Medical Marijuana THC cures cancers Helps maintain a healthy body














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Thanks Eric,

That second film is so important to spread around before more people die.


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     It would be nicer to see a documentary that spent 10 minutes defining the problem,,,,,and the rest showing all the alternatives that work!!!! There are many! 

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The cure is ......    shows how your thoughts control every aspect of your life.  I have to disagree here Wendy I think the  cure is ...    is more important because if you use your mind to prevent disease that is a wonderful thing and how powerful our thoughts are  that is truly important to share with the American people in my opinion . I shared them both because  they are both important. Thanks for sharing guys.




       I love you all ,Eric

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I'm envisioning a world where everyone has suddenly become aware that the mainstream medical establishment is no longer to be trusted with cancer treatment.

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  I had to change this both youtube vids were taken down . Here is something new to take a look at .





    Love all, Eric

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I don´t see the link, Eric.

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