Does this happen to you?

Good afternoon to all.

Forgive me if this sounds like a therapy session, but I think if I'm not alone in my experiences here, this may strike up some interesting conversation....

I have noticed that there are times when I'm going along just fine, and one small event shakes me up so much that I feel like I don't have a clue as to who I am any longer.  More to the point... everything I thought I did well, and had under control shows itself to be out of control and in disarray. 

I'm sort of there right now.  I spent a good part of the day yesterday crying and eating chocolate (at least it was the good stuff : ).  I question every role I have, and can see so easily all the mistakes I've made and am making.  I feel a bit unmoored.  I'm not looking for cheering up, or even support really... I'm just wondering if this is somehow part of the process of waking up, and if others have had this happen in a recurrent way. 

Thanks for listening.

Much love and light, 




Good Greetings:


You are not alone in your shifting.  It is the changing times... shifting of energies... releasing of old energies.  See the astrological post.  Just know that you are not alone in this.  many are experiences the same things...


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It seems to be part of these amazing times, but is also very natural, and even good considering how entrenched we end up in our illusions of safety and knowing if something doesn't come along and rattle our tree once in a while.  I would definitely consider looking at this like grace and nurture for our good in the long run.  I truly believe this is going to become more intense as time goes on right now, and we should just buckle up and enjoy the ride.  Also reminded me of chaos theory with its primordial organizing principle at its core.  all of Creation is constantly attracted back towards its origin.  Even contemporary physics and astrophysics understands this now to some degree.  Everything seems to be coming together for one heck of an amazing shift, which is also very natural in physics....  Enjoy the dizzy blessing, LOL

Love/Light, and Peace eternal, Chris

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I agree with all said above, and also that it is a time of releasing. Learning what we need to let go of, what no longer empowers us or the planet, learning to "BE" without judgement as to what that be-ing is. We are often much harder on ourselves than we are on others in our lives. The first time I had a Reiki treatment I cried for 3 days-but I also cleared so much emotional baggage! The shifting is preparing us, making us clean and new and ready for what is ahead. Blessings on your way Kathy, you are never alone. You walk with and in the One.

With love and light even from the place of what appears to be deep shadows,             kristyne         

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I have the same thing happen from time to time, especially after my separation and divorce years ago.  Most of the time it would make me question if I was being a good father since there was that big guilt phase of the separation.  It wouldn't take much, just a little comment or something small that happened at work and I would feel myself drifting and questioning almost everything I was doing.  I could feel low for a bit but happily I always bounced back. 




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Good morning!

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback.  It's helpful to know it's not just me, and also feels better to think of it as a necessary process, versus something to "live through".  

Rob, the "bad mom" thing has a way of getting me every time.  It also has a way of morphing from just a parenthood issue, to a fully infiltrated "bad mom, bad worker, bad friend, failure as spouse, etc...."  Talk about a slippery slope!  As Chris says, though... it's good to shake up the fully entrenched way of doing things sometimes.

Have a great day, everyone.

Much love, and light,



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