WHAT DO YOU WANT MOST ???? ... (put answer) . WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ????... (put answer). ARE THE ANSWERS THE SAME ???? ... ()_() you see many, maybe even are selves are mixed up in the notation that what we want is what the system tells us we want--> money, items, cool car, big house, fancy cloths, computer, phone, tv, job, famous, possessions>"possess you"... but what do you love ? you love connection, being in a joy or warmth "connection" of another friendly soul, to dance to sing to laugh, to play and relax to LOVE "adventure explore", to give love and joy and feel it in return, to heal and help. When what you love and enjoy is not what you think you want then there is deception, for what you want is to love.

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  To free mankind and all the animals , live with nature again and live with love , prosperity , and kindness for one another. That would be what I want most.



     Love all <> Eric

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yeah, that's all wittle me wants to.  to love and be loved.  and for others to not feel afraid to do the same.  respect one another more.  forgive one another.  forgive oneself.  it's all uphill from there!

the cathartic mushroom experience i had waaay back in 1998 in Madison, WI opened my eyes in many ways.  some of it was prophetic.  there was this point where i was "way out there" and my friends had left me behind because they couldn't get me to come back with them and my friend, jim saw me running across the field and transforming into a bird and didn't want to inhibit my trip...  i wandered into a nearby neighborhood with only my shorts on at that point (thank goodness!) and trying to find "home" or my way "home".  this van of younger partying types pulled up to check me out and i told them "if we just get together, we can bring the light".  they all thought i was completely nuts.  there is MUCH MUCH more to that whole experience, but that part and one other seem specifically relevant to my presence here.  the other one was if i was going to leave and had one more thing that i wanted to tell the whole world with all of my being, what would it be?  my answer was "i love you".

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I guess this is just another way to say the same thing that's already been expressed here but a voluntary society is what I want more than anything. That's why I joined the local church and continue to be a part of it in spite of all it's flaws and history of religion being a control mechanism. The fact that I could drop out from it at a moment's notice, the fact that I am joining with others in community where all donations are strickly voluntary, the fact that this particular church allows it's members to lead services several times per year-  all these things keep me at it, even though it is far from the ideal I envision.

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If I were to sum up what I want most, it would be peace, belonging, and fulfillment.

It really makes me think, when I'm overly focused on my work, stressed, burnt out, snappy at home, and not taking care of myself, where did I ever think that was ever benefiting anyone? That cycle does nothing to further those qualities for myself or anyone around me.

On the other hand, I feel wonderful about this weekend. I took care of a lot of paperwork, helped a friend and encouraged her, had some quality time with Shaun and cut his hair, and paid real deliberate attention to my daughter and sang to her for bedtime. I even flossed my teeth!

It's amazing how energizing and soul-gratifying it is to put the priority on caring for yourself and others. But everything has its season; sometimes you are the one in need of help and then you provide the opportunity for someone else to serve and feel fulfilled.

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