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Hi All

I had an idea over the weekend. It seems the chat is a bit of a problem for everyone to get the time right and because of the different time zones.

How about it if we picked a certain time of the day, say 8 p.m or 10 p.m. - I am open to suggestions - and for maybe only five minutes, or as long as you like, we breathed sacred love to each other and the world. If we all have that one same time, disregarding the time zones, we would send a wave of love and connection around the world every day.

When we use the Aura-Soma Quintessences, we send them around the world and from one hand to the other, it only takes seven seconds!

So far we don't have anything on the Portal which connects us spiritually on a daily basis and I think this would be a great idea!

Please lets have some comments - from all of you!!! I know lots of people read the posts but so very few ever make a comment. You have started a process by doing the course and you were looking for a Transformation Team, I think it is time we actually became one!!!

Love U

Hey Ursula,
I will definitely be in that whenever I can, I will work out my time here....
What a wonderful idea,
With love

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What I meant by a time was not to try and convert to the different time zones, just pick a time and use the one we decide on in all parts of the world. We could maybe use 1 p.m. or 1.30 pm when people who work have lunch, or whatever.

I knew I could count on you Jez!

Love you


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I'm doing it now.Do you feel the LOVE?  I'm so glad to be here. Any time is good for love.Thank you Ursula....It's a beautiful way to start the day!  Love Mary

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Ursula, you voiced my mind and probably others as well. Since my schedule changes from week to week, a set time is difficult for me. When I get home from work, it's early morning in South Africa. Breathing sacred love and ho'oponopono are activities I can often spend a few moments doing while I work. I'm working hard to add a spiritual dimension to my discussions of health with my customers, and feeling the support from the all around the world would be wonderful. If we were somewhat synchronized, I think it could affect us all and beyond, in ways we can scarcely foresee.


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Count me in!


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I'm in!

Love & light,

Penny :-)

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Now we just need to figure out a time. Lets have some suggestions please!

We could say maybe between 12 noon and 1 p.m. or between 9 p.m. and 10 pm or whatever. Giving it an hour might help to not tie it down too much?

I can make a plan for most times I am very flexible.

Thanks, I can already feel the love flowing.

Love U

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Sounds like a great idea to me, Ursula! What if we didn't depend on a certain clock time, but all just did it first thing upon awakening in the morning, and then right before going to sleep at night? Lots of love and excitement, Fred

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Count me in, Soul Sister! Sacred Love to All!

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Hi Ursh - Your idea is absolutely necessary if we are truly going to be a team.  I think I prefer Fred's idea of each of us sending our love as we close our eyes each night and open them each morning.  What a complete love blanket this would be!  In fact, I intend to start when I turn in tonight.  Thanks again, both of your, for such  wonderful suggestions.

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fred's proposal appeals to me too...  last thing at night and first thing in the morning...
yes, a lovely way to begin and end my dream day and my day dream...
love, b. Smile

Long life to you my friend.

I am open to the idea of sending lovingkindness to begin the day and conclude it. If that arranges around my own time or a group schedule that is OK with me.



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Sounds great! First thing in the morning and the last thing at night!

Know what? I am actually even sending lots of love to you all RIGHT NOW!!!   Kiss Can you tell I'm in a great mood today?!?  ha-ha  I feel full of light today and it's really terrific!

Much love and many blessings,

Penny xoxo

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I like the idea of before sleep and upon waking best. For the past few weeks, I have already been doing that at night mainly for the folks I am guiding through the course. But widening it out to our world and all of you feels precious to me.

Also, I sure appreciate your efforts to help us cement our "teamness," Ursula. Thanks,


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Count me in too. Laughing

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I have been breathing love for the team every night before I fall asleep. I have been going to the Saturday chat too and hope that will develop as well.

I would like to have Team members become proficient and comfortable with Skype connections.
Even if we cannot have real time connections with the whole group on Saturday noon Pacific time, we could have real time connections with each other individually or in small groups.

Ursula, I put you on my Skype contacts list. Have you found me there? I tried a couple of times to connect fairly early in my day but got the message you were not on line.

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I have been breathing love for the team every night before I fall asleep.

Me too...and not just the team, but my family, friends, enemies if I have any, and those poor sick sociopaths who run our gummint.  In the mornings I generally get up and go-go-go, but at night it's a sweet way to drift into sleep


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That is totally perfect Fred. This is why I put the idea out to you all to get input. First thing in the morning and last thing at night is absolutely ideal and everybody will be able to manage that.

I think the main purpose is to make a conscious connection. It is the intention that counts!

Linda, for some reason I have not been able to get skype to work. I will try again. I have downloaded and have a phone, I don't have a webcam, but that is okay. I will make an effort again. Thanks for trying.

Here is me breathing sacred love to all of you wonderful fellow travellers

Love you all

P.S. Fred, maybe you could post something on the front page that we are all breathing sacred love every morning and evening so that all can see it and join in? I think it is important

Love U

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Another idea is to try to join the chat on the hour. Often times I come to the chat, there's no one there and I leave in under a minute. I imagine others are doing this thing as well. (I did it just now! Surprised) Saturdays are on and off for me, but I did love connecting with you all in real time that one time when we first got it going.

I'll also be working on displaying the number of people in the chatroom on the front page right on that shiny button. That way if there's someone in the room, everyone who comes to the front page will know. This is a ways off though, it's a tricky one to work out.


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Hi Andrey,

I had a couple of hitches on the Saturdays with our 'load shedding" - they turn the electricity off at staggered times throughout the day for 2 1/2 hours EVERY day, but the most of the Saturdays I have managed to be at the chat. Unfortunately many people seem to not be able to work out the global times and the daylight savings also caused a problem. So I have been logging on one hour earlier and have been there for at least 2 hours to see who would show up. It is very few people.

A new idea has been to connect on Skype while on the chat. That makes it a bit more complicated. I think we need to do either one or the other, it doesn't really work to do both at the same time. I am not sure how we would manage if there are three or more people all trying to talk on Skype at the same time it is complicated enough when there are a bunch of people all typing and the messages are crossing each other!

Having the names up on the front page is a great idea. Then if there is no-one there one does not need to go through to the actual Chat. I think people forget that the chat feature is there 24/7 and anybody can set up a chat with anybody at any time or mail each other, find out if you are on Skype and then have a chat. That would be really great.

I promise, Linda, that I will get mine sorted out and then I will phone you. Would love to chat to you!

Thanks wizard Andrey

Love you


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There is no such thing as time . . .

So, how about it, when we are breathing love to each other, we visualise all of us sitting in a circle. We are holding hands, left hand, palm facing up (receiving hand) right hand palm facing down, giving hand.

We are connected. We are breathing love to each other. On the outbreath, a thread of silver light comes out of our heart centre and passes to the right, on the inbreath, we breathe in the silver thread of light from the person on our left. As we breathe, the thread becomes thicker and stronger until the light of love fill the entire circle. It starts spinning and there is a column, a vortex of light in the centre of our cicle. It spins up and spills over, it spreads out over the whole world and back to us . . . .

So we are connected and our loving energy and light is being sent around the world

Lots of Love


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Ursula,  I think it is a marvelous idea to have a spiritual connection daily between all of us. I am a member of a Distant Reiki Healing Circle.  Each of us who are on the healing circle chose our own time to do the healing process but we make the intention that the recipients are receiveing their healing at 2:00 AM, where ever they are in the world.  You said: "I think the main purpose is to make a conscious connection. It is the intention that counts! "  This is exactly the key.  Sacred "Time" is the Now.  If we each intend to send our breath of love to each other self at a particular time, no matter what the clock says they will receive it then. 

As far as the chat is concerned I have no suggestions.  I personally prefer not to use them as they are confussing to this 20th century brain of mine.


I will spend a few moments each evening during my meditation time, usually at 8:00 pm Dallas time breathing sacred love and receiving sacred love to/from all of us.


Love and light to all,


Long life to you my friend.


I love it.  I immediately got a visual of a particle involuting to a wave.  An "unfolding movement of unbroken wholeness" is something I read or heard somewhere.

Thank you, Tricia

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Berry, the chat is not serious and it can get a bit confusing when there are more people all saying something different at the same time. Don't worry about it. It is just that we can't seem to get the times right, but I have made myself available to be there and I will continue to do so. It is just to get people to connect.

I also do distant Reiki healing. I am not part of a circle, but I work with Reiki every day. It is such an amazing modality. I have had some incredible results with it.

Love U

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