How Do we Discern Truth? Relevant interviews with Alan Watt and Judy Wood

Many of us here have frequently mentioned that they feel a source is valid, that it feels right. While I do believe that this can be a valid way to discern the truth, I don't think we should rely too heavily on it. It's important to recognize that unless you grew up with no TV, our feelings about many things have been influenced by mind control techniques used on us as young children as we sat and watched the Saturday morning cartoons. Alan watt speaks of the specifics of the mind control techniques that we have all been subjected to.

Also, related to this topic, Judy Wood speaks about her new book and the importance of using tons of observation before making any judgements when trying to piece together a puzzle.



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Wow, thanks for posting.  Alan is incredibly insightful and articulate!  Here's his website:

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Dr. Judy Wood?  Coming across here work is when I really felt I was getting somewhere concerning what may have really happened that morning of Sept. 11, 2001....

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Hi Chris-

Yes, Dr. Judy Wood. I think she makes a fairly good case that the thermite/thermate controlled demolitions theory perported by Richard Gage and Steven Jones is a cover story for a deeper truth about 9/11 being a demonstration to the world of the secret government's powerful new weaons. I think she overstates the case a bit because she seems to think thermite wasn't used at all. I personally think they probably used both, the thermite being both a back-up, in case the new weapons were duds and also a cover story for a deeper truth. I think it's very interesting that these new weapons she thinks they used may be based on a similar technology to cold fusion. Makes you really wonder about Steven Jones, his involvement in both a conflict with Ponds and Fleischman (please excuse my poor spelling - if you know the story, you know who I mean) over cold fusion and his work on promoting the thermite, controlled demolition theory of 9/11.


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The story gets pretty interesting about the time of Judy's appearance and the split at Scholars for 911 Truth.  If she is correct than this is quite the interesting weapon technology that can have physical properties including steel come apart without heat at the atomic level and be reason to justify her learned description called "dustification"...

the weapon technology most likely from the genius of Tesla....

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Excellent communicator!!!!!!!

(dangerous thing to be according to Alan)

What an exhaustive understanding Alan has come to

Thanks for posting Wendy

YouTube - Alan Watt The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity part-1of5 .flv

Alan mentions the book, "The First Global Revolution" in video above.  Here is a video by a young man who read the book...

The First Global Revolution by Alexander King and Bertrand Schne - Video

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Thanks for the posts Chris,

Unfortuneately, I couldn't get the second video to work but I was able to find a free pdf of the text and skimmed the table of contents and preface. After watching these Alan Watt videos and his talk of cultural change coming from the top, I am reminded of my reaction to the Global Shift promo film posted here. I'm still wary of the Zeitguist movement for similar reasons.


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