What do you think?

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Thank you for responding Noa. This guy is charged for sure. He has some amazing video's done with, what I believe, outstanding perspective. The name of his YouTube channel, SHOTS OF AWE, may lend a clue as to the content. It's filled with charged concepts.


I understand, I think, your take on this video.

I have a notion that along with reaching a point in consiousness in which we are becoming aware as to what out true or original nature must be, we must also entertain, that, the idea that death is the nature of the part of us that is temporary or seperate from our origins, and since mixture and balance are the way of a dualistic environment (life), to learn (or maybe experience) the truths of the universe, then ultimately, overcoming death would be the balancing of life itself. And it would be different than simply returning to a previous state with more knowledge from having lived the experience. Eventually you might think we would become aware of a state that isn't bound by our nonphysical nature on the one hand and on the other hand, by the finality of physical decay, such as we know it. If we don't look at this perspective then I think we allow death to be only what we understand (or think we understand) now.

Now I think the thing way inside me, that nostalgically, even giddishly, likes the idea of never dying, is there, even though I have come to terms with death as a return not a leaving. And why wouldn't it? There has to be some point to our physical perspective. Why wouldn't that point be that you can only see it from over here. In other words, you can't become conscious of it from the rightbrain. From the other side. From the all. From the beginning and the end. Maybe you catch my drift.

I think there is a tugging at our heartstrings because we long to be included as valid for a reason of our own, not just a reason of which something greater knows or a reason we may have forgot.


Hmmmm ...

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I think I'm in love... with the beautiful man in the video because his expressiveness and genuine candidness reminds me of myself.

But seriously, I've often felt these bittersweet moments, but not for the reason that he states.  He says we are sad because we know that the joy and the beauty will end, but that doesn't ring true for me.

It's hard to say why exactly (emotions are like that), but I think that I sometimes weep for joy because the emotion is so intense.  Other times, I somehow sense that an emotion is such a complex mixed bag filled with a range of feelings, from joyful to melancholy, that I get so overwhelmed and I tear up for a reason that is difficult to ascertain.

Maybe this sounds like mumbo jumbo to other people, but to me, it makes perfect sense.


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He speaks from a young person's perspective. High intellect combined with youthful probing and limited experience. I say that because my mom is dying and she wants to go. She's not raging on about it, fighting to stay, not saying "tie the brush into my hand". The excitement of this video with its slick editing and compelling music wouldn't move her much.  Give him a couple of decades more experience and I'd like to hear his perspective then.

I've experienced some of these sad thoughts and states he speaks of. I'm learning to reject them (now) because they come from a place of certainty that life is meaningless and pointless. It's born from scientific materialism and our shamanic ancestors would pity us our dysfunction and disconnection from meaning-from nature. The feelings are certainly valid but come from a misunderstanding in my opinion.

I wish I knew who funded this video's creation. The sophistication is at a professional level of editing and emotional imagery. It's like someone is spending a lot of money on this and I find that suspicious.

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I love the beautiful existential expressions in this video. It is filled with passion and melancholy at the same time. I'm very aware that many people on Earth fear that death is the end. And if it were the end, all the more reason to live your passions to the fullest. Yet since age 19, I've had practically zero doubt that it is not the end, and that we will be reunited with our loves and and lovers in a most beautiful and glorious way upon the death of our physical bodies.

I most highly recommend Michael Newton's Journey of Souls for amazing descriptions of what happens when a person dies. It's the best book I've read in years. Enjoy your sojourn on this planet!

With much love and warm hugs,

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 I am surprised at the responses. I wonder why it is we may be able to take comfort in the evidence that death is not the end, but might not be open to the idea that one day it may not occur.

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  I saw an interview with this guy,,,Jason silva,,,,and he crams all that he can into these short vids for a reason. They are specifically produced for today's audience, short, awe-inspiring, without an empty space,,,,like a download,,,to stir interest. He is successfully "marketing" awareness,,,and thought to a crowd that is otherwise caught up in a world which bombards them with useless info 24/7. I think it's a smart move, approaching them realistically,,,a "see if you can keep up" challenge of sorts....

  I believe the poet's quote in the beginning,,,,he was sad because "all this would die" merely refers to the biological cycle, and forgets to mention all the creation that is happening simultaneously. I think that would of better reflected the cycle of life, as we know it now. and, I have also had some of these moments,,but they involved bliss,,,when falling into the present. Worrying that it will all disappear one day jerks you out of the moment,,,so I try to avoid that...I guess thinking that before the moment occurs could help you appreciate it more though...

  Hey  Gary,,,your last comment reminded me of a book called "Miss annabelle's secrets".(hope I got the name right) . I'm blanking out on the guy's name,,,mark Hamilton,,,but the story is about a group of kids, taught differently in school, who grow up to change the world, one of them being elected president on the campaign promise to dissolve politics, and turn the power over to science. It is an incredible read, based on facts, and the long term plan is to "live forever". This book is this man's theory on how fast we would progress without our current type of government. This guy has actually tried to run for president more than once, and has organizations in at least 50 countries. They used to call themselves a secret society,then changed their name to the "Society of Secrets"...but he was curtailed again after he registered to run against Obama....His platform is exactly what is in the book, and he spent at least 20 years writing it...His group is accused of scamming people through the mail, his books are very expensive....

   Although I didn't agree with everything he proposes,,,it would be amazing to see his ideas take hold and overthrow the poor excuse for government we have let run our lives for so long...

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If change is the only constant and seein how death is pretty dang constant, wouldn't that require death to change?

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What I see with this is thinking out of the thinking out of the box. How many of the things that we think we know or feel, that, to start with, have only recently in modern times been unvailed to the general populace, and then the things known all along, secretly or subconsdciously, could possibly be somewhat different due to not only the change in our understanding or consciousness of them, but also the change in those supposed absolutes themselves in relationship to the human being. If nothing stays the same then maybe the things that effect things change also. In fact if we think, I'm sure, we know this to be true. In part of our, understandabley, relying on all the crutches we can muster, maybe we mistakingly place limiting boundries on our spiritual absolutes, not allowing for the changes they create of and in themselves. I'm getting past my understanding here so it is what it is. Something I've been thinking about lately and a whole lot of angles to consider so I thought maybe I can get some input. There's more. It's hard for me not to get confounded. There's so much.

Maybe what I'm specificaly talking about is the absolute, that spiritually, death is death. We say what it is and there's good evidence of what it is, but it never really changes. It is whatever it is. Who's to say it doesn't change? We know it has changed in our consciousness of it alone. That's to say it's changed due to our understanding of it changing. But even as our understanding of it has changed it may be that death itself changes. I don't know. Anyhow.

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After watching several videos on Shots of Awe, Jason Silva's youtube channel, I'm fairly sure that he's the walking poster boy for Transhumanism aka Singularity.  If this subject is new to you, in a nutshell it's the idea that the best future for mankind is transplanting the human brain and consciousness into robotic bodies, thereby allowing man to live forever. 

Caveat emptor.  While such a concept is being sold to those who dream of eternal life as a way of cheating death, if you think about it you can see how the tables can easily be turned.  It's not hard to conceive that the same powers who control us with gmos and chemtrails, which alter our biology (transhumanism) and destroy natural health (eugenics), wish to create a race of robotic slaves to do their bidding.  Singularity suits that agenda perfectly.

I for one think the Creator's Universe, including the cycle of birth and death, is perfect the way it is.  When man plays God and acts against nature, life inevitably suffers irreparable damage.

Look at this Jason Silva video and others on his channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClYb9NpXnRemxYoWbcYANsA  and tell me what you think.


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I never thought of that Noa. I can see exactly what you mean.

Still, I hear something that may be a little different. Instead of a manmade synthetic entity and the machine that created it, I see our interconnectedness and information technology nudging us into a more unifyed collective that redefines individuality and unity at the same time. An aware collective of aware consciousness (spirit?) that may have never occured before. This would amount to understanding and perspective never before achieved. Kind of  a marriage of us (our reality) and our spirituality, in mass.

There may be  perfectly sensible and even naturally occuring ways of ending the death of human beings. Who's to say death has a perminant position in the change or the decay of things?

Still again though, I guess it'd be easy to fool a man.

Man. everything has to be a trick.

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What if the entire universe is conspiring to bless us in every moment?

Much love and blessings to all,

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I guess that's certainly possible Fred.

I can't wait till it's done.


What if the entire universe is conspiring to be blessed in every moment.

I think conspiring to unveil collective recognition of the blessedness might be more discriptive of the proccess.

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It's clear to me, having lived a number of years now, wanting to "get to the bottom of things," that we incur so much needless suffering just because we want to hold on to, to extend, whatever positive experience we're having, when it's clear that it (like everything) has to end in on way or another.  That's just the result of observing what's going on -- what has always gone on.  It's simply factual. 

So our freedom lies in not holding on, being willing to let go in our hearts at the very moment we're enjoying a flower or a relationship...  It's possible to love and appreciate the beauty of the transient even more, exactly because it is transient. [I'm not accomplished at this, but it's coming along...]

But we're conditioned to hold on, cling, want to have, to grasp, make it last.  In a universe where every form and pheonomenon is transient, this makes no sense.  It results only in needless suffering.

Here's a story for you.   I knew a Tibetan Lama who'd had a years-long loving relationship with a woman.  One day she said to him, "I had a dream that I had a child with [so-and-so].  What do you make of that?"  His immediate response was, "Then you should be with him."  Talk about non-attachment...  And he was one of the happiest people I've ever known.  [Note:  It should be said that Tibetans have a strong belief in the relevance of dreams.]

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    Life is just a ride enjoy the experiences that life brings. We are  in a boiological suit that carries the soul without the suit you cannot exist here is this particular physical realm. There is no end and no beginning it is an illusion created by the mind or soul. We are here to learn if nothing ceast to exist or died you would not be able to appreciate life. If you had everything you always wanted you would  not appreciate it  nearly as much or at all. Moreover without  suffering no one would learn anything, I see good in everything even what some would say is bad but there are lessons in everything and if you  take something positive out of a so called bad suitation then is was not that bad after all. The cup is always half full . Great video, valid points were made, it is all perception.

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Ride Captain ride, upon your mystery ship ... ride along, to a place, that others might have missed.

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Here is the newest shot of awe. I think it is absolutely remarkable.

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I like Jason Silva and he surely does touch on some vital concerns and insights.  His enthusiasm is fun to see as well.  But a warning comes up in me because he's dealing with some very profound subjects and yet his energy seems to be coming primarily from his head -- thinking mind.  He's almost literally jumping all over the place (can't sit or stand still) and so seems without much root.  Now I said that I like him, and that's true.  But a primarily intellectual approach (even when it's imbued with a good deal of feeling) just can't touch the depth and scope of what he's talking about -- at least not for me. Someone who can touch the deep quiet in him/herself and then speak from that -- that's on a whole other level.

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I hear you Bob, I have thought along the same line as what you have conveyed.

I have come to a place where I see a path to integration and rewiring of right and left brain that expands our abilities. The quiet is there always, and accessible no matter what and our thinking is also there for a reason. We may not have integrated the two properly as of yet and our left brain has definately been our weak link up to this point, but ultimately I'm thinking that left and right integration may be where we go next. To me his right brain is guiding and enhancing his intellectual take on things. Seems to me the ideal would be for those two working aspects of our conscious existance to work together instead of being seperate from and non cooperative to one and the other. We are what we are and each part of us can be perfect, but we have to let go of limitations. I think these spiritual absolutes that I hear people in this discussion trying to hold onto and keep from changing, are limiting where we can go next. All the points made here, I acknowledge as valid and need consideration, however that may not be all there is to it. I say those absolutes have to progress and I suggest that one day they will not at all, resemble what they are today. It's like we want to fall back or stay in that comfortable mindset that has worked for us during our period of lesser awareness and ability. Things are changing quickly, but only as quick as we change our perspective. Our inclination towards the dizzying speed of change will be to resist it untill we get re-oriented  to the rapidly forming brand new that makes our heads spin. If the quiet stillness is everything, then the reverse is also true. Everything can be the stable fulcrum of the stillness. Hmmm ...

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Agreed, Gary.  Once that left-right balance is attained (speaking in dualistic terms), our functioning will be a different ball game and so will our world.  The intellect is absolutely necessary, but we've seen what can happen when it takes the lead: results like Communism, the hydrogen bomb, "The Grand Chessboard", a financial system that doesn't work, humanitarian programs that never really solve the problems, misconceived personal goals that lead to unhappiness...

 We've probably all heard the traditional carriage metaphor, where the intellect is the driver.  Since the owner (the I Am, the deepest aspect of Self), who sits inside the carriage, has been silent for a long while, the driver has forgotten his employer's existence and imagines that this is his own rig and his trip.  And so he goes on his merry way.  But eventually there comes a rapping from inside the carriage:  "Driver, you've missed the turn.  We're in the wrong county.  Turn around." 

So it's coming, I'm sure -- for each and all of us -- with our intended participation, of course.  No free rides (no pun). 

Yes, things are happening quickly.  The wheel turns faster.  An American Indian elder advised that as things move more quickly, we should move more slowly.  I think he meant the same as being at the center of the turning wheel.  Or, you mentioned at the stable fulcrum of stillness.  That's a great image.

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Bob, thanks for all your input, like you said, I have really enjoyed this discussion. Here's one more item I'd like to throw into the mix.

It has occured to me that I may appear to be endorsing or pushing this guy and his agenda, whatever it is. I'd just like to say that what happened is this, when I viewed the video in my original post, I ended up  considering death from a perspective I hadn't before. That perspective resonates like a big ol dog. Not only that, now the flood gates are open. From that same perspective I see buttloads of amazing possibilities. It feels like thinking and knowing at the same time. I feel comfortable and at ease. I want to give to this, back, what I'm getting. What I'm getting is like freeflow or maybe willflow. Syncronistic movement, my will flowing, being what it becomes, adapting to and integrating with, and in proportion to, the knowing I am able to effect. It feels like both of me are starting to understand and desire from a more  mutual perspective. Being on the same page instead of having seperate paths of focus and attention ... I guess you could say "cooperating".

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I hear you, Gary.  Beautiful.  Nothing to say, except Row, row, row your boat.  :-)

Thank you.

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that last link is one of my favorites I have seen so far with Jason silva. They really do use the video bytes well in producing these clips. 

  AT the same time,,I could see Noa's take on him,,,especially after this one... http://youtu.be/cITA2ysR4z0  ..... I don't believe that is the motivation behind it, but it could easily be used this way. After all, this is what we're on the brink of.....

   Picture the masses that are mentioned so often here, the sleepers, hooked on processed sugar and enriched flour,,haha!, and everything else put out there for us,,,,,then telling them,,,we can make you fly!(just an example). Someone that numb could never fathom accomplishing something like that with their mind. So, I think the technology would and will be welcome. And, I think that's where the line will be drawn. Of course,,,we don't need implants to create ,,,but,it might just be a step,,,(like electing Obama), that we need to take to bring the possibilities to light. So, I won't fear it, because the next step is doing it on our own......

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Just watched the video clip you posted, Todd.  I see your point.  No sense in being fearful.  And I believe, too, that all human aspiration (consciously or not) has to do with waking up and becoming who we are spiritually.  So I am aware that some folks are starting off down a kind of techno-materialistic path to supposedly "attain" something in the spiritual realm.  Silva's "given" (ground assumption) seems to be that what we are and can be is a function of the organization of matter.  (If you think I'm misreading this, let me know.)  But that begs the question in that it presents an assumption as a fundamental fact, thereby limiting the whole discussion to the materialistic view, as if there were no other possibility.

I know that you're not supporting the materialistic take on spirituality, Todd.   I'm just not sure it's a "next step" that's going to be helpful to us (humanity) because it seems to be going in the wrong direction -- except maybe as another trial-and-error experience.  However we develop and use technology -- including whether or not we "marry" it to our biological organisms -- when we die we'll be fee of all that stuff.  That's the view that the material is a manifestation of the spriritual, which I think has been amply demonstrated  for folks who have been open to that possibility. 

So I'd love Silva to open the discussion about our further evolution to include all possibilities within human experience, not just the materialistic one.  But that doesn't seem to be his view or his mission.  And I'm not sure about his mission, either.  Maybe his "mission" is just to spin out whatever intoxicating possibilities the thinking and imagining mind can conjure up in the realm of the future of technology and information.  But that's different from the "mission" to discover the Truth of what already is -- of what we already are -- which seems to me far greater than anything that technology and/or biology can create.  So I have nothing against the evolution of technology and information, but what does it have to do with the evolution of ourselves?

Again, I'm not questioning you; I'm just questioning the validity and even the usefulness of Silva's approach to human development.

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  Haha! You know what I mean? I saw his mission as, just to spin out whatever intoxicating possibilities the thinking and imagining mind can conjure up in the realm of the future of technology and information. 

   Using all this technology to awaken people to the possibilities of,,,,"what we already are". I think I looked at it that way because all of these Inventions, discoveries, re-discoveries,whatever, will awaken the possibility within a lot of people who can't be reached any other way. Of course, those with the money will, and probably already are using technology to create "super-soldiers" and creepy stuff like that. But,,,if all this technology is an extension of the human mind, then it could still be a step towards discovering that "we don't need the "external devices",,or "implants" to do all these seemingly amazing things". If we created it externally, it's obvious that we could create it internally, the ideas had to come from somewhere. 

   I agree,,,this could lead us down one of two very different paths. His comments about us,,performing the function of creating matter, to me, means "becoming creators",,,,but of course, that power could be used in many ways,,,so, I see both sides of the coin here. I see people taking both paths, and the world of duality dragging on,,,just at a new level,,ha!  We can only pray that people take the "inner" path,,,because,,,,,,,,,, there is no turning back......T

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This is such an interesting and thought provoking thread, thanks for the catalyst Gary Smile

I probably could add my thoughts here, yet somehow the following that I read today, says more than I ever could.

The Invitation by Oriah

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living.

I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream

of meeting your heart’s longing.


It doesn’t interest me how old you are.

I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love for your dream

for the adventure of being alive.


It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon...

I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow if you have been

opened by life’s betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed  from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain mine or your own

without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy mine or your own if you can dance with wildness and

let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes  without cautioning us to be

careful to be realistic to remember the limitations of being human.


It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true.

I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself.

If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul.

If you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see Beauty even when it is not pretty every day.

And if you can source your own life from its presence

I want to know if you can live with failure yours and mine

and still stand at the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon,



It doesn’t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have.

I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair weary

and bruised to the bone and do what needs to be done to feed the children.


It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here.

I want to know if you will stand in the centre of the fire with me

and not shrink back.


It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied.

I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.


I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like

the company you keep in the empty moments.



By Oriah © Mountain Dreaming,

 from the book The Invitation

 published by HarperONE, San Francisco,

 1999 All rights reserved


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Having re read my post, it may come across a bit sanctimonious. This was never my intention, I just found the words to be very insightfull and something I strive to achieve. I have recently found myself looking less at what may be and more on what is.

I love this place on the great wide web, and I LOVE you ALL warts (if there are any) and all.


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You ALL have hit on my reason for this post, however I have discovered something curious. It's in the exact opposite manner of my intention.

I believe that the fact that we physically die has been dealt with in every concievable manner except one. Not dying.

I believe that not physically dying is potentially the most emotional, the most living in the present, the least evolved, the least talked about, most exillerating, most rewarding, greatest spanning leap, chance for evolution in the history of life.

We are the oddball, aka unique, exception to the universe. We are the out of sorts, the goonies, the weirdos, the misfits. I propose we have an angle of perception and understanding here that is exclusive to our human born eyes and abilities.

Jason Silva IS addressing the "everything else" of furthering our evolution. He IS daring, acheing, feeling and touching as the "Invitation" suggests. He IS conveying about and IS the projecting and singing, of the song of man's spirit origin, into the worrysome technological and machanistic anxieties, as to avoid an desirable takeover or minipulation. We hold the keys and codes in our DNA and in the presence of every moment. It resonates so much with me that we, as humans, have a valid and exclusive creative hand in the universe coming from the perspective of our actual physical experiance, that can only be born or applied or introduced to the universe from, the actual physical experiance.

Thank you all and I love you so much ...


tscout's picture

 I tried to address this side of it,,,the first time I commented on this post. The book I mentioned was all about this, as this was the goal of the movement from the start,,,,eternal life. Personally , I find it hard to have an unbiased view on the subject from "beneath this veil",,haha! It could be a really silly idea, and , although I can come up with many reasons to live forever, I would question most of them as being "selfish". I know this subject is ripe for debate...How many times have we entertained the idea of living "without the veil" right here on this site? 

    In the book I mentioned, the author really does want to live forever. His reasons are all tied to this plane ,,,he is rich, he will miss his family, and he wants to see the future. He knows how good he has it,and doesn't want it to end. They do unleash science in the book, and the race is on. Without the controls of government,technology explodes and, although it is a difficult procedure at first, they manage to transfer the spirit to a new body. Eventually , the process is improved, making it routine, along with space travel and other things that would naturally develop.

     Of course,,many would say that "eternal life would make people lazy. On the other hand,,we would ,,,without a time limit, carry all we have learned forward. I like that idea, but sometimes think we do anyways, and it is just our egos that long to "live" forever. Like I said, I can't really form an opinion on it,as I feel I only have access to one side of the story!! haha! But, I'll bet we all have some ideas about it,,,would love to hear them,,,,T

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The Journey of Life

Before we come into this world, we know why we are coming here.

When we are born into this world, we forget why we came.

Our journey is to discover why we are here, and fulfil our life’s goal

I wrote these words for one of my daughters some time ago, there is something I can add, or maybe modify about them though. I believe in our very early years up to four or five years old, we know exactly why we are here, we know all about our past lives and what our mission is this time round. However these weird and wonderfull concepts we have are drummed out of us firstly by our parents and then by the CORPORATE style education system we have.

So my take on living forever is yes we do, though it is through many lifetimes, we will evolve to the point where each life is longer in years (Noah lived to 600 plus years), although we will always live with death, it's part of the refreshing process. Who among us has not thought or said "If I was young and knew what I know now"

Eyejay's picture

Eric, I have always loved the concept of Glass half full, have lived that way for many years, however a few years back I realised I actually had the wrong size glass. So now my glass (cup) overflows.............

Gary. Our inclination towards the dizzying speed of change will be to resist it untill we get re-oriented  to the rapidly forming brand new that makes our heads spin.

Nail hitter there. We are driven by Brand, in our consumerist world, as much as we try to resist we are actually all driven by branding. Believe me here I have a sister that has a business in this industry, she has a well known and successful business of some 30 years and has been called to address the subject may times

My conclusion.

Do not overly concern yourself with what may come to pass, rather enjoy each moment as if it will never last.

 Hold all those things good and bad in your glass that overflows, then you will notice that you are not actually holding onto anything, yet you are also holding onto all

Bob07's picture

You've put some profound traditional teachings into a simple glass.

Noa's picture

I've read so many different points of view online, that I forget where I read this.  But the author postulates that the elite controllers (aka Sumarians?) control the rest of us because they cheated death during the fall of Atlantis by taking shelter underground during the great flood.  This natrual flood was meant to purify the earth and start life anew with a clean slate.  Because they didn't meet their fate (ie. periodic die-off of terrestrial life) they've retained wisdom about technology and true historical knowledge that most of us lack and so they have an advantage over the rest of us.  Evidence of this advanced technology can be seen worldwide in the construction of ancient monoliths, like the Great Pyramid in Giza.  Essentially, they've skewed the Natual Law in their favor and that's why is so difficult to just "be who we are" in life.  They've managed to put a monetary value on everything essential to our existence because they've read the script and are a jump or two ahead of the rest of us.

Death is like pruning a rose bush.  Without it, the bush grows to be a wild, unruly mess.  But with regular pruning (aka death) it becomes stronger and more beautiful, capable of producing many extraordinary roses.  This is divine law.

I'm probably not saying it very eloquently, but when I read it, it made sense to me. If it's not broken, don't fix it.  Nature knows best.


Eyejay's picture

So "Nature knows best", this I agree with, which leaves me pondering "Shall I prune the Roses" ........................................Wink

Tounge in my cheek Noa

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All very good advice and some profound grasp of our environmental proccesses that have taken and are taking place throughout our human experiance and even our more esoteric state of origin. Known and unknown. That's it isn't it? We keep changing what is "known". As we must, according to what advances we make in increasing the number of things that are appearant to us or obvious "givens". 

Tod ===  I like your take and the unknown is this veil isn't it. Lifting the veil may be part of our transformation  and our right as the wearers of it. None the less, it happens whether by brain (with awareness) or by braun (obliviously).  As the wearers, we may be the only ones unique enough to transform ourselves into, our origin, PLUS, our unique selves as more and more is revealed beyond the veil . Ok now, say, we are the CREATOR  as "MORE", and consciously aware of it, not only "creator aware", but "humanly aware", WITHIN THE SAME NEWLY DEVELOPED CONSCIOUSNESS. Hmmm that's profound in a way.  Anyway, this transformation of spitit (and, or) + body may be not in a "transfer spirit to body" sci fi kinna boogy man way, but a never before, newly revealed, new abilitiies poccessing, new being, kinna way.

I think in this way it becomes not a selfish reason to live forever, but a display, of our compassionate magnificance, to ourself. An unimaginable beauty and joy never before felt. Stay with me here I don't think I'm done.

IAN ===== I catch your drift with the BRAND analogy. It might be also that "brand new" could be expressed as "new of any brand" or "without BRAND", in which case might then indicate a moving beyond of the shortcomings in BRANDING of which you speak.

I like your statement "Do not overly concern yourself with what may come to pass, rather enjoy each moment as if it will never last.".

I sometimes wonder if we always know what is "passing" when it "comes to pass". I think to fully "enjoy each moment" it may help to be sure what "each moment" is. As for "as if it will never last", I think that moment may last longer than we think as our levels of awareness, in those "moments", increase. We all may remember having experieced something a certain way only later to realize that's not what happened exactly.  I know I'm not done here ...

BOB ====== I couldn't agree more with your accessment of Ians words. I might add, tradition may sometimes hold a place not easily changed and rightly so, as we must stick to proven and workable means as an most efficient method of continuing and advancing a species. Perhaps there is a "blending" that may take place in "tradition" withinin that same simple glass, renedering even the "chalice" as more complex, however not "changed". Wow, never done with that.

NOA ======= I'm coming, gotta take a break.

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You guys, all of you. I saw this today and I got what all of you, to me, have been conveying in relation to this discussion. Tell me if I'm not right. Man, this brought something home. 'Ive heard this before, but never like I did today ....

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Great clip Gary, and I loved your thought starters, we are all better for your presence here.

And to follow .................................

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Wow Gary, you left us hanging with that one, looking forward to your further thoughts. For me The Chalice has deeper meaning, gifted to us from the Divine. Maybe we are supposed to drink from it, the elixer of a full life, taking in all that is Good & Bad, blending the duality of life into the oneness and allness that we are.

Moments of confusion, yes I have had times like that Gary, when what you thought you heard or saw was not how everyone else viewed it. I see this as confirmation that although we are one we are many, and each view is as valid as the other. Can be on the border of madness with this one, Gallileo was thought to be MAD by his peers

Warning following clips use of language may upset some

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I'm talking about the times when it dawns on you that what you understood to take place didn't, because of a new perspective that has occured. That changes all the "what came to passes" from that moment on.  Past present and future are all simultaniously not what they used to be anymore, after a leap in awareness. I try to bring attention to this point only to say, sometimes we fool ourselves into tradition and thinking we know the correct methods or processes that may be tried and true up to this point of awareness, but with the new awareness, it changes it slightly or adds a little more detail of perspective. Like water taking shape, from, with and within it's environment, we also may be able to use flow and fluidity to our advantage for advancing smoother, more efficient, more cohesive transformation towards greater and greater beingness. Water can take shape on one hand, permeate on the other hand, and envelope on another. It can be the whole, it can be the inside, it can be the outside, it can be the essence, it can be a part of, it can be apart from and it can be all this at the same time. And yet it is still just the water it has always been. This could be analogious of our spirit (origin) and physical (flowing) nature. Combined, they are the "water", only we (being the water) are at a stage where we don't see and can't define our substance as "water". None the less the "water", which I'm using to represent the  combination of our different aspects and parts, is still "water", but can only be understood as such, by us, farther on down the line. I know it's not as clear here as it is in my mind. I'm trying. If anyone gets what I am trying to say, maybe you could help by stating your version of what I'm trying to explain. Describe what you think I'm getting at.


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Gary, yes I see now what you mean ………

What a journey we are all on. As we move closer to our real selves, we will be less inclined to search for the words to describe our current position, we will simple nod at each other knowingly. This however is a difficult task to achieve across the internet, hence constantly looking for the words to describe our journey and the place we may currently be at.

I love the analogy of the water Gary, so I will finish here with a simple NOD…………………..

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Thanks for all the input Ian and everyone. I'm excited. New perspectives and thoughts zooming in and all around. Lots of synchronicity. Magnetic, electrifying (sp.), energetic, popping (into existance), integrative informational vibration.

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The guy and his plan ... Hamilton I think

This is very interesting material. Thanks

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  I just stumbled on this one,,,,,http://youtu.be/9sXomdv_5P8     had to watch it a couple of times,,,,man,,,it resonated with me! 

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     I think death is waking up from your dream, it is not death is it life.


    I love you all , Eric

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Here is as good a place as any...  Got to say that when I worked for Borders Books, not to mention countless other times, I have been frustrated with the use of genres and labeling.  Everything seems to have a little of everything else in it.  My favorite movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" they qualify as a comedy.

So, I've read a lot of science "fiction" and "fantasy", because I find more truth in some of the IDEAS that seem generally more existential than other genres.  :) My joke.  What is consciousness, what is the purpose of existence, what is life, what is reality...  These concepts have fascinated me for decades.

Also, when an artist hits on something that becomes the end of them.  Steinbeck and the Arthurian legend.  Yeats and "A Vision".  And the wonderfully creative Philip K. Dick and his vision of a door and a goddess welcoming him to another dimension, as well as a few other incredible seeings...

Anyway, his journaling which was the background of his writing he called his "exegesis".  Somewhere he had read a German translation of the bible and remarked on a curious phrase he found in Genesis through the language.  I don't remember it exactly and haven't been able 2 google the quote, but the gist is.  In the beginning was God.  And the brand name was also with God.

He goes on to posit the idea of the artifact and later the notion that we are living a creation scenario with a deranged god and that Christ and Buddha and other similar figures were sent as viruses into the program to help us awaken to our freedom and unlimited potential.  The trouble with "the system" is (and you might want to take note of this) that if you attack it or confront it on the outside, it will do EVERYTHING in its power to protect itself and its interests, so it must be done from WITHIN.  Anything you do to acknowledge its power or paradigm as valid, just serves to reinforce it.  Whether you join with it, make compromises or concessions to it, or even by fighting or opposing it, it just becomes stronger.  "It" may be representative of the ego and protection/self-preservation.  There's really nothing there.  It's a mask.

Lots of sparkling gems in the "Exegesis", and many of them available on sites around the web.  Worth a look!

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