Anastasia & the Ringing Cedars

You may have heard of Anastasia.  Here's a link to the first in a series of books about her, called The Ringing Cedars.  This'll inspire you.

Here's a link to a forum that discusses Anastasia:

Good Greetings:


I have just finished planting cabbage seeds using the Anastasia way  (spit and prayer-- yes I am being serious LOL).  I planted cucumbers last year using the same method before putting the seeds into the ground and grew the most sweet and delicious cukes that were small and fat and round and very filling.  We were all so sad when we finally ate the last one.

I love Anastasia.  She is a wonderful teacher being who answers when you call.  A benevolent Soul.



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Anastasia! I read all the books in about two weeks. I just planted my 1st ever garden, Anastasia style and eagerly awaiting...I just attended a weekend with Leonid Sharashkin which I found informative and inspiring. He has some dvds of his presentations which are useful and entertaining

Ahh Alas, I was a hasty fairy and planted my carrots and flax too early... seeds got nipped by a frost 2 days in a row.  All Well, Try try again and Success is eventually assured. I will have to wait until the Full Moon in May.

I am doing an Anastasia/Companion planting gardens this year.  Flax and Carrots are really good friends.  I love all of this.



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