this one before but it does bring a smile.                 My grandson and I have been blessed with some wonderful sightings this spring/summer.  Besides goslings and ducklings in the creek by our home, we've seen baby groundhog triplets multiple times and we've too many rabbits to count. (Though they're a menace to the garden,  they've as much right to be here as we do I remind myself.)

At weekend, we often visit a nearby nature area where we offer a walleye to the injured eagle that resides there if husbands fishing has been good.  This last two weekends we've been blessed by views of minks, first a mother and five young, then a lone mink yesterday.  I am always so very thrilled to see what we do not expect to see (mink sitings are rare here) and he is always enthralled with animals and natural things. 

Spent yesterday afternoon in ceremony with about 40 others for Mother Earth.  Today, I get to 'play, play, play' with my grandson-we will have our toes in the grass as we also 'honor the Mother' in our own gentle ways, I strive to teach him well.  Blessings to you on your way this week. With Love and Light, Hope and Happiness,   'Yia Yia kristyne'  


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