Happy New Year

And all that jazz ........


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Thanks Gary, nice reflection. Happy New Moment to you all too. Cool

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Thanks Gary.

I was inspired by the quick quote they posted from Margaret Hefferman so i looked up her full talk. I thought it was a very nice message to begin the new year with:


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Wow Wendy, I just listened to the video you linked. Thank you so much for that.

The content of her discussion applies to the whole world now, in so many ways. Spirituality has been telling us this kind of underlying aspect to our troubles all along. The way she relates this "Super-chicken" scenario and success in businesses helped me to see this.

The  thing that impacted me the most, was when she said " ... the individually most productive chickens had only achieved success by suppressing the productivity of the rest." Just like the higher powers suppress and maintain.

We have learned that we (by TPTB) are gathered together like cattle as to be more easily controlled. Thus we have lived under thumb through  the class, master/servant, king/ruler, strong/weak, etc, mentality of our social order, religions, tribes, nations, clubs, etc, etc.

In more recent history we came to fight these systems to gain our individual independence and rights. I'm thinking all this has brought us to the point we are now in that we (at least a lot of Americans) are repulsed by the thought of socialism. Seems like we've been protecting "individual rights" so fervently for so long, and this I think because it took us so long to achieve them, that we've come to ignore anything involving collective experience. Anything that now, in any way, sounds like socialism, triggers the off button for consideration by the mind. 

We (hell ... life itself!) are social creations dam it, think about it. That is perhaps the most basic and foundational idea, for human experience, to address before ANYTHING else. This lady has just helped to put all this into perspective for me. I have been mulling this whole concept for some time now.

Like I said, Wow and Thanks.

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      https://youtu.be/W8SsFkSdG_s         that reminds me of this! Happy new year Gary

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Happy new years you guys! 

Oh hey Chris, how's Penelope doing? Last I remember, she was having some health issues. 

I hope that all of you and your families have been having a good couple of weeks. I often find that I go through some kind of depression leading up to Christmas, get into some transformational stuff, and then relax and mellow out a bit by New Year's.  

How about you guys? Did you notice any personal or collective shifts around winter solstice? 

<3 Trish 

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Hi Todd,

That link didn't work for me. Are you in China still? I wonder if you can see things we can't on the web. Can you describe what to search for?

Hi Gary,

That's an interesting take. I hadn't interpreted what she was saying as promoting socialism, just cooperation rather than competition. But socialism is cooperation, just on a much larger scale than the companies she was talking about.

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Yeah, I didn't either Wendy, it's just when I see and think about the necessity for cooperation, I know the first thing people object to is anything that in the least, resembles socialism. I'm always looking for a way around that objection.

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I'm fairly certain this is the video Todd had in mind. It certainly applies.

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   Thanks Gary, it worked when I previewed it,,,I guess I screwed something up! Yeah,,I'm not sure what the answer is,,but BM sure knows how to remind people how silly they are

     Trish,,I go through a similar cycle this time of year too. I feel it the week before Christmas, when the days are so short, the sun cycle is at it's weakest. Winter is the time to go within,,,so fitting

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