We Are Smarter Than Snakes

There's a young kid at work named Jose. I call him a kid, but he's old enough to have a bunch of tattoos and ideas. I like the kid. Last week he handed me a book, and asked me if I'd read it and tell him what I thought. So I find myself reading, for the first time, a book by the renowned David Icke. This one is Children Of The Matrix, apparently his latest. For those who don't know, David Icke is the writer and speaker who has made a fortune claiming that earth is populated and controlled by alien, shape-shifting, vampiric, baby-eating, interdimensional reptiles who came to this planet eons ago and have never left.

I realize that nothing is impossible. I accept that there could be aliens among us, and there is apparently a mountain of evidence for a worldwide cabal of elite families, some of whom at least go back for many centuries. Elements of this cabal may actually be involved in some very bizarre and disturbing stuff, if some of the stories are even half-correct. Even so, Ickes comes across to me as deeply paranoid and delusional. He is an engaging writer. I slog on, suspending my disbelief as best I can, but the way he strings together disparate elements throughout history is often simply arbitrary and quirky. Now and then he does offer intriguing food for thought, but in general his proofs aren't even up to the standards of the British Israelites.

I do believe that almost all of what we've been taught about history is probably a bucket of squid. There does seem to be plenty of evidence of a worldwide culture of high technological achievement in the dim past. Some of its surviving traces comprise buildings we could not duplicate today, nor can we comprehend how it was done. There also seems to be plenty of evidence of catastrophic events which changed the very surface of the earth, possibly bringing these cultures to their end - and there seem to have been ancient wars that devastated cities and turned fields and forests into wasteland. There are traces of technologies we can't even understand or unravel, and some of them seem positively otherworldly. I can believe almost anything: in my own backyard I have counted dozens of standing stones - some as tall as five-story buildings, arrayed in displays along the crests and ridges, and it seems to have never occurred to anyone that these are anything other than natural formations. Hello? You want standing stones, how about I give you twenty, including ones with human and animal profiles, and in precise alignments? Anyway...anything is possible.

It seems to be popular among some writers about the past to connect widely-disparate elements from various times and places, based mainly on sequences of letters in their names which may or may not have caused them to be pronounced similarly. This frequently brings together such interesting combinations of languages as runes, Algonquin, Egyptian heiroglyphs and English. Sometimes they present some really interesting ideas. But I always feel like I should repeat, "apples and oranges, apples and oranges" at least three times as a lucky charm if not reality check. It seems to me that if you set out to prove that the world has been secretly controlled, basically by demons, for thousands of years, you'd want to lay out your evidence in a pretty consise way that any idiot could understand, or at least anyone who was willing to track down the research.

In fact, there could well be aliens among us, and we'd never know it if we perceived them as humans like ourselves. How do I know? I don't - but I challenge you to prove otherwise. I have seen and even photographed UFOs. I've had some of the strangest experiences anyone can have including spirits and poltergeists, EVP, OOB, telepathy and other things which, I've learned, aren't unique or even rare. People all over the world have been similar experiences for years and years, and it seems to be building.

The existence of this ancient cabal, dedicated to world domination through slavery of the masses to uphold the few, would in fact explain a lot. I do have a few questions, such as how it is that they haven't completed their task even though they've had hundreds and hundreds of years. Depending on who you believe, it's the Illuminati, the ruling families who have interbred and dominated the world since Atlantis, or it's the Jews, the Masons, neocons, neonazis, nymphomaniacs, no one really seems to know even though theories abound. But given that such a conspiracy exists, a lot would fall into place. According to Ickes, they are not only all of the above, but also satanists, vampires, and shape-shifting reptilian alien monsters, AND nearly all the famous and influential people in the world today are not only related but are in fact alien reptilians who depend on infused human blood and DNA to remain cloaked as (relatively) normal human beings - AND that these reptilians have thus controlled the planet and humanity for untold eons.

I have learned to scoff at nothing. That doesn't mean I believe everything. This is about fear. No one truly expects to never fear. Even so, most of us have conquered many fears and faced down others. More than that, we here have mostly learned to release ourselves from the constant barrage of fear that is blazed from the media. It isn't that we never fear; it's that we willingly release it. It isn't that we turn from the darkness as much as we turn toward the light. The darkness has no existence of it's own - it's simply where the light is not. It's simply our nature to turn toward what we find to be real. I find that encouraging. If the snakes are out there maybe they fooled us once. That's what the Bible says. And I have no idea how many authors have mined the story for layers of meaning and symbolism. But folks, I think we're smarter than snakes. There are a lot of writers with a lot of quaint and unique ideas, and some of them have some merit. David Icke is about as far out there, I think, as anyone I've read.


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   Your creativity moves and has its being in your words.  I like your story much better than any author going to the bank exploiting the "threatened brain".

  We have a pleothora of that just in the news media and I gave up TV because I am releasing my resistance to the shift that allows me to look back on my fear with a smile and a laugh.

You are my brother from another mother...for sure!


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Dear Dave,

Oh, how I have missed reading the words that you weave !

I would be more interested in seeing your standing stones,or reading writings of your unusual experiences,than this book! I am pleased that Jose asked you to read it,just for your cliff notes on it!

I ,too,believe we are smarter than snakes,well most of us,anyway! I agree with your looking at light....thank you for brightening up the portal again.                  Love,Mary

Thanks Dave,

It was great to read your thoughts on this.....I thought that your perspective was fantastic, really grounded and open....a true sharing of yourself...and love.....thanks Dude, a pleasure to read....

With love and joy


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At WantToKnow.info we get a lot of people emailing and asking what we think of David Icke. Having checked him out fairly closely, I find that he has a very good heart and truly wants to spread love. Yet in spite of these wonderful intentions, so often he ends up spreading fear. He's definitely a mixed bag.

For those who don't know, Icke was a professional soccer star in England who then became a successful sports broadcaster. Then in the 80s, he completely disappeared for a few days. When he came back, he claimed he was some sort of messiah and predicted many major disasters within a year. None of his predictions came true, and he became a laughing stock. You can learn about all of this in Jon Ronson's most excellent book Them, which is about conspiracies and conspiracy theorists.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Dave and others here, and you have a good day.

With much love and warm wishes,

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I had to put Jose's book down for a while. A few weeks, in fact. The kid is off on a multinational tour - he works part-time as a roadie for several bands - but when he gets back, I'll get Icke's other book, The Greatest Secret, from him and see if I can pursue further.

Ickes is persuasive, I give him that. I have to stop and remind myself that he doesn't offer much at all in the way of proof, just wild allegations that might have a kernel of fact beneath the layers of glaze and varnish.

There is one thing I didn't mention when I wrote the original post. I saw one once, back in the 80s. Either that, or I've had exactly one true hallucination in my life. I was just sitting at a light in Dallas, Texas, when I casually glanced over at the car to my right. The driver had the head and face of a reptile, and right before my eyes he shifted into an ordinary-looking guy. I barely had time to react because the light turned and people hit their horns. This was long before I heard about reptilians. All I can tell you, folks, is that I've seen a lot of strange things, and I filed that one away along with some equally bizarre stories I rarely drag out sober (and I don't drink).

Bottom line is, I don't know what to think. I've been a reader of alternative history for decades, and bits and pieces of things fall into place as I read Icke's book. Then I catch myself doing what I criticize these very writers for doing: taking unrelated or marginally-related snippets from disparate sources and patching them together into an engaging but false picture.

Last year a supposed psychic told me I have Anunnaki blood. Yes, I take that with an entire salt lick. Nevertheless, it could explain some things.

Sometimes I think it must have been much simpler to have lived as a Neanderthal.


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Hi Dave, great to read your work.  Perhaps another way of approaching Icke (I haven't read his work but know of it second hand)  is to consider the evolution of the human brain which began with reptillian, then mamallian, eventually developing neo-cortex, into the modern brain with perhaps the next evolutionery stage- to be the develpment of the pituitary gland (5D consciousness).   These ancient aspects of brain are still with us and occasionally we light them up.  I've wondered if Icke perceives the psychic aspects of the reptillian brain.  I've also wondered wether Donald Rumsfeld stands up at his desk all day because his tail gets in the way.  I've met some powerbrokers who are shown to me with reptilian eyes.  I watch out for these people but they appear as psychic aspects.  Anyway...nothing to worry about, as one, Rob.

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Reading all of these posts makes me wish so much I was with all of you sitting round the campfire telling stories till we all can't keep our eyes open any more and have to go to sleep (or go to wake, depending on how you look at it). I have learned to count nothing out in this ever unfolding cosmic bizarre, but I will still tend to prioritize my reading choices (with so many good choices out there) and David Icke is not even on the radar yet (although I have seen him several times next door to some of my selections ordered on line), but then neither was HAARP for the longest time.

Rob said,

"I've also wondered whether Donald Rumsfeld stands up at his desk all day because his tail gets in the way"


Oh, I remember reading a while back (by David Wilcock I believe, or someone from Project Camelot) that they estimate there is one alien in human form for about every 100 people on the planet right now.  Can't remember what they based the number on, but thought it was interesting coming from folks I have come to admire and trust.....

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Perhaps another way of approaching Icke (I haven't read his work but
know of it second hand) is to consider the evolution of the human brain...

That's an interesting angle, Rob. I had a similar thought due to my experiences with activating the amygdala, which I feel rather sure is a key to integrating some of the nonstandard aspects of consciousness. I'm sure that it can't be all that seldom that a person's amygdala "clicks" with the frontal lobes during moments of stress. Learning to control this response might lead to being able to see these entities more clearly. I'm speculating, but it was during an amygdala exercise that I suddenly saw what I'd call a lightskin on the trees and plants down by the creek, and could "hear" them. If there were someone controlling or manipulating us, wouldn't keeping us unaware of our potential in this area be part of the program?

Also, I've wondered in the past about the reptilian theme that seems to reach us from ancient times. I would not be amazed to learn that at certain times and places people and dinosaurs crossed paths - that could explain dragon legends - but there's a whole other theme of demons, devils and other beings with reptilian characteristics. If it's not too hard to imagine these creatures actually existing, it's chilling to think of them manipulating and orchestrating our history.

Icke does make the comforting point that not all the reptilians are evil, just some or most of them. I'll sleep better. Seriously, I don't have any idea if any of it is true. It could be. I find it easier to believe in the Illuminati, but according to Icke, it's all connected. Like you, Rob, I watch for signs.

"Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we can think." Who said that? Carl Sagan maybe? Stephen Hawking? Anyone know?


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...one alien in human form for about every 100 people on the planet right now.

Okay, now.  When I first read assertions like that, I thought:  To what end?  Why are they here?  Is it like coming to the Riviera, or are they doing something?  Where's the evidence? I can't say there's no evidence, because I thought I saw one once.  But David Icke would have us believe in this vast program of harvesting, farming and enslaving us all, for thousands of years, and somehow managing to keep most of us unaware the whole time.  He does raise some interesting issues - I've mentioned some that kinda resonate with me - but the whole thing is a little hard to swallow, somehow.

But if I though David Icke was a little far out there, it was only because I hadn't yet discovered Matthew Delooze's website, http://www.matthewdelooze.co.uk/viewpage.php?page_id=2  Here's a guy with some seriously paranoid ideas.  The thing is, if you read through what seems to be a bunch of rants, it does start to make a weird kind of sense.  The operative word being weird.  Delooze's idea is that what they're doing here is harvesting our energy, both spiritually and in the same gruesome rituals that Icke describes.  According to Delooze, museums, churches, government buildings and other significant landmarks are designed to arouse energies that can be siphoned off.  And like many others before him, he's adept at finding Illuminati/Masonic/Templar/Reptilian/Satanist symbolism everywhere.

Why do courthouses and capitols resemble Vatican and Imperial Roman architecture?

Um, because the pompous sacks of wind who wanted them there admired classical buildings?

No, you fool!  It's evidence of a Satanic Catholic conspiracy!

Oh, silly me.  I completely overlooked that one.

It boggles.


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Dear Friends,

Much good reading....and consideration of different views. I will say truth is everywhere. No one has it all. There may be some true information in these nightmare scenarios. Love beats all in my book. Fear steals your power and unbalances  one.....it is easy then to be led or manipulated. My ideas. I choose readings of a more uplifting sort......like Dave's book reviews!


 My Disclosure book just arrived in the mail a couple of days ago.  I've been excited to just read accounts of UFOs from the 50's and 60's. 

I tell men in bars (the ones that don't get it that I'm not there to get picked up), that I'm the product of an alien abduction and I get real serious. They are sooo gone, so fast. Anyway, that's the extent of my delving into this issue. I am intrigued with all of these posts and I remember the idea of fluid intelligence and tickling that amydala.

Thank you all!...now "Auntie Em...Auntie Em... there's no place like home." I'm frantically clicking my heels and I hear a voice:  "Remember to ignore that man behind the curtain!"


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Love your WASP repellent for white bread idiots in bars Tricia!!!!!

Enjoy the book!  It is quite the canon of documented evidence!!!!

a few more links to recently released info from around the world




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tell men in bars...that I'm the product of an alien abduction and I get real
serious. They are sooo gone, so fast.

Buy the lady a beer....five dollars.  Getting put down with that one:  priceless!


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Here is a link to an hour long video about UFO crash retrievals by Linda Moulton Howe


Majestic 12 documents links



and hi def link to the documentary "Out of the Blue"


 Great information to add to the Disclosure book.  For me its almost a tangent since my life is so dedicated to this Earth and these creatures. I wonder if I could love the ETs so much? Hmmmm

Anyway, a Martin Buber quote comes to mind...

  "It's a greater thing if the streets of your native town are as bright to you as the paths of heaven, rather than vice versa.  For it is here, where we stand, that we should make shine the light of the hidden divine life."

Tricia     BTW, Ya' all really shine!

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hi everyone...


i have done a lot of research on reptilians(draconians)..they are the dark ones..sometimes they make the greys abduct people and whantnot...


i dont want to scare anyone..hehe,but there is/was some amazing stuff going on..


if you want to know stuff on the reps let me know..


take care


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Shaun, here is the same link you posted on the other forum. As it got into the reptilian/serpent part of the talk, as well as how it went a bit wrong about 6000 years ago, I thought the link should be available on this forum too..... Notice how he says as a matter of fact, "They'll come forward when the time is right - Everyone's here" at the 12 minute mark. He really gives us a window to look through to see what is happening quite naturally as we speak, and that they simply wait for us, respecting the law of non-interference and free will, to invite them en mass.....


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oh yeah..cool..thanks for sharing that bro


i would love for them to come in and help us..heh..i'm for any beings of love/light to come on in..


would be cool if we could hang out and do some alien type stuff:)


i'm 99% sure i will meet some beings in my lifetime:)


if not this life then the next one!! lol



take care all and much love to you all

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Dear Shaun,

It may be that you have met some already. If they are here......may be some members?!  Only the loving ones! I am only partially kidding. Have you seen  The man who fell to earth? It just doesn't pay to be the first Loch Ness monster,Bigfoot,or E T . Just a thought!


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Another thing that struck me (so much to hear in just the first 20 minutes - will be listening to the rest shortly!) was how he said this planet is hurting, "She's a very sick girl" in that wonderful Australian accent. Those words haunt me and also give me hope because he also said something like, "once invited in, we can have this thing (referring to the poor condition of the planet/atmosphere right now) turned around and on its way to recovery in 3 months".

All they are waiting for is our collective invitation! I would like to suggest we here of this TT continue to allow that sincere invite to those willing and very apt helpers (some of which will look reptilian and serpent like according to the testimony of the ambassador - talk about learning how not to be racist, haaaahahaha) to be our constant prayer and intent as focused individuals with a loving cause and just know that we are very much in agreement with more people and governments around this planet than one would normally suspect without this kind of info. I am very excited (or as Borat would say, "I very excite!!!!") and feel so damned privileged to not only get the chance to hear this ambassador speak, but also to be in the right fluid intel state of mind to receive it properly! I feel very blessed for this and cannot share my appreciation enough here and now in NowHere land LOL!!!!

Love, Chris

P.S. More to come I am sure and I hope all of you get a chance to listen to that 2 hour talk that Shaun so appropriately hooked us up with.... Thanks again Shaun for having the presence of mind and heart to bring that to this community!!!

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This video loosely fits here and I will be posting it on as many
relative forums as possible as we must continue to familiarize
ourselves intimately with the sacred geometry that is the vehicle of
our individual and collective ascension.  Free will is not the right to
change how things work in the universe/omniverse - just the right to
disregard and deny it, or learn, recognize and accept it for what it is
- it just is.  Not really that big a deal - just that we have been away
so long that we perceive it as a really big deal.  Here is the
geometric description of the Merkabah, the Star Tetrahedron and the
Chariot of your Ascension (remember:  Not broke? Don't fix it)


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"Dedicated to the greatest good of all who share our beautiful world"