Hi all members of this community and all who can read this message.

South Africa has a VERY important General Election happening on 22.04.2009

This election is as important for the whole continent of Africa as the US election was last year.

Please hold the people concerned in your Love/Light for the next week, that this election will be fair, without intimidation and that people will feel free to vote as they see fit and not vote out of fear or because they believe the lies they are told.

South Africa is a key anchor point/node/chakra of the Earth and this country has to remain free and truly democratic. So much of Africa is slipping back into darkness, we need an explosion of Love/Light from here to drive back the darkness and light up this continent with true en-light-enment.

Please help to spread this message and may the outcome be for the Highest Good of All

In Love, Light and Compassion





Good Greetings Ursula and All:


I join this circle of love and living prayer for the fair and equitable elections to be held in Africa.


Oh Guardians, Angels, and Helpers, Let South Africa be the beacon of Living Light that she is.  Let the Elections of South Africa be free and Fair. Let South Africa shine her light and Living Love freely.



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for always being there with your support.



I am grateful to be a part of South Africa's evolution and I'm sending the merits of my meditations to you and yours in such an extraordinary place.


Continuing living love and living prayers for South Africa. 



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Thanks Elizabeth and Tricia! It is good to know that we have support around the world.

With Love and Light


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I wish You and South Africa the best of luck, remember that the light  is certain  to win.

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I would like to thank all of you who cared enough to hold South Africa in the Light of Love for the General Elections last week.

There has been a shift and the ANC did NOT gain the 2/3 majority they wanted so that they could change the constitution and enable their party and upcoming president, Jacob Zuma to stay in power without the possibility of being voted out.

In Love, Light and Peace




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We don't pray for Peace.

We pray Peace.

We don't pray for victory (as if it were not ours yet).

We celebrate victory in honor of its inviolate and unshakable Being-ness,

for in Truth there really is no victory, for there was never a defeat,

but rather an all-pervasive Peace that has no opposite.

We have been "suffering" from a very convoluted and complex mass misinterpretation...

Here's to continuing to hold the whole continent of Africa, as well as the whole world, in the Love and Light of the Infinite One...

There is some very wonderful and inspirational things said in the Rising Heart paper in PDF form in the download section of eventtemples.com.  Very uplifting and revealing....

LLP, Chris

Good Greetings All:

Let South Africa be a place in perfect accordance with Love and Respect.

Mother Earth is singing to me.  She sings her song.  She sings the song of all our relations from all Genus and classifications.  She sings the Joy of Life and Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for all including herselfm the Earth.

We got the Whole world in our Hands.  We got the Whole World in Our Hands.  We Got the Whole World in our Hands.  We Got the Whole World in our Hands. (Join Hands with all that will hold your hands and sing in a circle)

Let's Cross 'maginary lines.  Shake the hands of your neighbors.  Rollin' up your sleeves.  Working togetha.  Yes we Can for'We got the Whole World in Our Hands.  We got the Whole World in Our Hands.  We Got the Whole World in Our Hands.  We Got the Whole World in Our Hands.

The Earth is, is Our Friend.  The Earth is, is Our Friend. The Earth is, is Our Friend  (Pat the Earth with hands)

We Love, Love Our Friends.  We Love, Love Our Friends.  We Love, Love Our Friends.  We Love, Love Our Friends. (Hug those around you even if you do not know them)

We Hug, Hug Our Friends.  We Hug, Hug Our Friends.  We Hug, Hug Our Friends.  (More Hugging)

We Got the Whole World in Our Hands.



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