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Another great video from Max Igan:

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Global Non Compliance


Paradigm Shift

Please Wake Up

What "they" do is impossible without our willful compliant participation...

We are essentially One while it goes like "this"

And we are One when we transcend "this"

There is no "them" to be left behind

That is the illusion of dualism

We might be very surprised to find out what the real function is of the so called Hidden Hand orchestrating behind the scenes...

Essentially there is no such thing as evil or victims.  Our willful determinations are fuel for the Matrix we participate in.  Fix anything inside the framework of the Matrix and we have only changed the Matrix without transcending "it"...

We are One

Thank you Max...

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I think one of the best things he brings to the table is the somewhat obvious idea that the "chaos" that is coming is NEEDED by the PTB so they can create the "order" - ie New World Order. So they are TELLING us about the corruption and showing us how it is all bogus so we will rebel and go into chaos. Genius! 

So we have to be of an even higher awareness than we thought, and simply not participate in any of it - and as Chris notes - transcend the matrix altogether. There is nothing there to fix. They are wanting us to go down the rabbit hole with all of those distractions that never get resolved (been there - done that - and there really is no point in that...) - which just feeds their dark energy.

His "solution" is for us to actually have one! Not having one feeds their plan. We have to "transcend the matrix" with our OWN plans and just ignore theirs while we move forward with those plans. This makes perfect sense. Time to get those plans in place and start moving them forward!

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I am posting this video here because Max had it on his website.  This fake plane theory, along with the research of Dr. Judy Wood, is where my views about what really happened that morning took a big turn.  The fake plane theory is also one of the primary reasons there was a big split at Scholars for 911 Truth.

Imagine a theory so profoundly bizarre that even those accused of being 911 conspiracy nuts find those believing in such "apparent" nonsense to be nuts far to far down the rabbit hole for their own good.  I sincerely believe that the rabbit hole goes this far and further.  That would be good planning by the rogue element responsible, the breakaway group in possession of technology that the mainstream has yet to even attempt to imagine...

‪911. Fake planes - How hard would it have been to do?‬‏ - YouTube

‪The Big Picture FINAL 1/9 (Copyright Remix)‬‏ - YouTube

If it is in the movies-- Holodecks (star trek), hologram communication (star wars), Holographic and interactive computers (Iron Man), Holographic projections of people and places (Transformers)... then it is present in society.  These technologies exist right here on earth and right now.


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