Cosmic punctuation

"The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe." - Frank Zappa

Ya think Frank knew something?

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Thanks, Gary.  The spiral of life is everywhere!  Did you know that banks design credit cards using Fibonacci proportions because they know that they are intrinsically pleasing to our minds?


Droste Daisy.jpg


This isn't a real flower, but I like it. It's a photographic image of a daisy using the Droste Effect.


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    Who you jiving with that cosmik debris????  Is that a real poncho,,or a mexican poncho,,or a sears poncho?   Thanks for the Frank reference gary, I used to sing that whole album when I was a kid,, and the  the "crux of the biscuit" connection was one I didn't understand back then..

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I find this to be apropos. If you want, you can go to 6:32 after the guitar solo starts. This song is great ...

This song is actualy the one that contains the quote to which I referred. It's great. You gotta love it. "My python boot is to tight ....."        :>


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