Garnishing a symbiotic union with Earth, with Nature "with the soul of the dance of life"

***The Intention and Action to heal earth, to heal nature and create habitat is amazingly powerful, a powerful lesson in harmony, in symbiosis, in abundance, in empowerment,.... ♥ ♥ ♥ if this resonates don't just like it, be part of that awakening, garnish the intention for symbiotic union with earth, with the soul of the dance of life. What a powerful, beautiful friendship you'll have and flourish with, together..... for an education, design and thought science exploring this union "look up Permaculture" 


This sings to my soul, i sing with it

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The man who planted trees -->

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ill will be keep adding to this.

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I have a running joke.  I say, "I'm saving the world, one seed at a time" because I'm forever saving the seeds of my fruits and vegetables and planting them around town.  I may not be here when they grow up to bear fruit, but I like the idea that I'm (anonymously) helping to feed people in the future. 

Likewise I say, "I'm saving the world one dog at a time," as I save my meal scraps to feed a starving street dog for one more day.

Never underestimate the good you can accomplish by doing one small deed to make the world a better place.

Inspiring post, Thomas.  YOU give much to the world.  Thank you!

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<3 >-----❥ I Love it my beautiful sister, Thank You for inspiring me and for all your sharings XO

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free video series meant to give a permaculture education by geoff lawton good video

great video beautiful creation, in just about a year they created this "silly intro"

Seed scatter technique



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You achieve balance in your relationship with Mother Earth by digging in the dirt. That digging will produce some kind of fruit based on the intention you invest in the digging.

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This is a good one "What Plants Talk About"

And here's a nice video of a permaculture devoloped lot showing the chop and drop practice. The lot use to be just dried up grasses with a sandy soil by working with plants and the land it built itself up into what you see now in a few short years, it is amazing



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Thanks Thomas,

It's not very often you get to see a film as beautiful as this documentary about Reynaldo. The scenery is beautiful, the music and natural sounds are beautiful and the story line is heart warming. I just love well done films like this. Thanks, that was a very refreshing experience.

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Beautiful video, Thomas. Thanks for sharing that. Much love, Fred

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   I have a Friday story about that gentleman who planted the forest what a beautiful thing he did . It has inspired me to think deeper and be more aware of my house plants that I love dearly and was taking for granted .  Thank you for this .  I live in the Kalmiopsis Forest Here in Oregon . I love to hike in it the vibe is awesome .



                          I love you all , Eric

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