Heartfelt Plea on Behalf of Those With Disturbing Sexual Fantasies

Hey beautiful friends,

It is with some trepidation that I am choosing to share the most vulnerable article I've ever written below. It may change the way you see me, yet I ask as much as you can that you hold what I write with compassion. The topic is disturbing and inappropriate fantasies (mine included) and a call for help for those who are tormented by them. Please note that this article and the website on which it is posted are completely separate from my work with PEERS. May this essay serve to start what I believe is a very important and needed conversation.


With much love and hope for transformation,

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Thanks, Fred. Very courageous of you. I'm not sure there are any "normal" orientations to sexuality anymore. And the isms don't help. Sexism, ageism, etc...
Also the repressive society we inherited from Victorian days causes many problems.
Wilhelm Reich studied orgone and how its exchange is free and easy with children. It's why we love them and are attracted to their energy, if we're not controlling or manipulative. They're how we used to be...
The "native Americans", I gathered, had over 240 different types of sexuality they honored or respected. WOW.
Anyway, if we had been allowed to grow up more freely and naturally and experiment and experience, things would be much different. As it is, too much is focused on SEX instead of energy.
No solutions here. But love and understanding. WE can be there for one another, but don't look to psychotherapy for answers.

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Thanks for your wise words and support, Chris. And yes, there is so much focus on sex in our society, yet most of it is unhealthy. If we were all brought up in a sex positive environment, I suspect we'd live in a much more kind and gentle world. Take care.

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