Keynote Speech: Damascus Terror Conference (Please watch this one and distribute widely)

This explains the global criminal syndicate behind ISIS & in control of the US Congress. (7minutes)

by Veterans Today
December 11, 2014

Two days of meetings were brought to a screeching halt when Gordon Duff spoke at the Damascus conference. Seated on his right, and speaking next, was Colonel James Hanke, US Army Special Forces (ret). On his left, the Syrian Minister of Justice Najm al Ahmad and Mike Harris. Handling the camera on this short video is Jim W. Dean.

This may well have been the first time in history an American intelligence team of “non-activists” gave a military briefing to an audience of this type, including key military leaders of diverse tribal forces throughout Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, a Russian delegation and others from around the world.

You could hear a pin drop. - See more at:

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  when he announced John McCain I immediately flashed back to the first Obama election, and Mccain saying, "There will definitely be more wars"..It's like they either had to find another way when he didn't get in the white house,,,or,,,they decided to have him oversee the project asa senator, as he could worka little more discreetly from that position. I downloaded this in case it gets pulled. Like everything else, it could be a diversion, but I kind of doubt it, as I think it would be viral already if "they" wanted it to..

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In case you're not familiar with Gordon Duff (I had to look him up), he's the senior editor at Veteran's Today.

This is amazingly good news!  Now the Syrians know what many truthers have known for awhile. 

Similarly, I recently listened to a Rense interview (I forget the name of the guest), but in nearly every underhanded plot across the globe, the path leads back to Israel.  America considers Israel to be our ally, but if you dig a little deeper, you'll discover that they're actually instigating America's demise.

Just to be clear, most Jews are good people who are brainwashed into thinking that the Israeli government represents their best interests.  Few of them realize that their leaders are Zionist Khazars masquerading as ethnic Jews. 

I dream of the day when most people finally see behind the veil and stop supporting this brutal regime.

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Well, I didn't go looking for it, but I just came across another video which implicates Israel in such things as the aggression against Syria and the demise of the American economy.

This is a very powerful discussion on a variety of issues from Veteran's Today:

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