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I'm posting a 20 minute educational video for the young and old, the conservative and the liberal. Whatever your station in life this direct and well done clip informs us about how everything from our self-image to our obsessive shopping habits needs to be examined in light of the bigger picture.

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Good morning.

Thank you for posting this!  It's a wonderful piece that I've seen before, and have sent along to many friends.  Everyone would benifit to take the few moments to watch it, as it will change the way you live your life.  I am happy to say that it was sent to me, initially, by a science teacher who uses it in her middle school class.  I forwarded it to a friend who is an economics teacher, who now uses it with his high school students.  

Thank you for looking out for us.

Much love and light,




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and so right on the money (literally, LOL).  It was so complimentary of the work at the Venus Project (parent co. for the Zeitgeist series of films addressing the same subject) that I wrote to her at the address she gave for offering ideas for the book she is writing presently on the subject of sustainability to put her onto the Venus Project for collaboration (wouldn't surprise me if she was already well aware of V.P.).

Terms like "externalizing the cost" (who really pays) and "Planned/Perceived Obsolescence" were so well used.  That figure of only 1% of product sold in use after 6 months really opened my eyes.  I have been a deadbeat concerning consumerism for quite a while now.  The novelty of shopping grew thin for me years ago as it so frequently would leave me feeling empty shortly thereafter.

May we continue to work with the collective here on earth helping to raise the vibration that would have the many many more waking up to this collective insanity and finally smelling the coffee pot in the land fill.  Isn't Free Range Studios the same firm that did that cute little series animal welfare "take" on the movie "The Matrix" ???

Love/Light, and Peace with no opposite, Chris

I don't know too much about the Free Range Studio, but there were a few things in this video that I had a little clench in my stomach about.  For instance, before I gave up TV viewing, I used to feel down and somewhat worthless when I would watch commercials with the newest of cars and everyone was so hip and smiley.  Weird and scarey at the same time when I recognized this.Sealed


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Hi Trish,  I have been reading a very interesting book called The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis Schlemmer.  From the dates on the documented channelings I see that I am a bit late to this book, but it, like so many other sources coming to us today, is talking about many helpers and guides from our actual genetic origin coming to help raise the frequency of the planet and all life on Her, and doing this because conscious awareness must speed up if we are to awaken in time to stop our collective madness of our present and very dense/entrenched human mind system.  We hear the same from James and the Lyricus Teaching Order (WingMakers) attempting to help us understand that our escape route is the abandoning of all the myths the mind has created and loved, and return to a very intuitive and intelligent Heart.

This is something that so many of the indigenous cultures on this planet have never lost, and so they remain knowing that the Heart must rule and rein with Mind at Her right hand side as faithful ally.  Many are beginning to understand this in greater and greater numbers with all of the apparent assistance we are receiving right now, but it is still an inviolate matter of free will as relates to each individual.

I then read in the aforementioned book that there is (allegedly) no place quite like Earth anywhere in the universe (although the universe is literally teeming with Life everywhere), and at the same time, no place with quite the same "density" as earth.  This, according to the book, sets up the possibility/probababability for souls to stop learning, instead "desiring" to just keep returning to very unique/sensational pleasures and/or pain of earth, incarnation after incarnation, and (again, allegedly) explains why there are so many people incarnating to this planet right now (among other reasons concerning the strong desire to be of assistance during this amazing time leading to another point of singularity).

We begin by willfully contracting for the learning experience that a unique place like Earth so bountifully provides and end up trading in the contract for the selfish experience of desire, greed and/or power due to such extremely strong dense sensational illusion that can seem so much like reality to those having fallen asleep in this very well orchestrated human mind system.  I consider, for now anyway, much of this to be carefully and intuitively viewed as mere speculation for consideration and little more, but what this affirms very well (for me anyway) is that we do live a very seemingly conscious life in a very dense/sensational 3D construct that has the rich capacity for making illusions and dreams seem/feel so damn real that we start believing we are the very bodies we inhabit.  According to the book, this is not near as big a problem in the less dense environments throughout the rest of this particular universe.

This gives me a bit more insight on why advertizing methods work so well and create a consumer culture, catering so easily to a very entrenched and well-developed carnal consciousness that assumes it is the body it inhabits without ever feeling the need to even question the premise.  Things have gotten so backwards entrenched that we who would tell the world they are not the body they presently inhabit easily "appear" to be the crazy ones lost in lala land.  We physically exist in a much more dense environment here on Earth than the vast majority of all other conscious life, and this creates an agreeable atmosphere for breeding such deceptive lies/illusions for sale to unassuming souls that suck it up like there's no tomorrow, illusions that have absolutely nothing to do with real life whatsoever.  No wonder the happiness index has gone steadily down since 1950 as shown on the graph in the video.... 

On the upside, "they" say that we will not be allowed to destroy this planet, but they would really prefer that we begin to help raise our own vibration and the vibration of others, via a very intelligent and very aware of real Life Heart, and if we do this we will quite naturally/spontaneously become enlightened/aware, re-cognizing that which we had fallen asleep to collectively for so long - and being Aware is so much more fun now.  I anticipate the happiness index will move up in the relatively near future.  The Venus Project is a great place to go to get a look through that near future window....

Holding Gaia in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator, and by extension, all Life upon Her....

LLP, Chris

I read an article in the Huffington Post recently that illustrated the common (in the US) dissociation between the image of our bodies and the health of the body.  Where so many people are seeking that Hollywood and magazine look (even when so few actually look like that), and it remains out of reach, there is loss of self worth. Intermingled in all of this is a disconnect from what is healthy. Some of those model bodies are actually quite unhealthy while some people that are a little overweight are quite healthy.

Somewhere along the line of projected images we lost the desire for health and what it even looks like. Wakefulness is an interesting world isn't it.

Namaste my friend Chris,



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And so much more safe/peaceful feeling too.  Our willfully made up dreams of delusional unreality are ever the only thing that is scary or unsettling.  Reality is inviolate Love/Light and Peace and dispels the bad dream (or any dream for that matter).  Oh how fast we will progress in a parabolic curve of understanding and remembering/re-cognizing when we hit that magic number we are approaching as we speak, here on Gaia Mother Earth Gaia.  To wake up I must remember that I went to sleep, to dream my dream...  No one or thing did this to me...  I am not a victim...  I have always and ever been freeeeeee!!!! I help me to remember as I help others remember....

Love/Light and Peace with no opposite, Chris

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