Cancer documentaries.

Hi everyone.  Haven't been on here for quite a while.  Came across these two documentaries on cancer and found them interesting.  Thought I would share.  I find it funny I shared them with a doctor friend of mine and asked them for their opinion...shockingly they never responded Cool.  Hope everyone is doing well and these are of interest.





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Thanks Todd,

I feel there are many cures and other information that have been suppressed in an effort to make money for big pharma and some physicians and others that don't understand what healing really is and how or why it comes about.  I haven't had time to watch these vid's in their entirety but will comment again when I have.  Good to see you around the TT neighborhood.  Be well, happy and full of Light.  kristyne

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Thanks Todd,

I saw documentary about Sloan/Kettering recently too and never got around to posting. I'm not surprised the doctor never responded. He may be a very good doctor and not in it for the profit but you have to understand that many naturalpathic doctors have to tread very carefully. Laetril would be considered going against the standard treatment and they could loose their licence and get personally sued if they are caught doing mendicine that is against the book.

I totally believe in laetril - you can get the tablets from Mexico over the internet. I've taken them many times, suspecting that I might have a lump and never reacted as if it was a poison. We took in a lab rat as a pet once that clearly had cancer. Giving it laetril tablets it clearly recovered and lived another 2 years. We also grow peach trees and save and eat all our peach pits. I personally think they have a wonder flavor - like biter almonds.

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Speaking of bitter, Tumeric is also suppost to help stop the chain reaction of cancer cells formation.  It is interesting how very bitter is a common characteristic of those things good for derailing cancer.  It is also interesting that doctors are so vehemently instructed to never use the word "cure", only the word "treatment".  There's no money in "cure".

I so look forward to the day when "profit" is not the driven initiative in life and human services.  It is so bizarre how far the money worship thing has gone.  Such a hypnotic force that goes unnoticed by subjects under it's influence - so insidious.

To get off subject a tiny bit, cognitive dissonance (the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values) is epidemic these days, especially in politics.  My sweetsie who is a very well informed critical thinker had to turn the channel today because the program on community TV was a documentary exposing cruelty to animals in factory farming practices.

She turned the channel to financial news to see how her stocks are doing and the stock market in general, and I told her, Sweets, that cruelty to animals you just shuddered at is the soft underbelly of the beast that is represented by the stock market and the publically traded companies that comprise the body of that beast.

Even the most intelligent, compassionate and eloquent minds can fall prey to cognitive dissonance.  Imagine how easy it is for those who don't even ponder much to fall prey to such contradictions.  Reminds me of the tea party lady at a tea party protest that had written "keep the government out of my medicare.  That really exhibits how absurd and bizarre it has gotten...

keep government out of my medicare - Google Search

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The big nod to you Chris. You said it as well as it could be said.

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I've been reading all I can about the Beck Protocol and I'm just a step or two away from buying or building at least one of his machines. - A First Aid Kit of the Future


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   This is the interview that changed everything for me several years ago...This man had absolutely nothing to gain from spreading the word,,,at his own expense, for the last years of his life. His protocol addresses health at the core points of our system,,,the water and electricity that make up these vessels that we inhabit. I liken that to addressing any subject from as close to the "source" as we can medicines, no complicated treatments, just clean your blood, get good water, and a basic, tested and true, non synthetic antibiotic to help out,,,then watch your body do it's job,,,,like a clean reset on your computer...

    I have talked about zappers in the past, and still recommend them to friends with arthritis,fungus of any kind,,,anything really, especially to people who can't be diagnosed. The unit he uses is especially interesting, and a little different than a zapper.(the difference is technical,,one has high hertz and lower amps,and the other is the opposite) But they both clean the blood, repolarize the cells, and by doing so seem to kick start the immune system. All the microwaves we are exposed to almost 24/7 are reason enough to own one of these, just to repolarize the cells , which are pounded round the clock by emf these days...I know quite a few people who just can't sit and listen to this lecture,,,but still went out and bought a zapper the next day after using mine on their arthritic hands. As hard as it can be for some to sit through a lecture like this,,,if there was one thing people were forced to listen to,(clockwork orange style), this would be my pick,asit truly is a way to "take back your power".

    I believe that this device was a small but important step in our regaining what I believe was ancient knowledge using frequencies to correct any disorder,,,or, dis-ease,,,,L,,,,T



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Thanks for your input, Todd.  I've been comparing Beck's Silver Pulsar, now sold by Sota -, to Hulga Clark's zapper - and Don Croft's zapper, which is a modified Clark Zapper with gems and crystals .  Croft claims his zapper is an improvement over Hulga's because of the crystals, but he also says that it burns the skin if you keep it in one place too long.  Have you experienced burning from your zapper, Todd?

Because of the burning and because the electrical discharge isn't adjustable on the zapper, I'm learning towards buying Beck's pulsar, even through it costs a heck of a lot more than the zapper.  I'd appreciate your comments, Todd.

Another device is the Rife Machine, but information on that one is confusing and complicated.  Apparently, there are quite a few charlatans selling cheap, ineffective knockoffs. The genuine article appears to be very expensive.  Does anyone know about this machine?

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   Hi Noa,,,The zapper I posted here a few times was "The Ultimate Zapper".        The guy who invented that one cured his MS,,,then later Crohn"s disease with the old style zappers,,I think it was the Hulda Clark zapper,,,but it took him a long time...Being a techie guy, he designed the ultimate zapper, a stronger one that was rated the best in the world for several years. I honestly don't know if there is something better out there now, I haven't kept up with it,,but my ultimate zapper is still crankin after 6 years. I bought that zapper because I wanted to be able to zap in different ways,,it came with two hand held pipes, and two foot plates.

     The beck silver/pulser is a little different. It makes colloidal silver too,,,,which is a plus,,I can't tell you howmany times that has helped me and others I know. Everyone I know who has used mine has bought one. The "zapper" part of it is just as Beck describes it in the lecture,,,a blood electroperator"..haha! hope I said that right,,,It cleans your blood. You wear it 2 hours a day for around 6 weeks...In 2 hours your blood will circulate past the pulse points about 12 times,,,that  is one treatment...He fascinated me with his stories about him and his friends using it for months and months and testing their blood monthly( it must be nice to have friends with electron microscopes). They joked that their blood was Immortal because even the samples would live for months on a test slide stored in a closet.

     I know another man who couldn't be diagnosed for over 10 years by doctors....Someone finally recommended he get a 250 dollar blood analysis and they found at least 10 diseases brewing in his blood. He got a zapper and completely regained his health in a couple of months.....

     But back to the silver pulser. You can only use it one way on your body,,,on pulse points,,the wrist or ankle points. The zapper can be used in many ways,,you can even sterilize food on the foot plates,,,so,,,it is tough to decide which one to buy....

    I have only seen one genuine rife machine,,,I went with someone to see a used one for sale...I know someone else who got a copy,,,and it didn't cure them..From what I could tell,,rife was the real thing,,,but it was a much more complicated machine. There was a whole book,,with page after page of different frequencies for different things,,,lots of them.. The one I saw was pretty old, and the man had extended his life for another 20 years after the doctors had doomed him with advanced stage prostate cancer. His son was selling it and had the original books to go with it. If I had a home,,I would love to have an original, and learn how to use it properly,,I heard his results were almost 100 percent positive.

  I never trusted Hulda Clarks'zapper as,,,number 1,,,,it was never Hulda Clarks...She was an amazing woman who was chased out of America for her research. She recommended using zappers, but I think someone else used her name to associate it with her protocol.I read her book on cancer, and her protocol, but found it almost impossible to follow diligently, as I was having to work every day. She was labeled a quack in the USA, and opened a clinic in Mexico with mixed results. She died a few years ago, and I was sad then, as she had so many alternative theories on diseases,most related to toxins in our production lines that end up in our products , and did a lot of research on bugs,parasites,etc., even suggesting that they were the cause of cancers. Evidently, these creatures are found in the middle of many tumors that have been removed from people. Traditionally, doctors don't dissect them,,they just take a sample to test for malignancy. I personally dissected mine within 20 minutes of them coming out of me, and found something in one of them,but couldn't identify it..It still wouldn't prove that they caused it, only that they feed on it,,,if cancer is a cell that won't stop growing, then that would make sense to me...a lifetime food supply!!! Either way, I find the idea of eliminating all these ancient creatures in our blood fascinating. I don't know how close I got when I used these devices heavily,,but I sure did feel amazing, light as a feather. I started using the beck pulser again two days ago, and am going to try my best to not miss a day for a couple of months. If I run out of time in the day,,I will put it on when I go to sleep. I have done it before, and I always seem to wake up sometime after my two hours is up, unhook from it, and go back to sleep,,ha!

   Oh,,,and yes,,I burned myself with a zapper,,,more than once,but it was from the plate not making full contact with my body. I was using the plate on my stomach, and it couldn't lay flat against my stomach.When a corner of the plate was off of my stomach, I felt the current jump, like a tiny lightning bolt, and what I got was a small circular burn, about half the size of a cigarette burn. It scarred me, but don't be scared. I was experimenting with it. I later cut one of the foot plates in half, and solved the problem, as it was then small enough to lay flat against my body. I had a similar experience with the hand held pipe, trying to zap the pulse point on my ankle,,,same situation,,,it couldn't make good contact because of the shape of my body there, so I got  a "pinch" burn,and a tiny scar from that one too. Once again, normally you won't feel anything while using a zapper,,technically I was misusing it, experimenting, as many others have.....On ken presners' ultimate zapper site, he used to have people from all over the world talking about how they used his zapper...A couple of years ago, the site was revamped a little, so I am not sure if they are still there. I did notice that the actress from the Indiana Jones movies is on there now,,she had a crippling case of Lyme disease, and had great results with his zapper,and wrote about it there.

  One reminder, or warning,,,,if you are taking any medication,,,anything,,,remember,,,a zapper opens up the cell walls in your body, so you will super assimilate anything you are taking in...The ratio given was that one aspirin would be as powerful as up to 30 aspirin,,,that goes for anything,,,booze,weed,food, anything you are taking in,,so you will have to pay attention. It makes sense that you could use this to your advantage as well,,,,with vitamins, nutrients,water,etc......

   I read a few years ago that a few cancer clinics were testing zappers with chemotherapy,,,argh!! The idea was to isolate the chemo and super assimilate it into the cells in the area,,,I just can't imagine wanting to get chemo that deep into my body,,,it sounds like it might kill the tumor cells,,,,and you along with it,,,but you never know!

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about the arc thing with the zapper - can you use a wet cotton sock around the plates or poles to make a better contact and eliminate or minimize the arc-ing???  have you tried that?

Just had another thought about the plates - thinking about rounding the sharp corners and then bending the plates into a slight curve that would better fit the plates at certain locations of the body...

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  all zappers come with instructions to use a wet paper towel to cover the hand held pipes,,or the plates...

    The problem with bending the plates is that you distort the "tensile strength of the steel(they are pure stainless,,they had problems with copper long term), which could distort the flow of the current (you know,as you bend steel in any way, you distort the density of it, so that could affect any current flowing through it),,if you move the plate an inch or two on the body,you would have to bend it again....Cutting the plate in half worked for me, and I used to sit a tennis ball size chunk of rose quartz on top of it to hold it against me....It is true that if you are zapping for a long time, the paper towels will dry out, and you are more likely to get a burn. Generally ,I would have to wet them after one of my 90 minute sessions. I believe it is also important to be hydrated,,as it helps conduct the current deeper into your body. I used to frink a big glass of baking soda a while before zapping the bladder,,,man did that work well! I also used indian herb mixed in water,,,and now would probably use borax,,as it is so beneficial to cells on all levels,,plus it is a great conductor.

   There are times when I wanted to use a thicker towel or sock, but haven't tried it..You know, the current in the zapper is really just a gentle,fragile,frequency, so I guess I worry about dissipating it in any way. If you look at the pulse on  an oscilloscope,you will see it is just a series of sharp "cliffs", and the current is quite weak. Those sharp "clips" in the signal are supposedly what kills the "bugs" in your blood. Anyways, I just try not to do anything to dissipate the signal in any way.I Imagine when we talk about it burning you,,some people may see the zapper as much more dangerous than it is. Honestly, on most parts of the body, you can't tell if it is doing anything. I had to experiment,asmany others did, because the invention was covered up by the drug companies when it was invented, leaving us on our own to do R&D,,ha!

     One other thing I would like to add is that ,,,,when you clean your blood,,,,,the effects aren't just physical,,,your thinking,and sensitivity change with it,,, I never looked at my blood under an electron microscope, but I went heavy with these devices for a year or two, and I changed drastically...In some ways,that was good,,in other ways,,I felt very lonely, as my line of thinking was no longer accepted by many friends and family. I think everyone here has been through that on some level...I just didn't find the same things important anymore. If I was with someone,,and something happened in front of us,,,I saw something totally different than them. I say this in hindsight,as it wasn't until that new way of seeing things started to fade that I realized what had happened...

    My cancer has tried to come back at least three times since I left New Mexico,both the bladder cancer and the much worse skin cancer that i had 6 or 7 years ago.  Last year, the skin cancer almost killed me here in china. One day, during my morning exerise, when I bent over more than 90 degrees,I got dizzy and just about collapsed. 24 hours later, I couldn't roll over in bed without a huge dizzy spellcoming on, and the next day, five mellanomas popped up on my back, and were leathery within another 24 hours. I feared it had tapped into my spine ,,or brain,and got a little worried. I kept probing, and found a big tumor under my left shoulder blade, very close to the spine. It had probably been there for a long time, and had finally gotten big enough to protrude out from behind the shoulder blade. So,,I used the zapper again, laying the hand helds on either side of the spine,inline with it, and in 3 days the mellanomas were gone, the dizzy spells disappeared, and the tumor receded...My point is,,,the zapper isn't a miracle,,,and it can be very hard to get at some points in the body....That tumor had popped up inside the shoulder blade,,,or maybe it was there all those years,and had caused the big one I had 6 years ago,,as it was directly beneath that spot,,,but underneath that big bone,,,maybe the current couldn't get to it...Or,,,maybe it just gets a really big food supply being so close to the spine....or maybe,,I have just polluted myself again living in China..I moved from a pristine place in the mountains with a population of about 10,000 to a city with 23 million people,,ha!  Yeah,all that has gone through my head a thousand times, but what I really believe,,,and know inside, is that it is me,,,it is completely up to me. I have also mulled the idea that I only learned to beat cancer to defy the doctors that told me I had to do it there way......I have also been through the ups and downs of the rabbit hole,,like people here,and wondered,,,ok,,,I beat it,,,now what do I want to do? and still haven't found the answer. So,,,the issue of whether the soul just wants to leave has cropped up more than once. Soooo,yeah, the zappers work,,but it is only part of it. Like many things,,if the mainstream had embraced the invention, I believe we would have a much higher degree of frequency healing available by now..

          There is an old book I mentioned here long ago called,,,message of a master. In it ,the man talks about the 3 minds,,,the outer mind, the inner mnd, and the mind that controls our bodies. This mind should be left alone,,he said, as it knows what to do.....Taking this to heart, I lean toward the blood electroporation on the beck device. Clean the blood, re=polarize the cells, and let the miracle that is our bodies do it's thing. I am so tired of trying to figure out the body,,,what it needs, what it wants,,I just want to reset it,,,and let it do it's thing. The only miracle is within,,,let it happen....I just started the blood cleaner again,,,2 hours a day,,,and I still drink the ozonated water,,,we'll see what happens.....

        Sorry to lay all this out here,,I just feel like giving advice on zappers, or any other kind of treatment, wouldn't be complete without addressing the other half of the issue...L,,,T



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Thanks for such a detailed response, Todd.  It's helping me to make up my mind about which device to buy... and I need to do something significant for my health... soon.  I can tell by my energy level, foot pain, skin conditions, etc. that my health is declining.  I see this series of multiple symptoms as my body's cry for help.

This seems like a good time to mention my success in removing 2 melanomas with hydrogen pyroxide.  It's cheap and effective, but patience is needed.  The first mole took 3 months to remove.  I simply applied peroxide to the mole 3 or more times a day and scratched gently at the surface to allow the peroxide to penetrate.  The second mole took less than a month to remove, but with it I also used a product called Skin Answer, which can be bought at some health food stores or online.  Both moles are completely gone without a trace -- not even a scar.

I'm also treating some squamous cells, but I've found them to be much more difficult to remove.  I've reduced their size by alternating treatments of peroxide, iodine, and apple cider vinegar, but they're stubborn little buggers.

Funny, how people tend not to believe in natural cures. I told a friend about my melanoma cure and he responded naively, "Then why aren't doctors using it?"  I responded with a one-liner about the drug companies subsidizing the medical profession, but it wasn't the time for an entire lecture, so I let it go.  It's only been about a hundred years since the majority of people were using simple things like baking soda, witch hazel, and castor oil to heal themselves at home.  How has the collective consciousness forgotten such things so quickly?

I know several people with family members who are battling cancer at the moment.  It's sad to see them suffer when I know there are simple and effective cures available.  I'm hoping that I can help a few of these people with whatever product I decide to buy for myself.

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