Wounded Healer

Dear Friends,

I happened upon this video and wanted to share it with you. It resonates with me, I hope you enjoy it!




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Dear Mary,

Thank you for this post.  I was moved to tears.  Beautiful.

Much love and light to you,


Thanks Mary!

Baeutiful Mary,

What a joy you are.......

Much love and gratitude,


I prefer to do my own healing.  I rarely visit modern doctors as their cures are worse than any condition I can create for myself.


This video resonates deeply with me, Mary.  Thank you for posting.  I am hopeful that in my lifetime my skills as a healer will be valued again.


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A very scientifically accurate and inspirational PDF book (its amazing what is available at scribd!) I have been reading recently, it mentions that all our cells in our bodies are completely made over in about one years time.  the question becomes, why would any apparent sickness/malady endure past the complete makeover of the human body, year after year, and what is that unexplainable spontaneous healing that happens for some people?

Quantum Physics/Mechanics research has forever turned the tables on the last 300 years of research that began with Descartes determining that the physical world and the world of thought/mind are two discrete functions, and one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.  Or so they thought until quantum mechanics threw a very big wrench in the works of their very delusional premise.  Initially, science was making a break from the dominating presence of religion that would have everyone believing that all the science is right there in the Holy Bible, and one need not go looking elsewhere for answers.

Descartes made a clean break, and with that break from "religion" and spirituality, virtually threw the baby right out with the bathwater.  Western European science has suffered (along with the rest of mankind) and been severely stifled for the past 300 years due to that break from considering conscious thought as part of the equation.  Along comes a few theoretical physicists tinkering with the idea of quantum theory and they realize that their intention was causing an effect in the experiments.  With no intent to observe an experiment, what is potentially a "particle" remains a wave.  When observing, the wave becomes a "particle".  They began to call them "wavicles".

This is undeniable evidence in the new world of physics now, and has spawned many new approaches to physics that completely understand the power of conscious "thoughtful" intent.  There is no argument unless a classical physicist is determined to look foolish among those in the know.  Consciousness can no longer be denied by science because the proof came from the conscious investigation of science.  So there has been a return to scientific study of the effects conscious intent has on matter, including our bodies.  Also a return to a very ancient science called sacred geometry that had been ignored by western science, and the study of Aether theory.

99% of all the scientists and physicists throughout all of human history are alive today!  All of this wonderful research is leading to a scientific understanding of the control we have in this physical world by our understanding of this Reality and then our thoughts accordingly.  This process of learning something new and then putting it into practice is nothing new, but having the majority of humankind understanding and practicing the healing of their own bodies is altogether something new and amazing and wonderful.  We are at the threshold of this right here right now.  Science can no longer ignore this.  Part of this amazing discovery will involve the understanding of scalar waves, or longitudinal standing waves.  These are a big part of nature and cosmos at all scales, but consideration of the scalar wave in Maxwell's Equations was purposefully left out by Oliver Heaviside's equations, leaving only the remaining vectors to consider and making the understanding more simple for physicists to come, but leaving the most important part of the overall recipe out of mind, and therefore, out of site.

The understanding of the scalar wave is now back and part of new research, and, I believe, is already being used by at least Russia's military for such things as weather modification and artificially induced earthquakes, but within the understanding of two interferring scalar waves is the discovery of tapping the inexhaustible resource throughout the cosmos we now know as Zero Point Energy.  A name derived from the research done at absolute zero some time ago.  What is really exciting (getting back to the very inspirational wounded healer video) is that this research and development coming from scalar wave technology is bringing us the ability to intentionally focus certain scalar waves toward the patient in a way that actually reverses time (as far as the damaged cell or cells is/are concerned) and returns the wounded patient to her or his former complete health!  I am not making this up!  That is where we are in(I sincerely hope) the very near future.  There will be no more power lines and people would have to want to be sick or dying to be sick or dying.  We get this right, as well as incorporating worldwide a resource-based economy for the good of all humankind, and we will have the paradise we suspected was possible...  The conduit this wonderful video alluded to opening with those subconscious connections based upon empathy and compassion is a conduit right into this same zero point energy, or spiritual energy, we are literally swimming in.  We have been like fish who were completely unaware they were in water...  All that is changing now, and when it does, it will shift on one hell of an amazing parabolic curve, which is also a very natural occurance in the cosmos...  The Healing Universe website seems like a pretty good place to start researching "energetic healing"...

LLP, Chris

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Dear Chris,

I feel at the root of all if we realise we are POWERFUL BEings that have impact on all,and weild that power with integrity problems would cease! Add to that ....we are all a holographic splinter of ALL,we do not bomb ourselves,we see not a healer...but a healing aspect of our SELF nurturing a wounded aspect of our SELF. Monetary system began with fair barter of skills........current system allows some to work unending for little and others to live like the queen bee!

The easy answer is to live with integrity! When our collapsing systems finish disintegrating they will be rebuilt with integrity. My new world!




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Dearest Elizabeth,

I value you! You are giving and gifted. Remember this. Keep healing SELF and others. I am glad this video struck a (healing) cord with you.

Much Love,Mary

When Chris mentioned scalar field waves in regard to the healing video he is supporting that we "self heal", I believe. Let me quote a little here and there from Lynne McTaggart's The Intention Experiment since she writes so clearly.

On Scalar Waves:  ...Several scientists have proposed that scalar waves, secondary waves in the Zero Point Field, are ripples in space-time--waves that travel faster than the speed of light.

There is also the possibility that at the most fundamental layer of our existence there is no such thing as sequential time. Pure energy as it exists at the quantum level does not have time or space, but exists as a vast continuum of fluctuating charge. We, in a sense, are time and space. When we bring energy to conscious awareness through the act of perception, we create separate objects that exist in time and space through a measured continuum.

...what appears to be retrocausation is simply evidence that the present is contingent upon future potential conditions or outcomes, and that nonlocality occurs through time as well as space. In a sense, our future actions, choices and possibilities all help to create our present as it unfolds. According to this view, we are constantly being influenced in our present actions and decisions by our future selves.

If consciousness operates on a quantum level, which I believe it does as supported by the Buddhist concept of the continuum of mind as reincarnation, then what we think about and intend in terms of our health at this present moment is influencing our past self's health.  It's a stretch to really wrap your mind around this until you think about some of those times in your past when you were afraid and confused and some inner knowing brought comfort and light.


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Dear Friends,

It sometimes takes a while to absorb the points we make to each other! I do believe time(and soooo many other things) are not as we are led to believe. That we influience our surroundings.I am right now in the flo of some intense amazing powerful things happening around and thru me . I get now that this is what chris is sharing with his zero and other points. I am thankful to have these exchanges with you.I am sorry if I missed this point originally!


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I am so excited about the prospects of self healing right now.  After watching Dr. John Michael Mallon describe everything in his 83 minute video on the Dailymotion website (called, "Scalar Energy in Healing... From the Healing Universe), I finally realized for the first time, in no uncertain terms, that we truly have and always had access to this energetic healing source through so many of the more esoteric methods we are all so familiar with.  But now (and this is always where I really sit up and take notice) science is finally catching up (after 300 years of wandering in male-oriented egotistical darkness and self-inflicted ignorance) with what the ancients have known for thousands, and most likely millions, even billions of years, that there literally is no such thing as physical matter or particles!  Everything is a coordinated combination of complimentary waves acting upon each other, in accord with certain harmonic frequencies and form in accord with the five platonic solids that can be nested within one another in any conceivable combination, and all of this in accord with the Phi/Golden Mean ratio, which means that this can be accomplished, to appear as something solid and separate, at any scale, infinitely in both the macro and micro directions.  The benevolent and cooperative interference patterns are what we know as "physical matter", mass, or particles.  And all of this swimming in the very energetic Aether that Tricia is talking about in her post.  It is already well-established and mathematically confirmed that just one single centimeter of this Aether we are swimming in in the vacuum space has the total mass energy potential to create all the mass of all the planets, stars and galaxies the Hubble telescope can see throughout our present universe, and still have a portion of that centimeter left over!

There is really no way to get our present state of mind around this fact, but it is nevertheless a mathematical fact.  The AMA is not going to like what physics is discovering today as it applies to energetic healing because it almost completely puts all crude invasive medical procedures right out of business for good and "for good"!  I am in the process of researching and then purchasing the Rife-Bare equipment that incorporates this understanding of this sea of energy and the use of scalar "Q" waves, longitudinal standing waves, by using certain prescribed frequencies for certain conditions we call dis-ease or dis-chord.  Even our language has always been a clue to what all of this really is!  It is why music can feel so good to our sense of well being.

We have intuitively known these things for a very long time, but now that science is catching up with the mystical esoteric arts, we have the balance of female and male that always causes profound things to happen in Creation on a parabolic curve.  We are at the threshold of some very wonderful things.  There is also another PDF book I came across on scribd the other day while researching another totally unrelated subject, called Souls of Distortion Awakening.  As I told Fred earlier, if I were to write a book report thesis on everything I have learned in the past few years, this book would be it and much more.  I wish i could just attach it here, but that functionality is not quite here yet, so if anyone wants this book in PDF form, a book that makes such lucid sense of so many of the things we are quite familiar with already, this book ties it all together in a way that is extremely inspirational.  It could have been edited a little better in that a few sentences along the way do not quite make sense, but the context of discussion is never lost, and the subject matter is phenomenal and exhaustive.  He primarily thanks David Wilcock for much of his own learning curve, and many more.  the book is A+++ material, and belongs in any sincere seeker's electronic library (about 200 pages).  Email me at [email protected] if you would like me to attach a PDF copy to a return email....

Love/Light, and Peace with no opposite, Chris

p.s.  oh, and his writing describes the huge hologram that we actually are in a very refreshing and very cutting edge science-based way that is so ahh ha to us laypersons that dont necessarily want to do the math so to speak....LOL

I was asked to join a vitality group with my Veterinarian education that includes two M.D.' s and a Harvard trained lawyer.  This is so totally cool that I work in the office, often interpreting lab work and answering phone questions, but my real role is to help hold the space of healing in the environment/clinic.

The physicians practice Ho'opono pono before seeing patients and all of us, including the lawyer in the downstairs office, are committed to our intention of restoring the natural order to every patient and the environment that we all participte in. At times I've felt my frustration rising, but my intention has always prevailed and it dissipates aware that the bigger picture is a pulsating, evolving dynamic and my very thoughts influence it.  I'm in a continual process of meeting my inner resistance with a smile and a chuckle and it is palpable in my body now.

I was specifically asked to participate in this because of the vital energy that I carry with me and apparently, from what one of the MDs told me, has not gone without being noticed in this community. Having a thirty year history in this valley and finding out that during what I feel have been my most neurotic and very negative times in my life people have commented that I was comforting and an inspiration for them. The only way I can comprehend this is that the self that I have become is influencing the contracted, fearful and negative self of my past.  Something amazing is getting a stronghold in my brain now and I hope I can someday find the language or image to convey this to others. It is truly "mind-boggling".

Namaste with Hugs,


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That last line brought a welling up of tears in my eyes, and a warm resounding voice in my Heart said,

"some things just have to be experienced"

(to truly understand them)

this is what all of this is really all about....

LLP, Chris

I have had the same experience, Tricia... when I am feeling at my worst all that are around me find me to be a light unto the dark... I must burn brightly even when a little sooty...


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Dear friends,

I saw this video. It's simple way of looking at and explaining Art of healing. Simple is neither easy or stupid.Einstein said 

" I only want to know god's thoughts.The rest are  just details"


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Thank you for posting that wonderfu video. I was very moved by it. Chris's and Tricia's comments are what makes this group so worthwhile.

I love all of you,


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I appriciate the participation of all parts of the ALL That create our team! I love that EVERYONE has a chance to be heard here at this magical spot.I love how we all share and listen to each others views here.

I love how Chris and Trisha blend science, math, and other beliefs to back up metaphysical views.That they offer links and reading materials freely to all the non participating members of the team.BUT......

Am I the only one who notices that others views silenced by members who do not know how to use a thesarus? That others stop inputting? I suggested a book to Chris once and was accused of offering this to starving children to eat with a side of dirt!!!  I consider ALL view points. Start your own post Chris...or we will never have more input here.By the way Einstein did not speak till he was four years old.We should ALL be allowed to speak our truth.....and learn in our own way...at our own pace.I invoke Occarrs razor and general good manners.And reads the last line of his own ...

What 's up with Chris statement.....Cut and paste it here yourself. Mary

PS allow me time to read and respond I do not type. Thank you

I await a public discourse with Chris....or a flagging.

Good Greetings All:

I humbly and with great respect breathe sacred love for all here.  It is a great tribute to have so many points of view that provide such a rich and diverse understanding of Healer Heal ThySelf. 


I have been embarking on a healing of mySelf and the light that is my family these days lately.  It is an act of courage every day to face the memories that I have been creating from.  Ho'Oponopono I have been using to stop this process of creating from memory.  I am also using a clearing method of my chakra system that I learned from a fellow Angel worker.  I will post it under the healing forum.  These times are challenging as we learn to heal ourselves--- the wounded healer we all are... so much power in experience and synthesis and wisdom and sharing our story... energectically through words, deeds, and actions... through writing, speaking, performing, service, and science... Today I met a Metaphysical Engineer who for years worked in the Middle East teaching how to create sustainable infrastructure... In Arabic there was no word for what he did... So they named his job "Metaphysical Engineer."  Today he has come to embody that role--- but in the beginning he was somewhat clueless to what that really really meant... A wounded healer heals thyself... Healer Heal ThySelf....





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WOW Mary, what has gotten in to you?  Where is all of this coming from?  And I sincerely apologize for the way I made a point about those starving children so long ago (is that the origin of some deep-seeded resentment?  if so, I do so sincerely apologize and ask for your forgiveness), but can all of this rage really be about just that and my desire to share with the group what I am learning?

Do you really think that my or anyone's comments are running people off and away from posting here?  If you have been in contact with these people, let them be known.  Look, if I can get a consensus of just 3 people who agree with Mary's over-the-top rant, I will gracefully and quietly bow out with zero resentment, I promise.  I have other things going on that are so amazing to be a part of, and when I share some of those things here, the last thing I would ever dream of anticipating (since the sharing of such info was one of the primary reasons for the creation of this portal) is being vehemently attacked for sharing such amazing and pertinent info.  Do I understand you right Mary, that if I had simply begun my own forum post on the same subject, you would be fine with that, but don't post it in one you initiated?  Where are we, in kindergarten???  and I don't quite know what you were talking about mary at the end of your post with the "cut and paste" comment...

Really, please peoples of the gathering spot, let me know what is what, and I will take appropriate action immediately, I promise... is this the perennial Riversong herpes virus? LOL

You know, come to think of it, this is starting to make more sense from another perspective.  This just seemed so over the top and so uncalled for, but it is somewhat of a perfect fit in this way.  I am in the process of helping Jan Wicherink, the Danish author who wrote the book Souls of Distortion Awakening, edit his book for an upcoming newest edition release.  I emailed him in Denmark and offered to do it, and he accepted.  I am also in the process of working with Dr. John Michael Mallon (Austria) to build a scalar wave generator of his own lower energy higher efficiency design to begin an operation here in this corner of the world that furthers the stated goals of his website, The Healing Universe, to have these free to all in the community facilities that offer this developing form of energetic healing.

In light of these projects, Mary's post begins to make possible sense in relation to some of the kinds of things that one might anticipate when moving forward with projects like these.  This is a bit new to me, so I didn't catch it at first, but it sure makes sense in light of all the many stories I have read and heard.  Don't know for sure if that is what is going on here, but I wish to ask your forgiveness Mary for anything I have done to offend you in any way, and I hold you in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator....  May you be released to be the you you love to be in liberty......

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And all other team members for my challenge to start a commotion in this post. I am a wounded healer.My voice was silenced at an early age.I lived in a disfunctional family . My typing teacher/ therepist at high school was having an affair with another misfit  whom I befriended....he had been her therepist for 3-4 years, she was a foster child unloved by foster family.I was her only friend. I saw with my own eyes and listened to her talk about her boyfriend. They were sexually active. His son was in class with me,he was married and paid by social services to help her. I had no one to tell at home.The school councelor was having affair with a student that he moved in with as soon as she graduated from high school. I had the power to strip this man of 2 careers,a wife, and his freedom. I chose to quit my friendship with my 15 year old friend. I am dextrous and smart enough to learn to type.

I lived in a home where I always said I was sorry to keep the peace.I do not do that now. Say what ever you want anywhere.I stand before you....warts and all. Now you know the rest of the story.



Good Greetings Mary and All:

These times are challenging... facing that which we buried and turned from.  It is a process of letting go to go forward.


I have found this to be helpful.  I clear my chakras. http://www.gatheringspot.net/node/5046

Then I go and hug a tree.

hugging tree



Here is something that I wrote for another forum concerning negative greetings and/or negative memories---Perhaps this will be of benefit for you and all:

what this means is that it is an opportunity to en-light-en the greeter with LOVE. I like the Positive Greeting: I hail you in the name of the One, True, Infinite Creator! I bathe you in Light and Love! (I say this 3 times because that is what "feels" right to me) Then I sometimes recite the Lords Prayer as this seems to say the same thing as above and really creates a lot of light for me. I am not Christian in the Religious Right sense but I do subscribe to Christ Consciousness (this is very different from worshiping Crucifixions and all the other dogma and BS of organized Christianity).

Afterwords I simply focus on Loving myself. Sometimes I need to ground out the energy so I go out into my yard and hug a tree. I rest my forehead upon the tree and wrap my arms around it as much as one can with a wide girth type of tree. I plant my feet apart and gently rest my knees against the tree and then I say prayers (keeps my ever working mind busy) and try to enjoy being in nature. I also consciously say: Go Now In Peace. I Send this Energy Back From Whence It Came.

I sometimes wrap a blanket around me so the biting bugs do not bother me. I also focus on just breathing in the air. I take note of the scents of the air and the sounds that the air is making as the wind breezes around me. After about a minute or two I will feel a pulse from the tree and then a pulse from my hands, forhead, knees and bottoms of my feet and then I feel like a quiver passing through me... sort of like static electricity leaving the body... I will stay there until a feeling says Okay. or a Yes It is very very helpful for me. I find that my health on all levels of being begins to improve and each time I receive a greeting it has less and less effect on me.... I am also more calm, more happy, more centered. Hugging a tree is wonderful!

In the absence of trees, I find hugging the Earth to be of benefit as well. This can be done anywhere that no on is going to step on you or arrest you for obstructing traffic... LOL A meadow area or the beach is best for this or a high Mesa... etc.


Love and Free Virtual Hugs:




Oh Mary, I can't write enough about how much I've loved your gentle embrace with the community forums, the neighborhood, movies, and experiences. Your gift seems to bring others together in our commoness, our One Heart, all the vagaries of life that we all experience whatever our language, gender or enthnicity. It is what unites us.

Now the boldness in your voice, for whatever reason, has joined our hearts and gratitude and sorted through some differences in what each of us expects from this portal. You are a "uniter among the dissonance", a healer and communicator that is truly a valuable contribution to this gathering spot. So, I say, let your voice be bold whether it creates peace or discord, for it is a uniting voice and all of us are here to create a healing space for each and everyone of us to raise our opinions, interests, and personal triumphs and difficulties. This community is a space to open, empower and enrich each others lives and I am a believer that some conflict every once in awhile is like yeast raising the bar for all of us to deeply understand how we are all connected, even though writing on a computer.

I embrace everyone's voice here and I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community that Fred and Andy and others have created. 

Thank you...everyone that reads this.


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I want all "friends' deleted here. CUT THE CRAP. I need none of these tools. NEITHER DO ANY of you.

do not worry .....I AM the 100th monkey. I only serve

I am sad to hear you no longer wish to be friends with me.  If I was younger than I am now... I would feel that it is my loss and grieve deeply.  Now that I am older, I see that it is not so.  Thank you for the beauty that we shared and insights too.  I wish you well as you continue to journey forward.



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Great videoWink

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Hi dear TT friends,

MaryC has been in a real rough spot. I'm not at liberty to share much, but I do want to tell you that she ended up in the hospital, but is now back home. She is needing a break from the TT. She may or may not come back. Please understand the she has been under some incredible stress. I invite us all to hold deep compassion and love in our hearts for her. I'm sorry I can't tell you more, but hope you can understand the need for confidentiality here. Take care.

With lots of love and compassion,

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Holding her in Love and Light during her time of "dark night of the soul".  I have an exciting feeling that she is going to come out of this stronger and more liberated than ever before.  so many wonderful things happening right now, even if the catalyst, at the time, appears a bit dreadful.  the more I think about this, the more excited I am for Mary, and for all of us as these times appear to be alot about certain catalysts that are eventually sooooo good for us.

I so wish I could have been there for her a week ago, instead of laying into her the way I did, but will not be beating myself up about it anymore, just wanted to mention that in passing to get it off my chest, and to let you know Mary, how much I love you and look forward to your very liberated return to your very close group of friends and loved ones, your extended family here at the gathering spot.

Please please forgive me Mary for not having the sense God gave a billygoat at the very time you really needed love in return for your frustration.  I am eventually going to get this right because my Heart knows no other way or desire.  Yours and my liberation are much like some of those quantum physics experiments that reveal quantum entanglement.  It is exactly how it should be in that which is essentially and fundamentally One...  Love/Light, and Peace beyond measure, Chris

I had a de ja vu while reading your post and remembered my all time favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quote:

"Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.  I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.   This is the interrelated structure of reality."

Seems to me like this sums up why we are part of the TT.


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I feel like an oblivious fool.. I have not followed this thread since initially watching MaryC's video.  I guess I am happy in my oblivion because at this point, my love for Mary is greater than ever and I have never ceased sending love/light to her as was my habit.  As I do for all of the TT members.

My heart pains for the anger and misunderstanding which have again happened in the midst of our family.  It seems that there is a perennial negative greeting which visits out group on a regular basis. Thank you Elizabeth for furnishing us with a means to transcend those greetings.

I pray that Mary will find healing and peace and return to us, who love her so much.


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