New Social Media

Social Media (or anything else for that matter) isn't necessarily bad or good, just more.

I have to say, I couldn't agree more with what he's trying to convey here. How bout you?


=Viewers=Viewer=View=Perspective= ........

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He finds good music to play in the backgrounds of his videos. I always enjoy them for that reason.

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Social media is anything but.  Sharing snapshops and tidbits of what we bought at the store or had for lunch doesn't create intimacy.  A hundred "likes" from a thousand Facebook "friends" doesn't make us popular; it leads to the addiction of needing other people's opinions to make us feel whole.

In addition, social media monitors our personal preferences, opinions, friends, family, etc.  Then it targets us with advertisements tagged to our keywords.  Talk about living in the matrix!

I'm not against technology.  If you want to reach out and touch someone across the miles, why not use the phone, Skype, or email?  Instead of posting sound bites, you can have a real conversation.

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I'm for any means necessary to connect. I personally don't use any social networks and even my gmail+... because I find them shallow. But I also don't judge others for the depth (or lack thereof) that they're willing to go or open up to. My vision is that we will collectively reach such a point of VIRTUAL mass consciousness or whatever, then a strategically placed virus will open up everything to everyone (all passwords null) for a short/limited period of time and then an emp or something will shut it all down. Like the end of Her or Surrogates... then people will be compelled to go outside and engage/interact once again. Could be beautiful

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During that short period of complete web freedom, what would YOU choose to view or investigate? I told my wife there's nothing I need to see that I haven't already. Even with the "limited" access we now "enjoy". Bright day to all of you! 

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