A Powerful Solution to the New World Order Dark Agenda Illuminati Plan using EFT


This guy in Australia has done a fantastic job of describing the dilemma I've been struggling with for a few years.  He's taken it further though and provides real hope for the situation we're all in.

I'm still exploring all the things he references, but it all sounds true and promising.

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We had a thread started on surrogate EFT in April. That was what started me studying the technique.  I liked this video and thought he hit on a lot of points that are important to me.  He never actually got to demonstrating how he does surrogate EFT.  I have some hesitation on doing this for individuals without their consent.  (I do have a fantasy of working for Cheyney--"Even though I am a war criminal, I love and accept myself completely.")

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LOL! (sry, cdn't help it) about Cheney:

"Even though I got drunk and shot my friend in the face, I love and accept myself completely."

No, I can't do it with a straight face.

But, thank you, Magical Godmother, for watching and commenting.

I think that Infinitus (who speaks in the video) is more of a consumer of EFT than trainer and mostly focuses on how he's been able to calm himself after learning about the "dark side" and to begin to create abundance in his life.

I completely relate to what he said about how learning about the dark side creates a sense of urgency and a desire to throw myself into the battle of resisting, but that such activity and thoughts conflict with the ordinary day-to-day necessities of making a living, homemaking, parenting, etc.

So I am inquiring to take a day-course on EFT here in Eugene on 10/12.

He seems very happy with EFT and since he got there from "where I'm at" now, his recommendation has some weight for me at this time.

I saw MarianMills' mention of EFT at http://portal.transformationteam.net/forums/1422 , but so far I don't see the April thread you mentioned... do you have the link?

In any case, I'd love to hear more about peoples' experiences with EFT.  Thankyou!

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Hi Magical Godmother,

Assuming that most people would consider EFT an answer to a "healing energy request", perhaps we could try surrogate EFT for the people in the forum?


What do you think?

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I began practicing EFT on myself in April for a dental problem.  I relieved the pain, fear, and a dentist phobia.  As an unexpected result of that treatment I ended my TMJ jaw tightness and a habit of tearing my hair and my cuticles without specific attention to these problems.

Working with others I have had success with PTSD (military and sexual traumas), allergy to cats, dyslexia, addictions to sweets (soft drinks and chocolate chip cookies), arm pain that conventional medicine had not been able to relieve, knee pain ditto, yeast infection, hoarseness in voice, and lots of emotional trauma.  I helped a cat owner do surrogate healing for an aggressive cat and a parent do surrogate healing for agitation in an autistic child.

I have not used EFT directly for any kind of global healing. Breathing love feels better to me.  But I can use it on myself for despair  ("Even though the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, I still love and accept myself completely and choose to believe that "all shall be well in the end.")


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