Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment

I thought some of you might find this interesting, I get the impression that the author has a bit of a skewed perception, but I think he makes some interesting points about "New Age" type thinking and some of the flaws. I've only read half of the first chapter, its very long, a book almost.

This may or may not resonate with you, take from it what you will, I found it to be a good exercise in exactly this procedure - sifting what resonates from what doesn't, and for this reason am passing it on. I also plan to keep reading through it.

Cheers, J

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What I get from him in general is very much what James from WingMakers is telling us, as are others.  That we do well to become Sovereign Agents of and for our own path to enlightenment and abandon the saviorship notion and notions of "gods" altogether.  Even Hidden Hand alluded to the very same thing in the ATS Q&A.

So for anyone possibly concerned about reading something that may be trying to tear down personal belief structures, I would not be too concerned unless you have some pet dogmas from religions or esoteric sources.  I say tear them all down, and when the dust settles we can see that we are still left standing and very much Whole, minus the monkey mind white noise of our particular choosing over so many years and very likely, myriad lifetimes, not to mention the collective consciousness of us all that we are unavoidably connected to...

I like this response he gave to a poster:

"I can’t sum it all up here, but in essence, I believe that while meditation that reminds us of our deeper nature is useful, equally important is developing habits of thinking and choice that strengthen our personal freedom, that develop our will. It isn’t just about developing universal love, or sensing our unity with all life, though those things are important."

"Becoming a master of life, a master of this dimension, requires being able to shape our own experience consciously, and this only happens through development of the will. My article on “Creating Reality” in the “Blowing the Whistle” series goes into this quite deeply, but there’s much more to be written. This is an area I’m fascinated by and am focusing on now in my research and in my personal life. I expect to write more about it when my perceptions and insights have gelled."

"Regarding your recommendation of looking for the good in the traditional solutions we’ve been given, rather than finding fault in them, I don’t agree at all. To rise to a higher level of understanding, we need to think critically. We need to look past the established explanations, that bury self-contradictions behind easy answers, and really examine those places where the answers we’ve been given don’t jive."

"Those places are the seams in the fabric of reality which, when examined, allow us to break through the facade into a higher level of knowledge. They are the hidden holodeck door that, when discovered, lead out of the illusion."

"Simply focusing on “the good” in essentially deceptive explanations keeps us locked in the system and ignorant. Of course, the system tells us that such questioning is “negative” (a term you also used), because that deters people from questioning. Calling critical thinking “negative” places a judgment on it, a social stigma that deters people from challenging the established order. It keeps the sheep in the pen."

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But your "he" is a she.   The author is female. 

Well Josh, I have to say I was pretty surprised when I started reading the Chapters of this book you have linked to.   Wow.   I only got up to chapter 5, but will continue reading.    As I said, I was surprised.... and then I was surprised that I was surprised.   I hate to ask the question of "Just how much more can be revealed to be so messed up in this world?"    Once again... I have run up against something that I believed to be - for lack of a better word - "good", only to find that is probably corrupt also.   It just never seems to end.  Then again there is the idea that this information/blog/book is not quite true and correct.   I think I am getting to the point though that it just doesn't matter.   Who the heck even knows what "Truth" is?   She had some very good thoughts and ideas that I agree with in what I have read so far. 

For some time, I have had a desire to join that school.  Never quite got up the nerve to do it.... and perhaps now... I will count my blessings that it never came to be.   

This is another fine post to spend some time with, Josh.   Thanks!

With Love,


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 Thanks Chris for posting that with the quotes. That last paragraph made a lot of sense to me and is still echoing in my head like a gunshot. My only concern about his writing is that he presents his thoughts with such certainty-and maybe he has earned it- but in my experience that is a red flag for excessive ego-a strident personality and a closed mind. I am sure he's a lot smarter than me.

Josh, you know how frustrated I get with esoteric texts. I think this fellow is completely refreshing-if angry. In the first writing he talks about entities controlling us from another plane of

Last night I went to a monthly psychic experiences meetup and one topic was about the intrusions of  entities (the dead who've not yet moved on) who effect people who open up to other level. Lower frequency beings push emotional buttons and generate fear to lower the person to the level of the entity so they could be controlled for whatever their agenda was. Some are very crafty. Many times these beings died in horrific situations and/or they were nasty people and they CAN do you harm if you aren't careful and know what to do. The general message was that when you release your fear-they can't control you. There are said to be higher frequency beings who generally seem benevolent. They want to assist us, but they cannot intervene to help without being directly asked...I don't think they are considered to be lost souls.

This sounded so similar to this discussion of astral entities that I had to say something. I can't wait to read more of this guys stuff.

An aside-my sister who does shamanic work says she gets a lot of entities bugging her to help them. She lays down rules to them like "you have to remain outdoors and I will take a few of you in soon to my study to help on Wednesday but only on my terms" etc. It's hilarious! The first time she helped a lost soul was when a little boy came to her in 18th century clothing and asked if she had seen his parents. Instinct told her to say he needed to go into the light to find them. He told her he could see the light and then he saw his parents waiting for him to join them.  I have NEVER had an experience like this! How totally amazing is that?!?! This happened just as she was starting to gain control of her life again from an unbidden and terrifying Kundalini Awakening she endured alone as a young adult without any idea of what was happening to her.

Anyway, Thank you Josh!

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 She makes a point (over and over)that TM stole peoples energy, time and money from them. Then she says because of mantras to Indian Gods, the meditator's energy went to 4th dimension deities (she thinks they're bad for taking our energies-but she never defines their purposes or if they are deities, false-deities or something else). This (despite my prior posts contentions) is an amazing claim. I have never heard this idea before and it's going to weigh on my mind for a while.

She said "But the doctrine as it is taught today, even as the greatest Indian masters once taught it, is corrupt. The truth has been contaminated by the Fourth Dimension. Because the doctrine teaches that individual ego is a perversion of the Infinite, something that must be dissolved back into the universal consciousness for us to become wholesome and free. As such, that doctrine erodes the integrity of humanity."

She later says that the mind control of Illuminati and Masons etc who form a New World Order movement, are actually manipulating us thru activities? in the 4th dimension. I assume she means Illuminati who've kicked the bucket, go into the 4th dimension and control us with bad intent from there. Wow.

 If I understand her, she says sure, meditate and go to the place of everlasting oneness and love...but whatever you do don't let go of your rational mind and questioning of reality when you get back. Also, that there are people who manipulate meditators en mass, by convincing them to return to the experience of ecstasy in the 'place of oneness' as an escape from reality. Thus these people are distracted from contesting the New World Order's hideous work that's destroying our planet. (sounds like the War on Drugs manipulations)  Wow again!

Just when I was warming up to Indian "spiritual ideas" she goes and makes me have to go back to my heavy dependency on Buddhism. Dang!

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I meant to say I was warming up to Hindu spiritual ideas... I always think of Buddhism as further east from India-strange because the Buddha threw down his thing in India.

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Didn't realise it was a "she"

Just saw the name "baxter" and assumed it was a guy.

I'm glad this is resonating so well, I just got a feeling from the first few pages - still haven't had the time to read through more than that unfortunately - have been focused on spreading info about the oil spill to friends and family - potential solutions, diabolical connections to other evil corporations etc.

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Once again, information presented to me from this forum has had the effect of a new and improved transformation within me.  I enjoyed reading the writings of Bronte Baxter.  In my opinion, this has been a continuing of the HH and Law of One information.  It just keeps building upon itself – sometimes knocking loose the older irrelevant pieces of information. 


I see my transformation process as a tearing down of the old, almost at the same time that the new is being built.   While reading “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment”, I found myself – once again – in that spot of tearing down what I had built.   The difference this time is that what I had built – was not that old.   It wasn’t left over, long ago learning’s that came from a younger, ignorant, unconscious part of my life.   It was stuff that was just recently incorporated as belief… passing the test of resonance… intuition….and truth as I knew it.      Quite the experience.    It speaks of this “speeding up” of time…. Exponential learning and expansion.   


There - within the writing -  were things that resonated as truth within my being, yet I had never gathered it up into a thought process so that I could “see” it.  What was being revealed to me was a truth with more clarity… having some of the dross burnt off.   As I read what someone else had found… and put into a thought… which became the sentence/paragraph/article….and manifested out into existence….I found myself experiencing that odd state of  “knowing less”.  This "truth" was removing some beliefs I had in place –with nothing else to replace it with.   The reason there was nothing to put into the space that my old belief took up was because the truth already had its own place and had been there all along.


For example - I found that some pillars of understanding and belief, formed from the comfort and knowledge that I had found in Eckhart Tolle’s books and teachings in the past few years started shaking and falling apart.   I was disconcerted and a little angry at first to have the teacher I had held in an elevated position be brought down to my level.  But I could not “not” look at the new information that revealed missing pieces and parts of those teachings.  For me, the burning question of “how do I get rid of my persistent individuality” and understand- or BE this Oneness, had not yet been answered.  And in this blog/book…. Bronte shined her light all over that question.


I also registered and acknowledged my internal resistance of looking at the possible “human” characteristics of gods and deities.   To take away their benevolence… yet keep them at a higher or superior position…. caused feelings of fear and helplessness.  As Bronte Baxter brought them – through her words – to the same “place” as me, the same place in which we are all learning and evolving - and Loving, another shift occurred for me. 


And as I write this out I am seeing that what happened with this latest reading is that the playing field is beginning to level out.   Those who I have held in higher positions – in my older belief system – who, because of their elevated status required me to hold a “lower” position, status, authority…are moving closer and closer to me.   Hmmm.    Equality (– or is it Oneness?)  is beginning to emerge in my universe.


As I am growing and learning, I am finding myself “knowing” less and less.  As I let go of what I know….I am simultaneously expanding into the unknown.  And what is unknown… is far more vast than what is known.    To actually “experience” this…. Is much more incredible than just “knowing” it.


Thanks for reading… and giving me a place to express some of my learning out into this world.


With Love,


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Such a key point, finding equality to be a key component of Unity.  I have gotten that too from several sources ever since getting into James' writings from WingMakers, the latest source being HH.  Witnessing the dilution of the fading saviorship model is and has been very interesting and liberating to me also.

I like this that you said Mary,

"As Bronte Baxter brought them – through her words – to the same “place” as me, the same place in which we are all learning and evolving - and Loving, another shift occurred for me"

It was also very liberating to me to hear of ascended beings further up the scale of rarified light and frequency of spiritual evolutionary journey still dealing with some of the very human struggles and behaviors we are so familiar with at this level of Self awareness and personal evolution.

We are sovereign agents of the Divine, equal to all those we placed on spiritual pedestals, favoring "them" while denying our own inherent and eternal Sovereign Divinity.  Those illusory notions are fading fast!!!  It also makes the notion and sincere practice of "Namaste" come more easily and naturally, given this more illuminated understanding of who, what and where each of us and all of us are.  All of us experiencing from near infinite number of utterly unique vantage points, and yet only One of us here...

Blows my mind every time!!!

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“It was also very liberating to me to hear of ascended beings further up the scale of rarified light and frequency of spiritual evolutionary journey still dealing with some of the very human struggles and behaviors we are so familiar with at this level of Self awareness and personal evolution.”

Yeah – kind of brings a deeper level of meaning to the statement – “As above… so below, doesn’t it?”


As the creator becomes more like me…. And I become more like the creator…. I am beginning to see how the end result may be a merging into the understanding and “experience” of Oneness.


Namaste Chris.  It is a pleasure indeed to finally get to the point of understanding some of the very profound writings that you post out here.

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"As the creator becomes more like me…. And I become more like the creator…"

As the Creator becomes, and not only becomes, as in not remaining static, but becomes more like me.  I doubt many of us brought up in typical western religion ever considered the possibility that the Creator was in a flux state of becoming along with our evolutionary process of becoming, but it makes perfect sense doesn't it?

I really love the way you think Mary!  Namaste...

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I didn't know whether to jump into this discussion or not, but after the last couple of repartees between Mary and Chris, I couldn't resist.

First of all, Chris, as you are most familiar with the LOO material, you rememer that Ra states that the Creator desired to experience all that could be experienced through his creation.  And subsequently profided free will to this human manifestation of Itself.

The whole concept of the Creator metamorphising through the experiences of Its creation I think is the essence of this discussion. When we as the created comprehend the fact that we are integral parts of the Creator and in fact a holographic reflecion of Creator, we are unable to put one or the other of us above or below who we are or who the Creator is.  It is indeed equality, as we are all manifestations of the One Infinite Creator.  As much as we may admire or adore some individual for their unique ability to percieve what we cannont or presently are unable to , does not mean that they are unequal to any of the rest of us. They are expressing a small amount more of their connection to the All.

Brian, a special note to you, don't abandon your enchantment to the Hindu/Buddhist thought.  They are closer to Truth than most of modern religeous though. I am myself following a Hindu  path. Far to go but well on the path. Just stay with the Trinity. The "Middle Way" is obivous in both Hinduism and Buddhism.





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Glad you joined in Berry!   I hope anyone else who wants to join in will do so…. Please don’t hesitate.   As I see it, each addition, each new piece of thought, just adds to and increases this understanding.  And then it expands again…


My gosh you guys are just incredible to bounce ideas back and forth with!  Coming to this point of contemplating a metamorphosising Creator who is in a flux state of becoming along with our evolutionary process of becoming….. Yeah… what could make better sense than that?   That one is going to take a bit of time to settle down within my being. 


What mind-blowing fun this has been today.  Smile

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when you said,

"As much as we may admire or adore some individual for their unique ability"

made me realize when I admire "another", I admire something about "me", for in the end (well, there is no end, so that doesn't work, LOL), in the more purified form of understanding, all thought would relate, and relate only (almost 100%) to the integrated understanding that we are One and there is fundamentally only One of us here, although "essentially" and "virtually", there is a near infinite number of us.  WoW!  Just chew on that magnificent paradox for a while...

If every thought I thought was prefaced by knowing this simple truth, all ducks would be in a row, so to speak.  At the very least, life would flow a bit better.....  Now watch, I will be tested on this flowery cosmic stuff as soon as I get away from the keyboard, haaaahahahaha!!!

As GW would say to the turrrists, "bring it on!"....  NOT!

Stay focused and in Love Dear Ones, our Coherence is being requested, and distractions are to be expected (and appreciated in a very interesting and liberating way!). Coherence, Meissner Effect, Coherence, Strength in numbers extraordinaire, doubling principle, invincible, eternally inviolate, Checkmate, wake-see up-see time, 11:11.......

You are already that which you hope to be, while experiencing in "now-time" the "trip" there!!!!

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The Internet is a no-holds barred intellectual brawl (and dumping ground)of ideas and opinions. There are hundreds of millions of personal web pages/sites like Baxter's.

For me, after Want to Know and the Transformation course, "No Belief Is Too Big To Fail", but her assertions are very challenging to my beliefs and I noticed I became very overstimulated and irritable after reading her stuff for a while. I wish I knew why.

 It occurred to me I need to use her advice about NOT accepting Eastern teachings unquestioningly and apply it to hers...I guess I'm just saying I am going to apply some skepticism.

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Hi everyone

This is a brilliant post thank you Josh for posting it, she (BB) has certainly cleared up some points for me.  Wow Mary I wish I could write down my feelings so clearly.  What you said resonated with me a lot :)  I found her ebook to be very thought provoking and highlighted many things that I had felt uncomfortable with.

Much of it made perfect sense to me, she's quite opinionated and at the end of the day it is only her opinion but I agreed with quite a lot of it.  How refreshing to have someone being brave enough to stand up and question these so called gurus. 

I have always felt uneasy whenever someone claims to have all the answers, and say that their way is the only way, especially if they insist you pay vast sums of money for increasinly advanced levels of information that will be your entry to nivana......................... or if they claim to be one of the chosen few - yuk

I have a great deal of respect for anyone who knows more than I do and value their superior knowledge but I do not expect them to have all the answers.  What worries me is when these teachers think they are perfect and start to tell you what to do and think that they know everything about everything, including telling you how to live your life. I have had first hand experience of this and as you can see it gets my back up Laughing, they have been my best teachers though - mainly teaching me how not to do things!!

When I was on my Shamanic Course my teachers said they prefered to think of themselves as facilitators; they taught us how to do things correctly and safely - they did not tell us how to think.  They are extremely humble people but woe betide anyone who tried to take short cuts or ignore certain safety precautions.  How we interpreted things though was up to us, our individuality was encouraged.  Nobody was better than anyone else, just more knowledgeable at that time.  I liked that and it is a shame that it is the egotists that get all the publicity - mainly because they blow their own trumpets so much and end up believing their own press.  These people are dangerous and can cause so much distress and trauma especially as people are quite often vulnerable when they start on their spiritual path.  I know I was.

There is so much out there that is unknown, Bronte Baxter has helped me to understand myself better.  She has cleared my head of a great deal of clutter.  I, like you Mary, have followed Tolle's work and liked it, it has helped me a great deal but now I can see that it is only one way of looking at things.  It is quite a relief to know that my individually is still important.  I did  wonder if his interpretation of the ego was necessarily the only one as I find his stuff hard to live up to and feeling that I have somehow failed isn't particularly uplifting

How liberating. 

I have such a long way to go on this spiritual path and am enjoying the process, especially as I'm feeling the equality; that we are all One but at the same time it is wonderful to celebrate our individuality.  As humans surely that is what makes us all special.  It's the contrast that makes life fun.

Thank you all for your wonderful insights, I love reading what you have to say and thank you for listening to my ramblings.  I have a long way to go yet and will no doubt change my views many times so thanks for being here, for sharing your thoughts and bringing up so many interesting and thought provoking subjects.

Love to you all valx



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 I also found Bronte Baxter's assertions to not lose "you" or not to dis yourself a relief. Ever since I was a kid I rejected western religion as invalid. When I learned a little about Eastern practices-specifically Buddhism-I began to assume surpassing the ego was the ultimate goal of life. Now I have two thoughts instead: First-I don't know if life has an ultimate goal, and Second- I still think it's true that it's highly useful to learn to surpass the limited vision or perception of the personality and logical mind to access the unlimited aspects of consciousness.

I once heard the Dalai Lama asked what the purpose of life was: He answered "To be happy".

I saw a young monk giving a talk and he said life is "good enough to be happy".

"All the happiness, all the joy is in the present moment. This is good enough. You don't need a partner to be happy. You don't need to be healthy. You don't need a job. Have contentment. Whatever is happening now, is Good Enough". He suggested to ask- "What can I offer to life? How can I enrich my families lives?"

Love and peace, Brian

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She comes off a bit angry to me.  Now I can completely understand this view having gone through the whole spectrum of anger and depression myself, but to blame the gods for all the worlds problems seems a stretch.  When she says:

“The God I perceive in the depths of my being is not a God who is content with fathers raping infants, animals being ripped apart alive, or human sorrow so great only suicide can quell it.  This kind of world is not perfect, and anyone who sees it as such has something seriously wrong with them.  If the gods were really beneficent and powerful, they would not operate a world that runs like this.  When their mouthpieces and procurers tell us this world is just as it should be - that shows you the true nature of the gods.”

she forgets that we have free will and God cannot and will not let anyone (other gods) violate this law.  Sure we all get upset and plead with God to change things and then get even angrier when things don't change.  Maybe it's this anger that's preventing some real change from occurring; I know it kept me in turmoil for a long time.  I read in the "Telos: Revelations of the New Lemuria" series that beings in the fifth dimension live to be tens of thousands of years old, some as old as 200,000!  It seems to me we're in a bit of a crash course here.  Is it not possible then, since we currently only live to be 100 if we're lucky, that maybe we don't have all the answers and that maybe, just maybe, those behind the veil have some very valid reasons for staying out of the picture even when such atrocities occur?  As Dolores Cannon said, "It wouldn't be a test if you had all the answers."  Fine point.

Now I only read the first chapter, and that may be as far as I get.  But I do want to say that as far as God's "mouthpieces and procurers" go isn't it true that things get diluted over time (remember the game where everyone sits in a long row of chairs and by the time the sentence gets to the last person is it almost unrecognizable?) and in this world we even have those in power deliberately and deceptively changing and omitting things, if not completely obliterating priceless texts and works of art altogether (the burning of the Library of Alexandria, The Vatican's hoarding of sacred texts, the doctoring of the Bible to suit a cause (Power), to name a scant few).  A very wise person once said, "The founder of any great world religion brings truth.  However, the followers of that religion weave into it their own concepts, ideas, patterns and methods of worship.  Thus, the purity of the original idea is often lost through the earnest, sincere, but often misguided followers of the original world religion.” 

I think there are pearls to be found and integrated in every great spiritual teaching, even in all the worlds religions, but we must use discrimination and follow what resonates for each one of us.  Don't throw out the Hindu teachings Brian, there's some beautiful pearls to be found there. 

Not so short, sorry. 

Love and encouragement to us all on our relentless quest for truth!


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I wish I had the fortitude to read through this text.  I've tried all week, and just don't seem to be able to make it through.  I figure I'll put it down for a bit and see if I do better in another week or so. 

The discussion is really thought provoking, though.  Francis, I did get the sense that she has been burned by religion / spiritual practices in one way or another, and is speaking out of that anger. 

Have a great day. 



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Josh-thanks for posting this. Bronte Baxter has certainly broken up my stale take on self worth. That's big and I hope I can return the favor some time my friend.


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This is great stuff and it definitely resonates with something inside. Great discussion here as well. The comments about Creator as an evolving spirit are very interesting in light of a translation I ran across of what God told Moses  when asked what he should be called. The original hebrew text gave this, Ehye asher ehye, which has been translated as Iam that Iam in todays bible. There are several possible translations of this but one that I saw really fits this model and that is, I am becoming what I am becoming. I will definitely be reading the rest of what Baxter has posted.

Peace, Love and Joy


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