Try not to limit your happiness by super imposing requirements that must be met for you to be happy unless you wish to make it easier for you to be unhappy lol and why should we want to do that... LOL iv had a few people question my happiness... "why are you happy" "ever time i saw you for the past 15 minutes and you've had that huge smile on your face" and iv had them ask me why and i just say i'm happy... my requirements for me to be happy is low or maybe better said i sabotage my happiness less.. im sitting down feeling the sun and wind on my body, breathing in the air why would i not have a big smile on my face ??? LIFE IS AWESOME................................
BIG SECRET YOU DON'T NEED TO LOOK FAR TO FIND A REASON WORTH SMILING ABOUT... here is one lol take in a big breath of air welcome it in and let it out "try feeling it", did you feel it ??? kinda nice right to breath are you happy you can do so??? i am, i think it is awesome feel that energy AHH it is nice and guess what i can do it again lol i know amazing right big breath in welcome air and wind, back out you go... feel that energy travel threw out my body awesome im going to leave here now and find all the amazing things im happy about in this here and now "with big brilliant emanating smile" hahaha
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I agree. Just remember to be happy. That's my key challenge. I love your vigilance in staying with what you know is true. Good for you. Give yourself plenty of happiness. Enjoy spreading your joy and the puzzled expressions it sometimes brings. It's hilarious really.

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